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The DrINKING AGE should be 16 for beer and wine 18 for the hard stuff

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Started: 3/2/2019 Category: Philosophy
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When i visited my family in Holland in 1977 there were naked women in windows, Pot smokers everywhere, And the drinking age was basically 16, 18 for hard liquor, But according to cousin Bert the law was never enforced, I DECIDED TO invstigate, He was right, You could do anythng in the netherlands as long as you were not hurting others, So cool, And everyone was having a splendid time, I SAY WE TRY ALL THAT HERE, Especially the naked women in windows


Underage drinking has proved to have fatal long-term effects on the human brain as well as the body. Whatever it is that leads adolescents to begin drinking, Once they start they face a number of potential health risks. Although the severe health problems associated with harmful alcohol use are not as common in adolescents as they are in adults, Studies show that young people who drink heavily may put themselves at risk for a range of potential health problems.

Brain Effects
Scientists currently are examining just how alcohol affects the developing brain, But it"s a difficult task. Subtle changes in the brain may be difficult to detect but still have a significant impact on long-term thinking and memory skills. Add to this the fact that adolescent brains are still maturing, And the study of alcohol"s effects becomes even more complex. Research from Department of Psychiatry, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina has shown that animals fed alcohol during this critical developmental stage continue to show long-lasting impairment from alcohol as they age. It"s simply not known how alcohol will affect the long-term memory and learning skills of people who began drinking heavily as adolescents.

Liver Effects
Research from the Pittsburgh Adolescent Alcohol Research Center of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Elevated liver enzymes, Indicating some degree of liver damage, Have been found in some adolescents who drink alcohol. Research also shows that young drinkers who are overweight or obese showed elevated liver enzymes even with only moderate levels of drinking.

Growth and Endocrine Effects
In both males and females, Puberty is a period associated with marked hormonal changes, Including increases in the sex hormones, Estrogen and testosterone. These hormones, In turn, Increase production of other hormones and growth factors, Which are vital for normal organ development. Drinking alcohol during this period of rapid growth and development (i. E. , Prior to or during puberty) may upset the critical hormonal balance necessary for normal development of organs, Muscles, And bones. Studies in animals at the Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Public Health in Texas A&M University College Station also show that consuming alcohol during puberty adversely affects the maturation of the reproductive system.

Even though it is fun and wild to drink alcohol (trust me, I've been there), Overall drinking at an adolescent age or even heavily drinking at the age of majority is shown to result in permanent long-term damage to vital organs that are required to survive as well as our judgement and reasoning. Alcohol addiction can affect every aspect of a person's life and to succumb to it just seems very selfish to me. According to the non profit organization FacingAddiction. Org, 17. 6 million people, Or one in every 12 adults, Suffer from alcohol use disorder or alcohol dependence along with several million more who engage in risky binge drinking patterns that could lead to alcohol problems and the root of this problem is from adolescent drinking.

Final Thoughts
So before you go wild and reverse the drinking age limit in the United States, Just think about the long term effects it could have on the entire country. If anything, I would recommend countries to legalize marijuana or shrooms to have fun and expand it's citizens minds rather than poison their youth with alcohol. Of course, When you turn 21 in the United States, You can do whatever you want (as long as it's legal). That's the beauty of this country.
Debate Round No. 1


I am so sick of the nanny state every thing you say may very well be true?
so what? Is it up to the government to dictate what we eat or drink if teens drink it should be up to parental authority not
the government, It is up to parents to say what is best, Not the government or some do gooder government bureaucrat
at 18 i think you give the young adult the info of the dangers and let them decideand stop trying to micro manage peoples lives!
freedom over tyrrany!


"I am so sick of the nanny state every thing you say may very well be true? So what?

  • I would go ahead and begin by saying that I would like to agree with you on the government being a nanny state towards its citizens. However, I agree with this because I believe the government is doing this to protect us from ourselves, Making me say that our government being a nanny state is a good thing. Our government knows that quite a lot of people make bad decisions everyday. This is why we have public services such as law enforcement, Firefighters, And emergency medical services; they are to help keep us alive.
"Is it up to the government to dictate what we eat or drink if teens drink it should be up to parental authority notthe government, It is up to parents to say what is best, Not the government or some do gooder government bureaucrat. "
  • I also would like to say that I believe the government regulates the age of alcohol drinking for situations such as public drinking. There are 37 states who have underage drinking exceptions only for when the minor is accompanied by a family member. Therefore there are places in the United States where you can allow your kid to enjoy a beverage with family without needing to drink in public.
"i think you give the young adult the info of the dangers and let them decideand stop trying to micro manage peoples lives! "
  • I might add that your idea of giving the young adult the information about the dangers of alcohol and let the choose is a fair argument. In the United States, At 18 you are considered an adult and are legally allowed to kill another man if you enlist in our military. This is where the argument that the drinking age should be lowered to 18 because you have the possibility to kill another man. For my rebuttal, I suggest that we should allow young adults be able to enlist in the military at 17 but should not be allowed into combat until he turns 21. I feel as though this would help prevent deaths of young kids in our military as well as help weed out people who don't take the military seriously.
"freedom over tyrrany! "
  • I agree that freedom should be valued over tyranny, However setting our drinking age at 21 while giving exceptions for family events feels understanding and only helps out the young adult's brain development.
Debate Round No. 2


you set government authority at arbitrary numbers, Surely if alcohol is so bad, We should just make it illegal for everyone, But wait we already tired that did we not, Which leads to my next point, Prohibition never works does it, Or rarlely if a group wants product bad enough they will find a way to get it, Better to regualte it in a rational way, I think 16 is old enough for beer or wine


"Surely if alcohol is so bad, We should just make it illegal for everyone"
  • However, This isn't the argument that I am arguing. I am only staying that it should be illegal for people under 21. And even then, As I said, Most states permits underage drinking to an extent (if family is around and if it isn't a lot of alcohol). I understand why most states implement this policy and that is because there are a lot of American families who feel the way you do and would allow their kids to drink out of tradition and spirit, And that is okay. However for the families who decide not to do that, The law is beneficial for them because it helps keeps their kids stay safe from the dangers of alcoholism until they fully develop. Not only that, But even with alcohol laws, Young adults (18-20) may be even more permitted to drink with their parents if allowed by them because of their age.

