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The Flood (Halo) v.s. Necromorphs (Dead Space)

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Started: 4/27/2014 Category: Games
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This is an argument where my opponent will choose which side he/she would like to stand for. I decided to make this argument because I've always wondered which side would win in a war between them. Both the Flood and the Necromorphs are parasitic organisms with a goal to collect enough bio-mass to create their hive-minds, Graveminds in the Floods case, and Brethren Moons for the Necromorphs.

First round will be acceptance, and the continuing rounds will be the argument.


This sounds like a great debate and will most likely be pretty difficult. Both groups have their own unique advantages and skills and are pretty neck in neck. However I'm going to have to side with the Necromorphs. I await your first round arguments and wish you the best of luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Alright, thank you for being my opponent, and as well good luck to you.

I have also decided to have the three remaining rounds as categories:
Round 2 will argue about the infection forms, the process of infection, and how effective they are.
Round 3 will talk about the forms that the infected take and their combat efficiency.
and finally, Round 4 will be about the hiveminds (Gravemind/Brethren Moon) and it's capabilities.

The Infection Forms for the Flood are small, balloon-like creatures that use tendrils near the bottom of their bodies to infect their prey. They can grow from Flood growth pods that grow in Flood hives. The Infection Forms don't come in singles but in packs of at least 5 or more to overwhelm their prey. Their bodies, however, are weak and will violently 'pop' if shot or attacked. This can prove effective against shielded enemies for their pop can weaken their shields, and multiple pops can render their prey exposed. At the same time, these pops can also start a chain reaction, popping the other infection forms around them.

When exposed, the Infection Form penetrates the skin of a victim with their tendrils. Their objective, to make direct contact with the spinal cord to attack the nervous system and instantly kill the victim. After that is done, the flood begin to rewrite the neural pathways to the brain of the victim, forcing a match in resonating frequencies between the host and the infection forms' neural signals. When that is done, the Infection Form releases a Flood Super Cell, which causes instant mutation of the DNA in the victim. This mutation liquefies the organs of the host and redistributes them elsewhere, like the claws used in the left arm. Finally, the Infection Form burrows itself into the host's chest cavity. This process can happen in a matter of seconds. Should the host of an Infection form become useless or heavily damaged, the Infection Form will abandon the host to find another.

The infection form doesn't require there to be a corpse to begin the process of infection for it can kill a living organism in the process. Also, with the numbers it comes in, an infection is almost guaranteed.

I believe that is all for my opening argument, I will now pass it on to my opponent.


Alright. Let's get this thing started. First Id like to acknowledge that obviously the Floods infection process is and has been effective, they were able to wipeout almost the entire galaxy, however Iv always thought that their process is extremely straightforward, crude, simple, and lacks any form of variety. Basically it comes down to, bull rush the potential hosts with as many infection forms as possible and pray that some of the little guys in the very back are able to make it to the prey. Like I said, we've seen that it works, just not all that effective when you come right down to it. And the infection forms are extremely weak. You even acknowledge this. Just one infection form "popping" can cause several others near by to pop. But basically my main problem with the Flood infection process is the lack of variety and I believe this will be the key edge for the Necromorphs (Necros for short)

Now on to the Necro infection process. This process is extremely intricate and offers a wide range of infection methods. Essentially it all begins with the introduction of the Black Markers. The Black Markers are a mysterious contract who's exact origin and creation unknown, though it is probable that they come from the Brethren Moons. The Markers are sent throughout the galaxy where they will land on planets with intelligent life, or it is even theorized that the Markers actually induce evolution in order to create intelligent life. These markers can lay dormant for 10s of millions of years. 65 million in the case of Earths Black Marker. Through means of detection unknown, the Marker will wait until the apex species of the planet it is on reaches the desirable level of intelligence. Once reached, the Marker will begin to admit a highly-tuned electromagnetic frequency that can effect any life form but primarily the planets apex species. This frequency (from now on "the Signal") subconsciously draws the planets intelligent life to the Marker and, under the guise of creating a source of limitless energy, drives them to make copies of the Black Marker known as Red Markers. The Black Marker can also create Necros and powerfully influence the minds of intelligent life around it although it tends to only use such measures in an almost self-defensive way. Scientist on earth were able to remove a piece of the Black Marker, which in turn drove one of the men guarding it insane and killed his partner and used the blood to write symbols all over the walls before killing himself.

