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The Allied/Entente Powers are responsible for World War One

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Started: 3/27/2018 Category: Politics
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I claim that the Allied/Entente powers of World War One are responsible for causing World War One. I claim that the Central Powers are not responsible for the war.
More specifically, I claim that mainly Serbia, France, and Russia were responsible for WW1, and perhaps other A/E countries to a lesser extent.
Con should argue that the Central Powers are responsible for WW1.

First round is acceptance/opening-statement only, and no new arguments may be made in round 4. All other rounds are dedicated to arguing and refuting points.

WW1 = World War One
A/E = Allied/Entente
Allied/Entente Powers:
Central Powers:



The archduke assassination of Franz Ferdinand was one of the direct causes of Germany. This was caused by Militarism of both sides. Wilhelm supported Serbia in invading which led to other countries invading. It is said if this never happened ww1 may have never erupted.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank You for accepting the debate.

First of all, I think that my opponent is confused about the events of World War One.

They state:
"The archduke assassination of Franz Ferdinand was one of the direct causes of Germany."
I'm not sure what they mean by this. Germany was not involved in the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Serbians, and was from Austria-Hungary.
So, I don't see how the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was "one of the direct causes of Germany".

They also say:
"Wilhelm supported Serbia in invading which led to other countries invading."
I assume they mean Wilhelm II, the German Emperor at the time of WW1. Anyways, my opponent's claim is clearly false. Germany supported Austria Hungary, and opposed the Serbians. They were even on different sides, Germany being on the Central Powers, and Serbia being on the A/E Powers.
Because of this, I assure you that Germany did not support Serbia in invading.

1) Serbian Government-Supported Terrorists
I'm sure most everyone has heard the story. However, I will recount it since my opponent seems confused about the events.
The Black Hand was a group of Serbians who wished for the unification of all lands with a South Slavic majority. Many of these territories were owned by Austria Hungary. As a result, the Black Hand, a Serbian secret society, traveled to Sarajevo and assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. A couple days later Austria Hungary invades Serbia after Serbia refuses to accept the ultimatum given to them.
Austria Hungary joins the Central Powers and Serbia joins the Allied/Entente Powers.
This is a very simplified account, yet serves the same purpose. A Serbian terrorist killed the Archduke, which spurred the onset of WW1.
What many people seem to not know, is that the Serbian Military supplied the terrorists with weapons, the Serbian government knew about the plot beforehand (doing barely anything to stop it), and the Serbian President personally knew people involved in the plot.
"Unknown to Dimitrijević, Major Vojislav Tankosić was informing Nikola Pašić, the prime minister of Serbia about the plot. Although Pašić supported the main objectives of the Black Hand group, he did not want the assassination to take place, as he feared it would lead to a war with Austria-Hungary." [1]
As we can tell, the Serbian President knew about the plot, but "didn't want it to happen". Despite this, he makes a half-hearted effort to stop them, and purposely gives up. How do we know that the Prime Minister didn't really care about stopping the assassins?
Because they sat around in Sarajevo for a entire month before the assassination, without anyone stopping them.
"The assassins idled around in Sarajevo for a month. Nothing more was done to stop them." [2]
In conclusion, the Serbian Government, knowing about the assassination months beforehand, did almost nothing to stop the assassination, which sparked WW1.

2) Russian Mobilization
Before WW1, Russia and Serbia had close ties. With both of them being Slavic nations, this is easily foreseeable. However, what Russia did next was incredibly stupid. Right after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, yet before any fighting had begun, or before any declarations of war were sent out, Russia mobilizes.
Russia sends out troops to their western border, towards Austria Hungry and Germany. Remember, they do this before any fighting had begun.
"July 29, 1914 - Britain calls for international mediation to resolve the worsening crisis. Russia urges German restraint, but the Russians begin partial troop mobilization as a precaution. The Germans then warn Russia on its mobilization and begin to mobilize themselves." [3]
The Germans only mobilize after Russia decides to mobilize and move their troops towards Germany's border. If Russia had not mobilized, therefore threatening Germany, the international mediation conference might have been successful, preventing conflict between Austria Hungary and Serbia.

3) French Plotting
Right off the bat, France fully mobilizes on August 1, moving their troops towards the German border, before any conflict between the two had arisen. This, as I stated with Russia, is an incredibly stupid move which threatened Germany.
But, we will eventually get back to that. The real reason is that France is to blame is that they plotted war with Germany for years beforehand. Why? They wanted revenge, they wanted Alsace-Lorraine back.
"If Alsace and Lorraine are taken, then France will later make war on Germany in conjunction with Russia. It is unnecessary to go into the unholy consequences." (Karl Marx, 1870)
This quote by Karl Marx, which was 44 years before WW1, effectively shows what happened during WW1. As soon as Germany and Russia go to war, France mobilized and sent troops to the German border, obviously provoking Germany into war. They do this to get Alsace-Lorraine back, a territory they lost to Germany in the Franco-Prussian War.

In conclusion, the Allied/Entente countries are responsible for World War One because of government-supported Serbian Assassins, Russian mobilization, and the French seeking revenge.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
I believe that the axis powers are responsible - unless, of course, it's all a conspiracy.
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