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The Battle for Poet Justice...

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Started: 1/29/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a new creative 'debate' I've just thought about. It will be similar to a rap battle, but the contestants must use English to their advantage, and demonstrate great linguistic abilities/talents. The overall aim is to promote-describe yourself and intimidate the opposition (me v you).

R1 is only acceptance.

Best Of Luck
Debate Round No. 1


First off, before we commence this battle of whits, allow me to rewind time for you, so you can sit back, adjust yourself, and witness greatness being personified.

Are you comfortable?, well don't be, because I'm about to take you the cleaners...

Clean this picture and frame it, It's 2006 and I'm on a primary school trip on The Isle of Wight, you name it, I remember this clearly, memory held so dearly.

Twas a midwinter's Wednesday and a group activity was planned, but I got sidetracked, soul lost on land. They had no clue, nonetheless I returned to my cabin with a wet shoe, in tears, but I made it, so cheers cheers cheers...

That there in a twisted almond nutshell is who I am, for I am a lone wolf styled individualist. If you tell me to go left, I'll slap you and go right, because I AM ALWAYS RIGHT, everyday trash talk fight, yes you're dealing with an antagonistic fright. Nightmare, I am everyone's nightmare. Elm Street, I'll be in your dreams like we in Elm Street.

Don't get it twisted, this huge ego is a defense mechanism, I am an honest and integral person at heart, but my name means king o'heart, therefore I have many demons to discart.

Seems like the wolf is stuck in inferno circle 9, Satan is ice cold divine. Doubt I'll ever be fine. Whine Whine Whine.

Suppressed, Repressed, or Depressed, call it what you like, man rideth his own bike. I stop for no one, cut you off like you're no one. If I sold this, it be no.1. Number one like crazy in love...

I need love, but I can't accept it, the ultimate dilemma. I speak knowledge like I'm dai lama.

I am just a walking wound, sob story walking aimlessly in to a maze surrounded by thorns. Thorns, I am Jesus, I'll sting myself to save this plagued planet just like a bee stings when in danger, condemned to this apathetic lifestyle, I sting myself. Bruised, bemused, and confused, I sting myself in to God's ambrosial abode. Living life kamikaze mode. What better way to intimidate someone. I fully believe a maniac is more dangerous than a trained soldier, for you can not predict the unpredictable. I'll bring dice to a game of hide and seek,
Your move my friend, you better not to hide and seek....



Your prose is verbose
Fluffy full of air
I'll speak less mean more

Blonde haired in pictured though dirty in life
Mustached person contrasts shaven image

The user wears blue upon his body
A drawing decked in red with lines in black

My mind leaning in directions I don't like
Debating mouthpiece giving voice to but few

This is my argument of round two
Describing bit of me and puppet
Debate Round No. 2


Verbose? In my life I have never heard of such lyrics, my man says "verbose", am I losing already? am I losing already? Umm, I suppose...

What to do about it, how will I reroute it. Perhaps I need a clean sweep, fresh start, no bvllshit and no nonsense. So allow me to set the record straight, you can not walk straight, wobbly like jelly, type artist named Jelly, sit in front of the telly with your fatass belly. No that's me, no that's me so sorry because that's me. I'm stuck in a rut, every week pizza hut, the ultimate depression reliever, why would I deceive her?, god wants us to believe her, so lets believe her. Take your pick, you got your Christian god Allah, he be the father of Yeshua. Oh snap what did just say, I point out the obvious, I can not tolerate hypocrisy, but I can be your hypocrite. I hereby declare by the power vested in me, that one can not never tolerate himself. I said I can not contain myself, I am on the loose, running around with a rope on my neck tightening loose, duck duck goose, I bring a snooker cue to that game, I am the Game, Triple H and the naitch, they ballers, curtain callers. Your hair looks like a curtain, you rugged, tramp you rugged, you didn't even say anything interesting, you are not interesting.

If you were to release a book, it would be conveniently named "life as a crook", truly a waste of space, the time continuum stopped and slapped itself in the face... when you were born, the stars did mourn. Mourn, I've been to 2 funerals and have shed exactly no tears, cold blooded jeers. My destiny is unique, your intellect so weak. We are poles apart, total opposites, I go right, you go left, I go forwards, you go backwards, lord knows you are backwards.

So allow me to pose this question for the cameras, no i'm not a model, trashtalk like glenn hoddle...

What is the opposite of weakness?


I AM...



A young wolf high pitched howls to the moon
A young man sits, observes, gives it thought

My first true name meaning light of the deity
though with god dead (they say), brighter burns my fire

I at a debate give voice to my emotion and thought
I give it wing, soaring above, steady, sure, stable mind

Young debaters
Fighting for votes

What last stand you make?
I can but wonder
Debate Round No. 3


High pitched, pitching perfect pitches, hitting homes run, giving the fans stitches. I care for no one but myself,
cold, manipulative, and stealth. Play the victim because I am the victim, its lonely at the top of mount wound, wolfy's got four walls around him like its Fornite. Money stacked fat every fort night. Haters tryna shoot me, but i'm shooting myself. Everything is about me, me, me, me. Only joking, I fear people. I won't be such an agoraphobic nutcase if I did not fear people. Fear is what fear is, jfk gun shot, bang bang bang. Nonetheless, fear is near whenever the blue green Wolfgang is here. The sheep, goats, ducks and boats come running to me, oh lord can not see...

I am possessed, hell-bent on finding peace, causing conflict piece by piece. Trailblazing like we in Portland. Nope I rep the 6, Toronto Ontario, always disliked the oreo. Its disgusting, just like your face, people accuse me of being copy and pas'e. They clueless, they don't clock that I bring the Ace of Spades to a game of monopoly. I monopolise, divide and conquer, destruct and rule. Conquer like William, set nation like its 1066, burn bridges like its 1666. Great fires, unearthly desires, I'm historic, a legend in the making, this gold is not for your taking. Thank you for this awaking, i'll call the undertaker, bury you like its '98, stone cold 3.16, I'm so great. Middle fingers in the air, man knows not to care. You sh1t like koko b.ware, dizzy like a stupid hare... Hare and the rabbit, you can not dab it. Dab what? you're coordination is blatant and lateness, oh my dayz....



Here is to myself and all that is me
For egocentric prose is all I see
Preferring my voice over any I've heard
Better my own looks even without a beard
So sing to yourself, croon to yourself
View the mirror, handsome familiar
Walk to my hearts beat or not
For tis mine own mind not thine
And my choices, I'll sign
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
This guy is the only one who votes on my debates lol
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Cool beans my friend , cool beans ._.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Hmm, I feel like I could have done better and see errors in my words. Ah well, was fun, and try different next time.
Words spoken by Leaning in the comment section have no influence on how people should vote.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro used English more to His advantage than his opponent.

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