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The Chicken came before the egg

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Started: 3/5/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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The Chicken came before the egg. Whichever reason you believe in, argue against that one:

1. Creationism- When God created the earth, he said something and it was created. IN the beginning, he created animals. It doesn't say he created eggs. It said he created animals. So chickens appeared. Then chickens got "married" and had eggs. So in summary, chickens came then eggs.

2. Big Bang- The Big Bang Theory is the theory that nothing came into something with an explosion. So there was a *bang* and whalah(flourish) there were things on the earth; including chickens. It happened with bang and again the chickens had little eggs and so on.

So the chicken came first. End of story.


OK, number one, I think you might be going a little to straight forward, and number two, if the chicken came before the egg why was the egg added later on then?
Debate Round No. 1


Number 1

Straightforward doesn't seem like a bad thing to me...

Number 2

The egg came later because the two chickens loved each other and wanted a baby just like us human beings.

No seriously though they wanted to reproduce and carry on their chicken legacy.

No wait seriously the egg was used for reproduction purposes and to continue on the chickens in the world.


You really shouldn't be that straight forward with evolution, and also my guess is is that God created the egg first which would hatch later. (Bible Wise)
Debate Round No. 2


Why would he have wasted the time to make the egg when he could have just created a chicken first to produce the eggs? It would have saved steps for a new generation:

My Way: chicken, egg, chicken

Your Way: egg, chicken, egg, chicken.

3-4, Less steps=better (I win).

If we are going to talk about God then I'll end with this. He created the whole world in 7 days so he was pretty big on time management. Because of this, he would have done the faster version which as we can see above is the chicken being first.


Yah, but evolution wise, you are as wrong as you could get with this arguement. I'm not gonna explain the whole evolution of the chicken, but come on.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by sidewinder 3 years ago
The answer to the chicken or the egg question is that the egg came first laid by a animal that was not a chicken.
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