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The Existence of God

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Started: 9/29/2015 Category: Religion
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I am taking the side of denying the existence of a God, or any other supernatural deity. This applies to any and all divine creators, were they either directly or indirectly responsible for the creation of the universe.

First round is accepting and a short piece of text like the one above is optional.

Also, I've got school. Don't be surprised if an answer takes some time.


well I disagree because I am a Christian and Christians believe in god and I do think god exist.
Debate Round No. 1


Let's get started. Spelling and grammar points go to Con due to Pro's inability to capitalize "Well", along with a few other grammatical errors.

I will be arguing with Russell's Teacup in mind. This means that the burden of proof falls upon you to prove God, not on me to disprove Him. I will, however, in attempt not to sound like a complete smartass, provide arguments against this God as if Russell's Teacup was not in place.

It was my mistake not to ask you about your views on evolution, as in do you deny it and is it relevant in this argument. Because of this, I will save any and all arguments on evolution until you have answered.

As you are a Christian, I will be arguing against the Christian God. This omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient deity who is so great has absolutely no part in our daily lives. You may say that "miracles happen every day", but please, provide me with a single "miracle" that can be proven only with God. If this God cared so much for us, why couldn't he magically start helping those in need? God apparently loves everyone, and according to Lutheranism, all are equal in His eyes. Then why are some people able to live a 1% lifestyle, while thousands upon thousands of children are starving to death in countries rotten with poverty? Creating an unlimited water supply and food course doesn't seem that hard, considering that he apparently created everything.

You'd think that where we are now, with people killing each other left and right over which religion is right, the real God would descend and make a stop to this brutal butchering. People have been killing each other for their beliefs for so long now, don't you think it's time for God to do something about this? Were I God, I wouldn't enjoy having my "perfect creations" killing each other for millennia one end.

But enough speculation. What if God is just a guy who left humanity to tend for itself? I've still got a few things. Mainly, there is absolutely no need for God in any part of history, ever. Cosmic evolution works without God, our laws and theories work just fine without God, our timeline of everything works perfectly without a God ever needed to fill up the holes. Just because we have not yet come up with answers to a few questions, such as where the Big Bang came from, our scientific theories are no obsolete.


well i mean some of my friends are Christians and they believe it was said in the bible (i know you dont know what it means or understand it) that god will return to earth and he is real y7ou just have to believe.
Debate Round No. 2


As you failed to bring up any decent arguments, I won't even bother spending 10 minutes on this debate again.


alexis77 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


TKWeckroth forfeited this round.


alexis77 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ZacGraphics 3 years ago
Hmm. Very dissapointing debate, and probably feel's bad on Con's side for trying to have a legitimate debate.

If I were in, I would defiently have some points to introduce.
Posted by canis 3 years ago
"God(s)" will probably exist forever. Not because there is one/some. But we make them. Have always. And probably always will.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con had better conduct, because Pro forfeited 2 rounds, but Con only forfeited 1 round. I understood both of them pretty well, so they tie for spelling and grammar. Con made the solid argument that if God is real views all people as equal, and is omnipotent, then he should help people, but since some people live in poverty, he clearly doesn't. Pro just said that some of their friends and them are Christians, which is a logical fallacy. No amount of belief makes something a fact. Just because there are some people who believe something, that doesn't make it true, or even plausible. There has to be actual evidence, not just belief. Neither of them used any sources, so they tie for reliable sources.