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The Death Penalty

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Started: 8/23/2018 Category: Society
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Welcome to the Debate, This Debate will consist of the topic of "Death Penalty" In which both sides will argue their stances, Which will lead to a final vote on who won. The Rules are Simple, Stay on the topic only and only provide Evidence to said topic. Do not use Profanity of any kind, Simply put be Professional.

Here is my Debate. The Concept of Death Penalty has been shown to receive Negative Feedback, With the claim "We do not hold the right to take another life" However when such Individual takes the life of another with no remorse? Was that ok? Surely in a moral point, It would be wrong to treat said Individual better than their victim, They did nothing but torture with Emotional, Physical pain and Trauma. I do not argue we should Execute someone for a crime such as Failure to have Insurance or Speeding. However I do argue that Justice can't be given to the Suspect and Closure cannot be given to the Family until Justice is surely meet.


Plain and simply, The death penalty is not OK and should be outlawed. First of all, Bad people do good things too. Take the common murderer, For instance, He probably has a family that he loves and wants to protect. That man's family will probably be just as devastated as the victim's family when they hear that their husband/father has been sentenced to death. Also, You may not hear about it a lot but there are cases of people being sentenced to death and come to find out years latter they were innocent. Also, If you truly wish someone to die than you are no better than the murderer himself. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying that murderers should just roam about, In fact, I believe we should have a special kind of jail for murderers, Rapists, Molesters, Etc. But if you kill the murderer, He doesn't have to learn his lesson or pay the price for his crime. To that kind of criminal, Death is an escape route. Also, With all do respect, I find the comment "Surely in a moral point, It would be wrong to treat said Individual better than their victim", Morally degrading. If you torture someone just because they tortured someone else, You have stooped down to their level and are no better than them, Which makes you a criminal.
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