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The Earth is round rather than flat

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Started: 8/16/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Greetings, It has been a while since I have had a formal debate on the internet, So I chose an easy topic to cut my teeth on. I used to get on this site every once and a while, And I know there used to be a flat-earther population here, So bring me your best.

-The first round will be acceptance and defining any terms you want
-The second round will be our main arguments, No rebuttals
-The third round will be any further arguments and rebuttals
-The final round will be rebuttals and closing statements

Good luck


I humbly accept your challenge.

For starters, I would just like to quickly clarify something on my half-

"flat" for this debate should NOT imply entirely smooth and even, But should rather be more like a plane than a sphere.

Disclaimer: I'm not a flat-earther myself, But I have some experience debating against the round earth just for the fun of it, So I should hopefully project an accurate description of why the Earth is flat.

Thank you for this opportunity for such an interesting and certainly unique topic.

Best of luck to you too, My good friend.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you to PandaXpress for accepting my challenge

Argument #1
The Coriolis Effect is a phenomenon observed in the world around us in which the air flowing from where it is warmest, The Equator, To where it is coldest, The poles, Is curved by the spin of the Earth on its axis. This can be seen most effectively by observing the direction of the spiral of a storm system relative to its location on the map: hurricanes and typhoons in the Northern hemisphere spin counterclockwise and clockwise in the South. This is impossible on the flat Earth model, Which does not spin and, If it did, Wouldn't create the same effect [1].

Argument #2
The moon's visibility is constantly waxing and waning as the Earth casts varying shadows on it. Furthermore, If the Earth casts a perfect shadow over the moon, A lunar eclipse occurs. This can only happen in the round Earth model, Since the moon and Sun are both floating above the Earth in the flat earth model, And the Sun never goes under to cast a shadow on the moon.

Argument #3
The way that the moon is seen varies as you change latitudes; it flips from seeing it in the North and in the South. This concept is illustrated below:
Related image (The image may not appear; if it doesn't, I'll attempt to put it in the comments).
Again, This is impossible on the flat Earth model

Argument #4
The stars in the sky change over the course of the year, As is evidenced by the visibility and invisibility of certain constellations seasonally. This is because of the Earth's revolution around the Sun, Changing its position in space as it orbits. This is impossible on the flat Earth model not just because, On the flat Earth model, We are going eternally up, Creating the effect of gravity, So the stars either wouldn't change or would never change back.

Argument #5

If you were to stand on a bay and watch a ship sail from you straight into the ocean, You would first see the ship's hull sink into the horizon, Then the sails. This can only be accounted for by the downward curvature of the Earth. A video of this concept can be found in the "Resources" section below.

[1]: https://stratus. Ssec. Wisc. Edu/courses/gg101/coriolis/coriolis. Html
Video: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=WOZd6t9uzhY

Image Attribution
Forums of TheFlatEarthSociety. Org (https://forum. Tfes. Org/index. Php? Topic=5015. 20)


For this debate round today, I assert that, Contrary to popular scientific belief, The Earth is flat.

-1 : The Flat Earth
-2 : Gravity
-3 : Lack of Evidence

1: The Flat Earth

In contemporary science, It is a commonly-held belief that the Earth is round, Carved into a sphere by gravity. This is, Upon further examination of the facts, Not the case. The Earth is shaped like a flat disc, With the North Pole in the center and Antarctica taking the shape of a large wall of ice around the edge. Circumnavigation is possible by simply sailing in a circle around the earth.

Because of this large ice wall "Antarctica, " water is incapable of spilling over the edge. What is beyond this ice wall is a mystery as of right now, As nobody knows how thick the ice wall is. It"s perfectly possible that Antarctica exists as an infinite plane around Earth.

In this system, Day and night are perfectly plausible. The sun moves in an elliptical ring around the disc-shaped earth, Providing a "spotlight" effect. When the sun shines above you, It"s day, And when it doesn"t shine above you, It"s night. The moon moves in a similar fashion.

The seasons occur when the sun is further or closer from the North Pole. When the sun is further away from the North Pole, It's winter in the northern hemiplane and summer in the south.

2: Gravity

The force of gravity complicates matters- after all, Gravity pulls objects into their spherical shape. What I propose - and many other members of the FES agree- is that gravity doesn"t exist in the way that scientists envisioned.

Rather, The Earth simply moves upwards at a rate of 9. 8 meters per second squared. Much like how a roller coaster (sorry, Vacations) pulls you backwards into your seat, The Earth"s upward movement will perenially push people downwards onto Earth.

The object pushing the Earth is believed to be some sort of dark matter, But scientific studies have yet to be conducted in that field, Considering how hard it is to obtain a grant for investigating something commonly considered "law" in the scientific community.

3: Lack of Evidence

One glaring question is formed from all this- haven"t their already been people in space and photographs taken of the Earth? To that, There"s a very simple response- no.

In the 1950s and 1960s, The United States and USSR were hopelessly entangled in a space race and repeatedly attempted to usurp one another- to the point in which they faked their own achievements. After the Space Race was completed, The motivation turned to greed. With the millions invested in NASA and the minimal amounts needed to fake "progress, " space programs are easy opportunities for greedy individuals to take the remaining funding for themselves, In a feat almost out of "The Producers. "

Photographic evidence of the Earth are far too unreliable of a source when it comes to this discussion. Photographs taken from cameras are unreliable due to barrel distortion (a defect where straight lines appear curved) and other modern quirks make them too suspicious for analysis. And satellite photos, As stated above, Are being processed by space agencies in order to keep them funded.

In conclusion, I reject the premise that the Earth is round and instead propose that it"s most certainly flat. So many historical scientists have consistently proven time and time again the Earth is flat, And the reasoning that my opponent provides certainly doesn"t outweigh the evidence listed here.

Thank you for your time.
Debate Round No. 2


I have more arguments that I can present in favor of the round Earth, But I don't think that that will be necessary and that my initial arguments will prove to be sufficient.

To be clear, The Burden of Proof lies on me primarily in this debate because of the wording of the title. However, It is conspicuous that my opponent's entry into Round 2 contains no reasoning for why the Earth must be flat rather than round, Nor does it contain a clear explanation of exactly what forces support the flat Earth theory-- only basic facts about the nature of the flat Earth model and equally unqualified claims that these things conveniently cannot be studied because no one will grant a study into something considered so basic. My opponent does not explain how the Sun and the moon stay in the sky, Or why the Sun apparently changes its revolution above the Earth as the year goes on, Or exactly what force is propelling the Earth upward because no one can explain how these things happen because these things do not happen.

In response to "3: Lack of Evidence, " the photographic evidence of the round Earth is not something to be relied on to prove that the Earth is round because; yes, It is relatively quite easy to doctor photos of a round Earth. This is why I rely on experiments that can be conducted here from the familiarity of the ground to prove that it is actually part of a sphere/spheroid. I believe that the five arguments I laid out in the previous round do more than soundly prove my stance without access to a rocket ship, And I look forward to my opponent's responses to them.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Tadlock 3 years ago
I can't figure out how to get the image from Round 2 to appear, But I think everyone gets the idea.
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