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The Electoral College

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Started: 1/15/2017 Category: Politics
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The electoral college should be abolished. It gives some people less of a voice.

Here's a diagram of how the electoral college works:

People within a district
vote for a representative,
who will vote for a candidate.

The representative that most
of the people voted for will vote
for a candidate.

Representatives within a state
vote for a candidate.

The candidate that most of the
representatives within the state
voted for will get all of the
votes from the representatives.

The candidate that gets the most
representative votes becomes the

Say that a generic state, Liquid, has 2K members of the X Party, and 3K members of the Y Party. Imagine that it looks like this:


The X Party got to draw the district boundaries during the last census. There will be 5 districts, and, since the X Party gerrymandered, the boundaries now look like this:


This creates 3 districts that are dominated by the X Party, and 2 districts that are dominated by the Y Party. Because of the way the district boundaries were drawn, the X Party has more districts that will likely vote for the X Party than the Y Party does, even though there are more Y Party members than X Party members. Since the winner-takes-all rule is in effect for this state, this state will likely give the X Party 5 electoral votes.



Electors are chosen by a popular vote in their prespective states, not by districts.
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OK, glad we could establish that- I win.
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