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The Cumfart Manifesto

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Started: 5/11/2021 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Voting Period
Viewed: 254 times Debate No: 127613
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Hello everybody, You might have known me as c umfart69. I would like to let debate dot org in on the a little secret, That account was a test of the moderation of debate dot org.

You see, I used to use this website under another alias a few months back. I saw how a ss-backwards the moderation was. I saw bots spamming everywhere, Vile ignorant people posting slime. And there was no action from the debate dot org moderation as the TOS got broken time and time again.

I did what you call a "ban speedrun" to see how fast moderation would react to my presence and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Debate dot org let me get away with many things during my time here. Now did this account deserve a ban? Sure. Even an IP ban was applied to the IP I was utilizing for cu mfart69.

Lets see how debate dot org moderation performed:

- Reacted to obvious breaking of the TOS
- Deleted all posts under that account
- Gave an IP ban

Sounds good right? This is how they failed:

- Extremely slow reaction time
- "Shadow" moderation, Almost no sign of presence of any moderators or higher ups of the website at all during my time here
- Continue to unmoderate and give no reaction to some of the most vile racist/homophobic/xenophobic posts I have ever seen, From death threats to obvious troll debates
- Takes no action against bot posts at all, Including some bots linking to sites to purchase illegal substances
- Deleted EVERYTHING associated with the account, For example I added some troll answers to a poll of another person, They deleted the entire poll of an innocent person, Very terrible practice as you are literally removing innocent people's posts
- Took ZERO action against others encouraging or promoting my behavior, For example I made a debate titled the n word and another user commented the n word with me. No action was taken against their account (this person wants a death penalty for minority groups and applauds the holocaust by the way, And they have been here for a long time)

Debate dot org, I know you only keep this website up for the ad revenue. I know you give zero care and have not updated the website functions in years. I know its tough to maintain a large website, But this is just sad.

And debate dot org moderation, I dare you to prove me wrong. Even just reply to this debate or do anything to let us know you give half a f uck.

Cumfart out. See you in another life as this account and debate will be removed, (very slowly though LOL)


Yeah the moderators do nothing. Whenever someone forfeits a round the debate just freezes in time instead of continuing.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Hezikiah 1 month ago
The Devil made you do it
Posted by pisspoop96 1 month ago
Also I literally just changed browsers using the same IP and the IP ban broke and become unfunctional. What a joke
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