"Prohibition never works does it"
  • Actually, What everyone 'knows' about Prohibition is that it was a failure. It did not eliminate drinking; it did create a black market. That in turn spawned criminal syndicates and random violence. Corruption and widespread disrespect for law were incubated and, Most tellingly, Prohibition was repealed only 14 years after it was enshrined in the Constitution. The lesson drawn by commentators is that it is fruitless to allow moralists to use criminal law to control intoxicating substances. Many now say it is equally unwise to rely on the law to solve the nation's drug problem. But the conventional view of Prohibition is not supported by the facts.
  1. First, The regime created in 1919 by the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act, Which charged the Treasury Department with enforcement of the new restrictions, Was far from all-embracing. The amendment prohibited the commercial manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages; it did not prohibit use, Nor production for one's own consumption. Moreover, The provisions did not take effect until a year after passage (plenty of time for people to stockpile supplies).
  2. Second, Alcohol consumption declined dramatically during Prohibition. Cirrhosis death rates for men were 29. 5 per 100, 000 in 1911 and 10. 7 in 1929. Admissions to state mental hospitals for alcoholic psychosis declined from 10. 1 per 100, 000 in 1919 to 4. 7 in 1928. Arrests for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct declined 50 percent between 1916 and 1922. For the population as a whole, The best estimates are that consumption of alcohol declined by 30 percent to 50 percent.
  3. Third, Violent crime did not increase dramatically during Prohibition. Homicide rates rose dramatically from 1900 to 1910 but remained roughly constant during Prohibition's 14 year rule. Organized crime may have become more visible and lurid during Prohibition, But it existed before and after.
  4. Fourth, Following the repeal of Prohibition, Alcohol consumption increased. Today, Alcohol is estimated to be the cause of more than 23, 000 motor vehicle deaths and is implicated in more than half of the nation's 20, 000 homicides. In contrast, Drugs have not yet been persuasively linked to highway fatalities and are believed to account for 10 percent to 20 percent of homicides.

"Or rarlely if a group wants product bad enough they will find a way to get it, Better to regualte it in a rational way"

  • This is not to say that society was wrong to repeal Prohibition. A democratic society may decide that recreational drinking is worth the price in traffic fatalities and other consequences. But the common claim that laws backed by morally motivated political movements cannot reduce drug use is wrong. Not only are the facts of Prohibition misunderstood, But the lessons are misapplied to the current situation.

    The U. S. Is in the early to middle stages of a potentially widespread cocaine epidemic. If the line is held now, We can prevent new users and increasing casualties. So this is exactly not the time to be considering a liberalization of our laws on cocaine. We need a firm stand by society against cocaine use to extend and reinforce the messages that are being learned through painful personal experience and testimony.

"I think 16 is old enough for beer or wine"
  • I believe you have said this plenty and your premises have been that people seem to be happier when underage drinking as well as believing the government should not decide for us what is right and wrong and to an extent, You're right. However, The government also decides that murdering people is wrong and can even sentence people to jail for the rest of their lives because of it. I trust the government's opinion that murdering is wrong and I also trust the government's opinion that underage drinking is wrong because of the health and addiction risks it creates as well as the impact it has on others. I suppose this debate comes down to point of view on the situation where my opponent sees underage drinking as a sign of freedom (which it is), And I see underage drinking as a health risk to society. I don't see how lowering the drinking age down to 16 for light beverages is benifical for a person anyways concidering usually persons at the age of 16 are still young adults.
  • I don't want to offend anybody but I believe that 16 year olds are still learning how to be an adult. They don't know any better. If we give them the ability to drink alcohol whenever they please, Their judgement and decision making as well as their overall health could drastically harm the person's present and future.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by andymcstab 3 years ago
US laws are pretty dumb all around. Most of Europe doesn't have a drinking age or has a very low drinking age, It has a sales age. In the UK for instance you have to be 18 to buy alcohol, But you can drink beer, Wine or cider in a pub at 16 with a meal, If it is bought by an adult. At home in private it is only illegal to give a child under 5 alcohol.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"yes because of my subjective little anecdote, Why not? "
So basically the United States makes this law because one person said so and feels like it should happen.
Posted by billsands 3 years ago
yes because of my subjective little anecdote, Why not?
Posted by Chronosofwisdom 3 years ago
He sounds like he has drunk when he posted this.
Posted by Chronosofwisdom 3 years ago
He sounds like he has drunk when he posted this.
Posted by kwbc 3 years ago
If they are old enough to send to die in wars they should be old enough to drink. The difference in an 18 & 21 year old is negligible in terms of development. Why is 21 the magic number? Why deny someone a substance just because the numbers don't match?
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

Just because of your subjective experience we should reduce the age laws?
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