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That we should have one black family in every neighborhood

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Started: 3/3/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This is a debate whether there should be one black family in every neighborhood
You may begin debating round 1. Yes you are allowed to refute my arguments in round 1 but you will be required to post your main arguments next round.

Neighborhood: "the area of a town that surrounds someone's home, or the people who live in this area:"
Family: "a social group of parents, children, and sometimes grandparents, uncles, aunts, and others who are related:"

Keep this debate civil guys no ad hominem please
Burden of Proof will be share by both Pro and Con
African Americans may join this debate.
Racism is discouraged please do not encourage racist ideology in this debate. You may talk about racism but please don't be a racist. Note it is up to to voter to decide if a opponent will lose conduct if they express a racist idea.

Round 1: I will bring out my main points. I may say a lot of controversial ideas but I hope the voters will not remove me of my conduct points. Con may Refute my main Ideas.Or present their main argument.

Round 2: I will refute Cons rebuttal or Cons main argument. Con will either refute my Round 1 argument or Present their main arguments if they used Round 1 as their rebuttal

Round 3: I will do one of the following things; rebuttal Cons rebuttal, rebuttal Cons main argument or I make my closing arguments. Con may rebuttal or do their closing arguments.

Alright we may begin this debate. Thank you for reading the Rounds and rules.

My plan is that their should be 1 black family in every neighborhood. It is estimated that blacks were victims of 8 thousand homicides and 805 thousand non fatal crimes. The worst thing about these victims is that most of them were committed by blacks. Over 90 percent of black homicides are by blacks. My solution to this troubling idea is that we should separate these family's that way the will commit less crime thus killing each other less.

We can promote friendship and tolerance by having one black family's be in white neighborhoods. A study by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that 91% of the average white American closest friends are white and only 1% are black. If we introduce black family's in every neighborhood we can therefore introduce friendship and tolerance and have more White and black close friendships.

We can reduce blacks being victims of violence if we move them to different neighborhoods. It has shown that Blacks living in urban environment are more likely to be victims of violence compared to suburban and rural environments. For example blacks are more likely to be victims of robbery in Urban environments. Blacks have been victims of about 121 thousand robbery's a year. We can reduce this by sending them into a better neighborhood or even separating them out to reduce less black on black crime.

It will make the police job easier. Police respond to black victims 91% under a hour. If we can separate them out the police will have a easier time for other races such as Whites,Hispanics,and Asians. Though I believe the police should respond to White victims faster than all the races combine we should still try to give police the opportunity to help other races from being a victim of a crime.

Look I understand they may look like underdeveloped humans but hey their still humans. We must save our fellow humans from victim hood,and violence. A vote for Con is a vote for more black victims and less Black and White friendships and tolerances.

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Posted by What50 3 years ago
I'm ready to take the L.
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
I have been wanting to do the pro side of thos for a while.
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