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The 1975 are a band everyone should listen to

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Started: 4/14/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The 1975, my favourite band, are distinguished, musically, morally, lingually, lyrically and fundamentally in their message. I attended their concert on December 13th in Manchester and was greatly impressed. One of the songs our generation should pay heed to: Loving Someone. This is one of my favourites lyrically, and reminds us of the lack of pure, untampered-with compassion and love in our flawed, heteronormative, corrupted society, where leaders encourage hatred and violence. Matty's speech beforehand is also very important and reminds us of the message of the song. Besides, it has also turned into an LGBT anthem after the Orlando shooting with the gorgeous rainbow stage lighting.

The band itself has an amazing aesthetic and a unique sound, 80s-come-electronica-come-brooding synths-come-indie-rock. They never hesitate to keep the fans guessing, something we make jokes about in the fandom but it genuinely keeps us hooked to this politically outspoken, eye-opening band. There has never been a time when we have not been reminded of Humanist, liberal, anti-Brexit and -Trump, feminist morals by the speeches Matty, the lead singer who is often joked about as being "pretentious", makes.

Furthermore, they encourage rawness and realness. Matty is their figurehead and sure, he's made mistakes, he isn't perfect, but who is? He addresses issues he has been called out for and makes jokes about himself in that self-deprecating manner humankind has been conditioned to find admirable. But, at the core, he is in a brilliant pop group (oh wait - "we're not a pop band!") and is also an activist who speaks his mind and has an excellent sense of humour and a political compass.

Some absolute d*ckhead in the comments may argue that the band promotes drug-taking, smoking, etc. but they don't. In their song M.O.N.E.Y, I've always had this weird interpretation that it's Matty talking about how ashamed he is of his past self ("I can't believe that we're talking 'bout him!") who suffered from drug addictions.

Also (thought I'd mention this because it's so bloody classic) I once saw a mum on some dumb website criticising the "We want sex!" chant at the end of the concert she most tragically got dragged along to. How scandalously hilarious! I'm actually chortling. (Sex is one of their oldest and most famous anthems, for your information, m8.)

Oh, and they're also very close to home, literally, making them even closer to my heart. Originally they're from a small town in Manchester, one incidentally very close to mine. That makes me feel even more attached to them, the fact that they were able to rise so highly from such a modest upbringing and became the best thing that ever came out of Wilmslow.

Lastly, can I just say that Matty Healy and Adam Hann, lead guitarist, really couldn't give less of a sh*t about dumbass gender roles?? For two heterosexual men (Matty is self-proclaimed as presenting himself, to some extent, as androgynous) to come onstage wearing full face makeup, it warms my heart. They really don't care about living up to society's expectations and for that, I really love and credit them even more.

Come @ me in the comments trying to smash me and my opinion or call the band a "white girl thing to listen to", but I will shatter you. Literally :)


Thank you for your opening argument.

Unfortunately I will have to say this debate is quite biased in your favour. The question reminds me a little of "Everyone should follow Christianity" or "Everyone should buy only Samsung phones". The one asking the question has an extensive knowledge of what they are talking about.

I will try and be a bit blunt here, but honestly I (and many, many other people) could not care less whether you listened to Justin Bieber or 1975. If you like a band, then great! Listen to it to your heart's content. Don't listen to what the haters say - they're not important! If they call you a 'white girl' for listening to 1975 then tell them "I do not care." or "Aww, shut up."

But what shouldn't be done is trying to force others to follow your same beliefs. It is their life, and they are free to do what they want with it as long it confides within their country's law and order. If someone likes (insert famous band here) then you don't say 'You should listen to 1975'. Well, yes, you can physically, but don't expect everyone you tell to then go on to Youtube to listen to it, or buy an album off Amazon. It's not wrong to not listen to 1975.

I'm sorry if you expecting a hater of 1975. But no, I am just an ordinary human being. Nothing special about me. I have no social life or friends. I don't go to concerts and have fun like you do. But - I have no intention of having fun. My life is alright as it is and I've accepted where I stand in society. 1975 is not necessary for me to live a healthy life. I am not important, nor is my opinion. Only those who treat my opinion (or me) importantly will see me that way, and they can suit themselves. The same applies to you. You're not important - just like me. You're insignificant, irrelevant, just another 1 of 7,000,000,000 inhabitants of planet earth - just like me. [In fact, put that into contrast - if 20,000 concert-goers in that Manchester concert seemed a massive sum of people, then try and imagine how insignificant that number is: still less than 0.03% of the UK population alone, or slightly under 0.8% of Manchester's.]

In fact, if you write something like that, I think you might in fact draw attention away from 1975 - as people will think that every single 1975 fan is an overly zealous, fanatical junkie whose drug is 1975. I'm sure over 90% (at least, I hope) of fans are not like you. Because if 1975 really is a good band, then you are certainly not doing a good job of promoting them with phrases such as:
"Some absolute d*ckhead in the comments"
"I once saw a mum on some dumb website"
"How scandalously hilarious! I'm actually chortling."
"Come @ me in the comments trying to smash me"
"I will shatter you. Literally :)"

And as for the comments regarding the band's pro-LGBT mindset, being politically outspoken and all that. The fact that you respect those characteristics strongly (at least I perceive it this way) implies that you support and love them more for their political views and their comedic talent. I thought they were supposed to be a music band. The thing that they are supposed to be the best at it their music, not their 'political compass'.

In fact, let me extend that idea further. Do you really consider yourself a fan? Of 1975's members, or their music? I think a true fan (and this goes for any band) wouldn't go to concerts. A true fan wouldn't care whether the lead singer was gay, straight, black, white or Asian. A true fan wouldn't care what the band members said or thought about Trump or Brexit, or... you name it. The only thing they would have is a music player, filled with the band's songs. That's all they need to appreciate the band's beautiful music for what it is. Because they like the music. They would probably like the band members because they were the ones that produced this beautiful music, who had the amazing creativity and imagination. They don't care whether others hate it or like it. That's it.

I welcome your argument with open arms and patience.

Please consider that this a debating environment, and although raunchy language certainly isn't banned or discouraged, I can say it will not get you anywhere in rational debate.
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Posted by emotioncloudsjudgement 3 years ago
Apologies, it appears that the band's name is 'The 1975', not just '1975'. I believe I have referred to the band (in the first round; con/against) constantly as '1975'.
Posted by aesopstabili 3 years ago
That was all over the place, haha. So, are you arguing that The 1975 is the best band or are you simply arguing that people should listen to a song of theirs? Taking the position of Pro on the latter is a bit unfair.
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