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The Empire did nothing wrong

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Started: 5/30/2021 Category: Movies
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Debating Period
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Based on the EU, The Empire in the Star Wars franchise did nothing wrong. The Emporer was a unifying figure that fixed a broken republic rampant with crime and war. Vader was coverted from religious a religious extremist to a vanguard of peace and security. The rebellion was a group of terrorists led by criminals, Religious zealots and corrupt politicians.


The empire was in no means in the right. The empire wiped out Alderaans population of 2 billion people due to a small percentage of them being rebels. They enslaved and mistreated large groups of non-humaniod aliens such as wookies. As well as the fact that it was an authoritarian military regime willing to crush anyone who disagreed with its ideals it's very difficult to paint the empire in a positive light with all of its atrocities.
Debate Round No. 1


Alderaan was the seat of galactic terrorism. Thats where the terrorists held political power. In the context of civilian casualties destroying alderaan wiped put. 000002% of the galactic population. When the Americans bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, An estimated 226000 people were killed or. 00009% of earths population. In terms of per capita deaths the empire is less detestable than the united states for deploying the respective super weapon and we rightfully still regard the US as one of the primary heroes of ww2.

Aliens and humans are not equal. Non humans are not deserving of human rights.

The Empire effectively eliminated all organized crime in the galaxy, Crushed any chance of a seperatist resurgence and made the necessary preparations for the Vong invasion by bolstering the imperial navy and creating the superweapons. The average law abiding citizen lived their day to day life without ever seeing a stormtrooper according to the Tarkin novel.

How exactly were they authoritarian? Its obvious from the movies that citizens freely amd openly carry firearms. We don't see any documented cases of rebel enthusiasts being rounded up. There's a plethora of people who easliy defected from the imperial acadamy without consequence.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by brodiescott76 1 month ago
IF not gor the US the Nazis and imperial japanese would not have been stopped. That's an indisputable fact.

Theres nothing wromg with being racist to aliens. They are subhuman.
Posted by Ihsieman 1 month ago
USA saved everyone of WW2, Even the Russians, Organized crime was far to powerful as it had blossomed under the weak republic, And so it was hard to be undone, Also the Empire did do certain things, In Episode IV Han solo's ship was shot down for smuggling for Jabba, So they did do somethings, Also Jabba provided billions of Jobs, And so taking him out quickly would sink the economy. Also why can't I be racist to alien's, They are not Human and are not deserving of Human right's. Also not all alien were discriminated against, Any alien race that proved their worth, Were freely accepted, Such as the group of aliens that served under Darth Vader, Then Mara Jade, (or it was Thrawn), And other's. Also aliens made up the majority of the resistance when the Empire took over.
Posted by Stonks_and_Ethics 1 month ago
You are literally being racist to star wars aliens brodiescott76 plus the empire did virtually nothing to organized crime and supported it as evident of jabba the hutt. You are apporving the bombings of japan and also the US aren't the heroes of ww2, Only some people think they are
Posted by Hezikiah 1 month ago
"100, 000 years ago. Humans lived in small tribes" The leading tribe cam from Cleveland
Posted by Akhenaten 2 months ago
100, 000 years ago. Humans lived in small tribes. Each tribe had a witch doctor and as civilization advanced the role of the witch doctor became divided into two separate occupations. The spiritual doctor and the herbal doctor. The spiritual doctor was called a religious priest and the herbal doctor became a medical doctor. Both of these professions are charlatan professions which rely on trickery and deception to earn a living. Both rely the creation of invisible gods and enemies which we can't see but need to be scared of. The medical doctors created invisible pathogens called 'viruses' which we need to pay tribute to in the form of social distancing and vaccinations. Vaccination is an ancient ritual of mixing animal blood with human blood. This is because primitive people believed that animals had super powers and that those super powers could be transferred over to humans by mixing of their blood.
Posted by Mimiux 2 months ago
I agree with this opinion, If you take the facts from another point of view you will realize that the rebels are the ones who make the worst disorder in the Empire, Because if they had not been against the rules surely not so many people would have died.
Posted by Drlebronski 2 months ago
@backwardseden chill out dude it's a fricking movie.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
Why share your interests and opinions in a negative and insulting fashion?
Just makes people not want to talk about them in a positive fashion with you.
Or not even want to interact with you at all.
Posted by brodiescott76 2 months ago
Backwards youre right that had nothing to do with the debate lol
Posted by backwardseden 2 months ago
Though this has nothing to do with the debate, The creator of this debate is probably far too stupid to know that Star Wars Episode IV is a remake, If not plagiarized in some scenes as well as characters of The Hidden Fortress by my choice for the greatest director of all time in which case the idiot creator of this debate knows absolutely nothing about, Akira Kurosawa. Have fun looking up the comparisons or better yet the obvious plagiarization.

Now the films for the first 3 films (not in chronological order) Hope, Empire, And Jedi are based on Gaia Mother Earth/ Mother Nature/ Mother Earth when it comes to a religion if anyone wants to call it that and not the bumbling "religion" that the host of this debate wants ever so desperately it to be. Btw, Who cares what the other film's "religions" were/ are?

Now in changing the subject. . . Gosh! He doesn't believe for a single quadrillionth of his tooth decay within his minced mutton moron mind that HIS GOD DAMNED RELIGION is not based on terrorism and a "religious extremist" god according to his f--king BOOK that he apparently hasn't read where his god murders babies, Children, And pregnant mothers, Promotes slavery, Hates women, Loves rape, Issues death warrants for those that blaspheme, Work on the sabbath, Curse at their parents, Commit adultery, Which are 4 of his 10 commandments, Those who are gay, Those who do not worship it?

This is exactly why those who are religious according to Pew Research Center, The very best poll company in the world, Are correct as those who are religious have a roughly 15% lesser education and those who are younger have an even lesser education.

The host of this debate will also never take that type of an idea to any scientific community from around the world of merit as it would not even be allowed in their front gates. Also, He will -never- take his ideals to 20 different churches within a 20 miles radius and get a consensus. 1 billion to 1 there will be no consensus. Wow.
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