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The Gender wage gap is false

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Started: 4/15/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The "Gender Wage Gap" is a falsehood. When you go through the data, you will notice that men take fewer sick days, typically don't take maternity leave with their wives, and request promotions more often.

Men, as they typically have stronger immune systems, can take fewer sick days. Women have weaker immune systems, and thus must take more sick days. Women are also typically more frail, and get hurt easier than men, and must sometimes take off for that.

Seeing as men cannot give birth, they usually do not take unpaid maternity leave, women, on the other hand, give birth and cannot work for some time prior to and following giving birth. (I count F-M transgenders as females, because they are females.)

Men, seeing as they are typically more natural leaders, request raises and promotions more often. Women typically stay content with their current position/pay.
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Posted by Duke1990 3 years ago
Although i agree with your premise one of your statements is gravely inaccurate; "man have a stronger immune system". This statement is misinformation, stereotypical and sexist. Scientific fact is that women have a stronger immune system and are more robust; and have longer longevity then men.

As for your point around maternity leave, you should have structured that more constructively. There is a massive debate in today's society when comparing maternity vs paternity leave. The small amount of paid time off for paternity leave is minimal when compared to maternity; this emphasises the stereotype that men do not do as much as the women around the child.

Finally yes gender wage gap is fundamentally bs, because there is no gap anymore. Feminists have taken things too far; pushing companies to be more than socially active in this "age war" to being irresponsible to their shareholders by passing ridiculous business rules to incorporate an equal number of genders from each side in senior positions. So no longer do you have be qualified, but you must apply when the quota is right :P because if you are male and are more qualified than then your female contenders , you wont get the job buddy. Obviously this is a negative impact to the company and its shareholders as the right person for the job is not there.

Ben, it would be worthwhile pointing out how companies have introduced things pointed out above; among wage equality, and the title already has its bracket, and also the negativity this falsely has caused.
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