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The Body Positive is not really positive

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Started: 4/13/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Perhaps, many people have heard something about the recent trend - The Body Positive Movement. At first the movement seems to be completely healthy. What could be wrong with accepting your body as it is? Still, the question is not as simple as it may seem. The concept of the Body Positive is often misinterpreted. Such misinterpretations are fatal not only for a single person, but also for a whole society. Therefore I insist that the movement can't be called positive. And here goes my first argument, which is HEALTH.

Firstly, you can accept your body as long as it's healthy. I believe there are some things that can't be accepted. Moreover, there are some problems that can't be solved by simple acceptance. For instance, health problems. The thing is that by chance particular health problems affect our appearance, thus causing lack of self-confidence and making the unhealthy person disgusting for other people. To solve the problems person should consult a doctor, which sometimes represent another problem due to psychological and economic factors.

Secondly, I'm convinced that one can't make himself or herself love his or her body simply saying "Ok, I accept myself as I am because each body is perfect" It's a delusion. It's a self-suggestion. It's a placebo. Time spent on worthless declarations and exclamations may negatively affect your condition leading to the health aggravation. On the contrary, to love your body means to respect your body. To respect your body means to take care of your body.

Finally, I believe The Body Positive Movement represents a radical reaction to another recent trend which is plastic surgery. While the 2nd variant helps you achieve fake perfection with an operating knife, the 1st one denies perfection as it is. And as a result, it cuts both ways. These two variants only create the illusion of self-confidence. The Body Positive, just as plastic surgery, works for those who refuse to take direct action. Besides, both are unhealthy. People tend to see things in black and white. Why couldn't we see the shades of grey? Or - what is even better - why couldn't we mix them up with more vivid colours?

Considering my first argument, I stick to the opinion that The Body Positive is negative and in particular cases even harmful.

Thank you for your attention!


MEDIA makes us believe that there is something wrong with our bodies. After all, companies and organizations gain greatly when women waste millions on diet fads and untouched gym memberships, when those women could save hundreds by being comfortable in their own skin. The body positivity movement is about health, identity and self-respect. Women of any weight, age, race, measurement or proportion can be/are BEAUTIFUL.

The appreciation of curves and physical diversity reduces fat-shaming, bulimia, anorexia, depression and bullying among women everywhere, based on the fact that it"s about acceptance. The body positive movement sets the challenge of getting women to accept themselves and other women on a fundamental level, in spite of "flaws" and "imperfections," so
that we may embrace and adore those oddities. A great way to talk about what body positivity is, is to talk about what it isn"t. It isn"t about eroticizing or sexualizing, nor is it about tolerance" it"s about softening the frown of superficiality, and revisiting points in history where women were praised for curvaceousness outside of a subgroup.
Debate Round No. 1


To begin with, thank you for your answer. I find your arguments quite curious. I agree with you that The Body Positive was meant to serve for solely positive goals. Still, as I've already said above something went wrong. Thus, I can't agree with you completely. So here goes my second argument, which is JUSTIFICATION. I suggest to take a look at the argument, considering two major aspects of each person's life: self-acceptance and self-improvement.

Firstly, I insist that self-acceptance is a long road. Even Rome wasn't built in a day therefore it may take you years and years to make the skin you're in better. Self-acceptance is a winding road. It requires direct action including physical exercises, medical intervention, psychological training and so forth. No one disputes that perfection is unreachable. Still, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't try. They say practice makes perfect. I say action makes perfect. Self-improvement is a continuous process that shapes our personality, making us stronger and boosting our confidence. Conversely, The Body Positive Movement claiming that "Women of any weight, age, race, measurement or proportion can be/are BEAUTIFUL" may serve as a justification for inaction.

Secondly, there is a well-known fact that some people are lazy, weak or simply indifferent. They simply lack initiative or boldness to take action. Therefore, some Body Positive ideas including your argument "The <...> movement sets the challenge of getting women to accept themselves and other women on a fundamental level, in spite of "flaws" and "imperfections," so that we may embrace and adore those oddities." may serve as a justification for indifference. Such concept make you calm down, sit down and be happy with what you get. Personally I suppose that people should not stand still. Conversely, I suggest that self-improvement constitutes an essential part of every person's life. Unlike self-acceptance, self-improvement is a road without an end. Seneca once said that Vivere militāre est which meant to live is to struggle. Now let me paraphrase it saying that to live is to develop as self-improvement is a struggle as well.

Considering my second argument, I stick to the opinion that The Body Positive is negative and in particular cases even harmful.

Thank you for your attention!


I understand you perfectly.
I share your opinion that it is necessary to work on ourselves. and we must do this, so as not to justify our flaws in appearance. But what about those people who, for example, have burns all over their body, the most terrible form of acne, which can not be eliminated even by the beauticians of Hollywood, or a psychological dependence on food in connection with a child trauma due to rape (for example - Kristina Golovchenko). Sometimes there is something in us that needs to be accepted, because people are not almighty - they are sometimes really powerless.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok! Thank you for your answer once again. The information seems to be quite interesting. I've watched some videos about Kristina Golovchenko. Though I believe this case has nothing to do with The Body Positive Movement - Kristina just requires some medical and psychological help. She doesn't even love her body, right? Thus, the case represents a perfect example for my first argument, which was health. Besides, I agree with you that "there is something in us that needs to be accepted" though I've already mentioned it above claiming that "self-acceptance is a long road." Like self-acceptance, tolerance is something that need to be learnt.

However, let us go back to the Body Positive Movement. And here goes my third argument, which is FASHION. I explain it below. I will try to be as brief as possible.

On the one hand, there are some people who like to show off. On the other hand, there is social trends (such as The Body Positive) that provokes a disruptive social reaction. As a result, people who aim at drawing public attention use these social trends in their own selfish way. For instance, some girls cease shaving their legs and armpits only to post the hairy body parts photos on Instagram etc. People sometimes do stupid things just to show off. The Body Positive Movement here works as an instrument of crime. I do not want to say that showing off is a crime (an instrument of crime is just a figure of speech). Still, we should be careful with such peculiar trends and shouldn't cross the line of prudence unless we want be freaks of course. Besides, people shouldn't follow all the trends blindfold. Fashion changes but a bit of critical thinking is never too much.

Considering my third argument, I stick to the opinion that The Body Positive is negative and in particular cases even harmful.

Thank you for your attention!
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