Once this staged is reached. The chosen species will become almost obsessed with creating more and more Red Markers. Not only that, but they will strive to ensure that the Markers reach all corners of their civilization. Even species that have achieved interplanetary colonization will ensure the spread of the Red Markers. Once built, the Red Marker will also begin to emit its own Signal. Unlike the Black Marker however, this Signals purpose is kill and transform all life in its area. The exact strength and distance the Signal can reach is unknown. Though entire planets have been destroyed with just one Marker and the effects have reached from a planets surface entire the reaches of space above it. It's even possible that the range of the Signal is limitless, as Markers (or more accurately the Brethren Moon controlling then) have been able to communicate across the spans of the universe. It is unknown why then the need for multiple Black Markers or why the need to drive intelligent life to recreate so many Red Markers, although it's possible the more there are the faster the Markers can initiate a Convergence event, which we will discuss later. Anyway. When the Red Marker Signal comes into contact with dead organic tissue it begins to reanimate and chance this tissue on a cellular level (whereas the flood most make direct contact with the spinal cord and nervous system with an infection form and may even be resisted, Sgt Major Johnson and his plasma related illness) Once reanimated the Signal morphs and changes the dead tissue into whatever form is needed for the given situation. Thus is born the Necromorph. These creatures then go about with the sole purpose of creating more dead tissue. Via killing everyone. The Signal also effects the minds of the living. For some, the Marker can directly communicate with, even manipulate into helping it or downloading the blue print in order to build more Red Markers. Most people however, are unable to decipher the Signal and rationalize it as merely "noise", images and meanings without coherence, which will eventually cause the individual to suffer headaches, migraine, nausea, insomnia, paranoia, hallucinations, dementia and insanity. This usually leads to suicidal or even homicidal tendencies which only serves to create more dead tissue to be infected. The level of the individuals intelligence is most likely the factor with how the effects are. Unlike the Flood who, as I said, must make direct contact with dead tissue in order for infection to begin the Necro infection can occur merely by being on the same planet as a Marker, of which there are thousands. There is no escape. Not only are you fighting tangible, actual organisms which can be killed by simple gun fire. You are also fighting your very mind.

Aside from the direct Signal of the Markers or being killed by the standard Necros there are several other methods of infection.

The infected tissue emits a pathogen that, although weak and unable to cause direct death (at least as far as we know) will cause paralysis or catatonia, which only makes easier for death to occur.

Special Necro forms can also directly spread the infection such as the Infector (duh) Creepers and the Swarm. These do not require the host to be dead as they can directly initiate reanimation on a living host, a process that takes mere seconds (that poor guy from the beginning of Dead Space 2) #1.

There is also a case where a group of soldiers manage to barricade themselves inside a building. Unable to get in and spread the infection with regular Necros, the Marker signal manipulates one of the soldiers into destroying the food supply they depended on. After weeks of hunger, starvation, as well as the motivational dementia the Marker Signal was so kind to burn their minds with, the soldiers finally cracked and began to eat the only thing available to them. The infected flesh of their dead comrades. Which slowly drove them insane and eventually transformed them into feeder Necros. #2

Well this will rap up my opening arguments. So far pretty fun. Took FOREVER to write this up. Sorry to everyone big on sources but since there is such an abundance of information, and there could be a source for every other sentence, I'm just going to leave a source for the Dead Space wiki page and if your interested you can skim through there and find all this information #3. Good luck to my opponent in his next round.

