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The Concept of 'Western Culture' is rooted in racism

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Started: 7/24/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Idea of Western Culture came about at the same time as the Idea of Race. Culture itself is a meta-narrative invented for the purpose of enforcing a hegemony that has a racist basis. Most people define the West as including Europe and Northern North America. What do those places have in common? They are and have historically been predominantly white-majority.

This is not to suggest that modern usages of terms like 'Culture' are inherently racist, but say that they have racist origins and are meant to make a distinction between 'mainstream' straight, white culture, and otherwise oppressed or marginalized groups of people.

A postmodernist might say that the idea of culture is rooted in racism and other forms of prejudice also because some of what we define as 'cultures' are actually just the nuances of one group of marginalized people as compared to the 'mainstream'. So for instance, a postmodernist might say that the idea of 'Black Culture' or 'Gay Culture' are inherent representations of how Straight, White, Christian People want to make a cultural distinction between them and The Other. I agree with this idea.


Hello, I see your points on the matter however I disagree. Yout first point I would like to address is Culture being a meta-narrative to promote hegemony for a racist basis. Culture is not an excuse for certain societies to be racist nor do I belive that the roots of Western Culture was portrayed that way. Culture is in fact the way a socieity functions and the daily activitites that effect their lives: economy, communication and heirarchy, etc. My point being it has a deeper meaning than what you portrayed. Secondly
Culture in Western Society did have racist events such as slave ownership, however historians have found that free blacks; in the original 13 colonies did own black slaves as well. According to in an article by Henry Louis Gates Jr." Nicholas Agustin Metoyer owned 13 slaves in 1830" it goes on to say " 48 blacks in Maryland owbed 143 slaves" Not to mention African cheiftans would sell their own kind to white merchants, "Modern day nigerian congress responds to letter from Nigerian Activist Groups, the ancestors of our past would help arab and white slave traders with raiding and haording defenseless villages the white man cannot be blamed any longer and will aid you with any civil unrest" what im saying is if western culture has racist roots then it was promoted or infleunced by African traders as well, not to mention blacks owning slaves too, thus showing no truly self regulated racism.
You narrow things down to western cultures having racist roots. In the bible the isrealites were slaves to the arabs. The bible accounts of the earliest recorded foundation of slavery which shows that the middle east actually had a biased or discrimintory view on people with a racist foundation. My point is if the west has racist foundations then its becuase of other cultures interfering or interacting with our culture. The Bible that America belives in or African traders selling their own kind.
Another point
The idea of racism cannot soley be put on a western ideology as a white president had abolished slavery in the civil war, not to mention affirmative action for minoritites in jobs sectors and having rights for all: women, gay trans and colors.
On your point that all western cultures have white people in common and since you're saying western cultures have racist cultural foundations it sounds like you're saying white poeple pre-dominally stem from a racist cultural background ,well I disagree with that point as well. The portugese took over the philipines in the 1700's and enslaved them for a short period and sought there culture superior to theirs and claimed them as "savages and gorillaz", the Rape of nanking by the japanese enslaving and killing chinese poeple by looking at the chinese as feeble compared to them, the bibles accounts of slaves in the middle east and even incans and mians would take indians from other tribes and would enslave them and kill them as well.
My conclusion
If America let free blacks own black slaves, African Cheiftans sold their own kind to white merchants, enslavement and racist culture was started elsewhere showing whites aren't the problem and that racism stems from many cultural backgrounds: Bible, Asia and Indians and that other nations had a actual earlier idea of racism before the idea of race was actually introduced then I can honestly I don't belive western culture has a racist roots.
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Posted by HaydenCR 3 years ago
Thank you @Quickdraw_mind, could I have your vote on another debate im doing? It would help me out alot. also i'll take a look at your debates too!
Posted by QuickDraw_mind 3 years ago
Daaamn con, you absolutely destroyed him with words. U got my vote
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