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Started: 9/6/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 weeks ago Status: Debating Period
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You see today I was at this Christian Youth thing right, We were all going to a beach to do stuff but while we were in the van driving there, This clearly gay kid claimed that he is a novelist. Being that he looked 9 (he is 12) I said "You lie". He said that he is and said that he is righting a manga. So I'm right he isn't a novelist, He draws anime titties on his free time but oh how wrong was I. I asked what it was about right and he replied with "Adult Yaoi"! I was in shock, A CHILD WAS DRAWING PORN! He answered so bloody casually to!


Anime is sh*t.
I win, Case closed.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anc2006 1 week ago
"Anime is sh*t. "

Xbox and ps4 is trash.

If you agree, We do.
if you disagree, Then this is what your words did to me.
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