Debate Round No. 2


Alright, next on the list is the infected, and the forms they take.

The Flood doesn't have many variety of forms that the infected take. However, it isn't about the variety but instead it is about effectiveness.

After the infection process of a being that has sufficient bio-mass, the host practically takes only a single form, a Combat Form. These forms are all the same, each one having a left arm that is mutated into multiple tendrils/claws while the right arm remains intact. The infection form that stays inside the host's body retains all control over the host's nervous system, ensuring control over the host's arms and legs. Also, the Combat Forms retain their host's previous attributes, meaning that these forms automatically know how to wield and use weapons and vehicles such as Rocket Launchers and Energy Swords to Warthogs and Pelicans. Some Combat Forms, such as the Stealth-Class Elites, can use the equipment that their hosts had, such as Active Camouflage, to their advantage. The Combat Forms can be produced from practically any life-form that has sufficient bio-mass. Although the grand majority of Combat Forms in the Halo Series are Human, Sangheili (Elite), and/or Jiralhanae (Brute), the Flood can also infect the lesser forms such as Unggoy (Grunts) and Kig-yar (Jackals), however, these forms are quickly ruled out by the Flood and instead are used as extra bio-mass for bigger forms.

Combat Forms are part of the initial stages of the Flood, the Feral Stage. In this stage the Flood Combat Forms communicate using pheromones and only have a single purpose; To collect enough bodies to have sufficient bio-mass to create a Proto-Gravemind and initiate the second Flood stage, the Coordinated Stage. In this stage, the Combat Forms are either defensive units or bio-mass and calcium reserves. The Combat Forms also gather bio-mass to create another Flood form during this stage, the Flood Pure form.

The Flood Pure forms are a Flood type that are not formed by infecting a single organism. The Pure Forms are entirely out of recycled bones, muscle tissue, and other bio-mass collected from the flood, which are typically infected Unggoy and Kig-yar. These used calcium-based exoskeletons for protection and can transform into 3 different forms (Previously 5 to 6 forms but cuts in development were made). The Pure Forms transform depending on what the situation calls for. The most common and base form of the Pure Forms are the Stalkers. The Stalkers are weaker than it's two counterparts but have the ability to crawl on walls and attack with quick strikes as it uses the hit-and-run tactic. It's ranged form is called, of course, the Ranged Form, has the same abilities as the Stalkers, except these forms have the ability to fire these "needles" at their foes. The other form is the Tank form which is large and uses two heavy claws for hands.

There are also flood that are designed to be killed in order to release more flood Infection Forms. These are called Carrier Forms, which are either aged Combat Forms or Unggoy and Kig-yar organisms fused together by the flood. The Carriers are incubators for the Infection Forms, often simply detonating once the infection forms are matured or when an unsuspecting host nears them. Their detonation is similar in strength to that of a fragmentation grenade, meaning it could be potentially dangerous, not only because the blast could take out one's shielding, but it can also cause other nearby explosives to detonate.

This concludes the argument for my second round, showing that although there is no variety in forms that the Flood take, their abilities obtained after infection, in the long run, make up for everything else. My apologies for posting my argument late, however now I shall wish my opponent luck in his next round. I will leave the The Flood Halo Nation Wikia page here should you like to read up on the Flood.


The infected forms the Necros take.

There are over 50 known various forms that the Necros will take. Though it is most likely that they can take any form necessary for their current task or environment. The forms we have already seen come in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes, abilities and strengths. The majority of Necros are highly resistant to almost all forms of damage. They can survive shot after shot into their midsection, have their heads blown off, frozen for millions of years, survive in the vacuum of space, and regenerate parts of their body's. The only way to kill them is to systematically remove their limbs. Even with their limbs removed however, you still haven't fully killed them. Their biomass will simply be reformed into a new form or added to larger, more deadly form. It is unknown if the individual Necro forms have individual intelligence, or if they are all controlled by the Markers via some form of Hivemind. Although there have been examples of certain forms displaying intelligence, ie playing dead I order to lure prey closer, using vents to flank or travel around enemies, having the ability to use some tools and even firearms, and even one species, the Stalkers, that actually communicate, and use teamwork to plan, distract, divide, and conquer their prey. I won't go into full detail on all of them. Just a brief summary of a few of the more notable ones. I'll break them down into 4 categories. Offensive, Defensive, Infectors, and Bosses.

