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The Earth is flat

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Started: 12/11/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For whatever reason, some crackpots pick a "proof" that the Earth is flat, don't try to disprove their "proof" or don't ask someone else to try to disprove it before accepting it (flying in the face of logic) or are too dumb to understand the disproof.

*sarcasm on* I mean, heaven forbid you made a recurring error and now base your beliefs on that error. It must be a conspiracy. Yes, surely it's just that no one noticed that any of the images from space, before computers could render them, were hand painted (or another equally suspiciously convenient and implausible explanation). Yes, it must be that all the smart people who believe in this stuff are killed, except for you; because you're a super genius, right; the smartest person on the flat Earth? *sarcasm off*

Does all of this sound plausible to you? Because I can tell you one thing; it doesn't sound plausible to most people. What's my argument? First of all, if the Earth was flat, with the scientific equipment that we have, the Earth being flat would have been uncovered to the general public. Secondly, for it to not be uncovered, pretty much every official organization related to science and knowledge would have to be hiding the secret.

What would they do that for? Money? What money would they get out of paying millions of dollars to build rockets and thousands of dollars to fake the evidence; when they could just let the world know the truth and earn money from the various religious events held because of the fact that God made the Earth's shape defy physics?

You might argue that the conspiracy works because of the devil being behind it. If you argue that, you'll have to prove that the devil exists, in the first place, before having a plausible case for the devil running a flat Earth conspiracy. It'd be a laugh to watch you try.

Anyway, your turn.


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