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The Death Penalty

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Started: 3/23/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If murder is (usually) the crime, why should murder be the penalty? The fact is, your just killing more people. Besides, says more than 1000 people have been falsely accused and killed due to the death penalty (since 1976) You may bring up how the same thing applies to regular prison. To be fair, it does. Maybe there are even more. But there is a difference in killing a person and punishing them with jail.
Now, couple no death penalty with less harsh sentences, and you"ve got something great. In 2013, 14000 murders took place but only 35 executions did. Some small chance of execution won"t matter to these people. Nothing has ever shown that it reduces crime.


alright here goes so you say that all the death penalty does is basically go and murder more people and just cause more and more death. Well I really hope that your view isn't that someone who did some sort of heinous crime should get to have the chance of life, you may also say that they can probably change. that's great if they change. but it will not change the fact that, that person still murdered someone's father, mother, son or daughter. whatever they did they screwed up someone's family and could cause a whole world of problems for the victims family. that can and will not ever be cleared up.
Debate Round No. 1


Killing the person as a punishment makes us just as bad as them. Sometimes (4.1%) we get the WRONG GUY! So, let's assume we killed someone for murder charges. We found out they were innocent, and now we unjustifiably killed a person, an irreversible deed. That makes us, the taxpayers who fund this,the criminals by your own logic as we murdered an innocent person. Less harsh sentences are OK- we need them because it is seriously screwing people up. Capital punishment is in no way fair.
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