Offensive. Your offensive Necros consist of the more basic forms. Enemies like Slashers, Stalkers, Shambler, Dividers, Exploders, Feeders, Flyers, Leapers, Lurkers, Waster, and Twitcher. These forms have but one purpose in existence. To create more dead bodies to be infected. Although there are many differences between these, most consist of a humanoid form with multiples limbs transformed into razor sharp blades used for slicing and elongated mouths with shark like teeth. Some have the ability to shoot barb like bolts from tentacles. Others carry sacks filled with a combustion-able chemical which explodes with the force of several grenades. Some are able to use tools like axes or even firearms. The twitcher has melded its Stasis module into their bodies giving them impossible speed. They are all Extremely dangerous and hard to kill.

Defensive. A smaller group then the offensive forms. The defensive forms usually only exist, as their names suggest, to guard important areas or chock points. The usually only can form in places where the Corruption, a sort of Necro environment changer composed of dead tissue, grows. They include forms such as the Guardian, Cyst, Medusa, Wheeser, Tentacle, And Flytrap. Some explode when prey approaches. Others shoot projectiles. They are usually immobile.

Infectors. Iv already briefly covered some of these. But here's another quick rundown. Infectors purpose is to spread the infection to new hosts, either dead or living. They include the Swarm, Creeper and Infector. The swarm are tiny little parasite like bugs that attack in huge numbers, overwhelming their victims. Pregnants also carry a host of swarms in their bellies and release them upon death. And Infectors will leap into their victim, either dead or living, and drove an tube like appendage into the body transforming it into a slasher in mere seconds. Creepers work basically the same way as swarms.

Bosses. These are the cream d la cream of the Necros. Creatures that have collected enormous amounts of dead tissue. They forms very extremely. Some are slightly larger then a human. Others are the cues of buildings. They have incredible capabilities and are excruciatingly hard to kill. The Tripod, a withering mass of interconnected bodies capable of great speed and able to keep large distances. The leviathan, Slug and Spider. The Tormentor, Snow Beast and Urchin. The Brute. The largest "regular" Necro. Matched in size only by its incredible strength and insane resistance to damage. The Hivemind and Nexus. Necros the size of buildings. Created by the bodies of thousands of dead. They are believed to be the front line "command and control" centers for the Necros. And last but not least, you have what I call, the Super Necros. The Regenerator, Hunter and Ubermorph. These Necros bear close resemblance to the basic Slasher Necro. A humanoid body with 2 arms morphed into long blades. They are slightly larger however and far more aggressive. The thing about these guys, and something that gives the Necros a huge advantage over the Flood, is that they are practically Indestructible. With all other Necros the only way to kill them is to remove the limbs. However, with these Necros removing the limbs does nothing at all. They simply grow back in a matter of seconds. Once a Ubermorph picks up the hunt they will not stop no matter what you throw at them. The only way to kill them is to completely destroy their entire body in one blow. In dead space 1 Isaac used a ships engines afterburners to fry a Hunter into oblivion.

Well there my brief summery of the Necromorph forms. Please enjoy.

Here's a list of the different forms.
Debate Round No. 3


advanced001 forfeited this round.


ararmer1919 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by advanced001 7 years ago
I hope I did well on my first post.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
Necromorphs are much more powerful than the flood. Necromorphs are much more durable and can only be killed by removing the limbs. Unless the flood have swords or plasma cutters i doubt they have much of a chance
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