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The Holocaust Happened

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Started: 3/14/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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My stance is that the Holocaust, Murder of 6 million Jews and others by the Nazis, Happened. Do not accept if you agree with me, Only accept if you are a Holocaust Denier.

Round 1: Clarification of Position
Round 2: Main Argument
Round 3: Discussion of Main Argument
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Round 5: Final Argument


How do you know the holocaust happened, Mr. BiggsBoonj?

It is the American imperialists' propaganda. They wish to dominate the world (and have almost succeeded) by appealing to people's emotions, Partly by being racist. They are the ones that have greatly exaggerated the Holocaust. The Germans never killed Jews in particular and never killed that many people. Now, Why would people do such a vile and immoral thing. Che Guevara once explained, "It is the very essence of imperialism to turn men into wild, Bloodthirsty animals determined to kill, Murder, And destroy the very last vestige of ["] liberty. " Che Guevara's explanation also explains why the American imperialists want to harm freedom of speech. We can see examples of this in our everyday life. In 2007, Students assaulted Mr. David Irving and prevented him from making a speech.

We must stop the imperialists from destroying our society.
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Posted by PointProven 3 years ago
@Dr. Franklin do nazis deny the holocaust? I kinda figured they would brag about it and see it as a favor to the world
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
This webstite isn't very popular, So your not going to get that many nazis
Posted by squeakly54n6 3 years ago
Well, I believe that the Holocaust and WW2 happened, I just think it's possible the projected death toll was inaccurate. I mean most of the documents and evidence of the camps were destroyed by the Nazi's and most of the information we've gotten concerning the death toll have been first-hand accounts which could be wrong. Then again I haven't done much research on the topic so I could be wrong.
Posted by TheGreatGameLord 3 years ago
Yeah, Good luck finding someone to argue with you.
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