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The Bible is always manipulated.

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Started: 3/15/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 days ago Status: Challenge Declined
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Do you think by saying that you can't manipulate what the Bible says means you can actually manipulate the Bible to suit you anyway you see fit?
Christian: You can't manipulate my Bible Operative word being MY imposed word my.
Atheist: Yes you can manipulate it anyway you see fit. It's just a book of stories. Atheist calling out the lie.
https://www. Christiantoday. Com/article/3-ways-christians-manipulate-people-without-knowing-it/119819. Htm
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Posted by Eugenious 4 days ago
You notice that when "bacwardseden" was proven wrong, He stops commenting and ignores it. All he knows to do is insult. Not ever to actually PROVE what he's saying, But just to insult.
Posted by melcharaz 6 days ago
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=Nl2WzCS1lZ8 - reliablity of kjv bible and other videos
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=CgjOcL__0fo - reliablity of the New Testament
Posted by melcharaz 6 days ago
here is a debate that talks about if the bible is true. Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=BIX7eqTllEc.
Posted by melcharaz 6 days ago
anymore insults you wish to throw at me? Or do you want me to answer your question? Im guessing you don't care. . . . SO ill answer it anyways.

God uses every form of communication to talk to people, Text is most objective in his form because he speaks spiritually and personally. Text comes from such people he talked to to write down encouragement, Warning and prophecy.

2 Peter 3:15-16 15And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; 16 As also in all his epistles, Speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, Which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, As they do also the other scriptures, Unto their own destruction.

and actually, The translations are rough and the original manuscripts do exist. P 37 i think is such an example of a orignial greek manuscript. Not to mention the old testament has been preserved and other writtings such as discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls affirms the exegisis and context of the bible.

other words. Old Testament, 50k errors in commas, Semi colons, Colons and periods
greek New Testament, Hand written copies of orginal manuscripts that are partly/not fully discovered.

and of course that is just greek and hebrew as jerusalem had both languages at the time of the romans, Even history confirms it. Its quite intresting what romans did to try to stop the writtings which were in turn translated in other languages. There may be some differentiation but the context and exegisis is solid and the scripture is inerrant.

by the way, Asking the scriptures what they mean would be to read say. . . John 1 and 1 and go back and cross reference with genesis chapter 1. And looking at hebrews and we can conclude that Jesus christ was the word and the word created the heavens and earth. Jesus means Yahuah our salvation, Or yahweh our salvation, Or jehovah as he is called in English.
Posted by backwardseden 6 days ago
@melcharaz - Well see no god would be stupid enough to use text, Namely your bible as a form of communication, Not for any reason, Not ever, The worst form of communication possible. You with your sweet massage and back sprains have thus proven it with your battery of poopy dogmatic memorabilia paraphillia hillbilly words.
"even the bible says that people "Twist" the scriptures to meet their own ends or beliefs. " Really? Which version says that? All of the translations upon translations upon copies upon copies upon dead languages upon dead languages with a 0% chance of tracing it back to the original because no original exists in the first place. So in other words, Everybody, No exceptions, None, Is misinterpreting. Wow now watch out for that Swahili translation that might be hitting your doorstep in newspaper form soon!
Posted by WrickItRalph 1 week ago
just joking around, Not serious btw
Posted by WrickItRalph 1 week ago
"ask the bible what it means"

Oh jeez. Now we got people conversing with the bible. What are you going to do next, Start making out with it?
Posted by melcharaz 1 week ago
even the bible says that people "Twist" the scriptures to meet their own ends or beliefs. There is a certain way of translating the bible, It translates its self and has a meaningful interpretation and exegesis on its on merits.

basically, Read the bible and ask the bible what it means, Don't depend on your own understanding.
Posted by Speedrace 1 week ago
Unfortunately, You can manipulate the Bible, And it happens all too often.
Posted by Leaning 1 week ago
You're Con. Does that mean you're saying the Bible cannot be manipulated?
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