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The Illuminati Is Real

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Started: 3/27/2016 Category: Entertainment
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I will prove the Iluminati is real, they are everywhere, and they exercise a sinister influence on our lives.

Everyone welcome SocialDemocrat!


A accept, fully aware that if pro fails to effectively prove his points, I win by default. He has to prove all three of those points to fulfill his burden of proof.

Due to the fact that he provided no definitions I can

Illuminati- A Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, organized like the Freemasons, and founded by Adam Weishaupt.

real- actually existing or a thing occurring in fact.

everywhere- in all places at once.

sinister- looking to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous.

influence- The capacity to have an effect on the character or development of some one or something.

Before we begin, I would like to point out I do agree with pro's assertion that the Illuminati is real, due to the evidence found. But not that they are everywhere and have an overall sinister influence.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent agrees the Illuminati is real, so I just need to prove that they are everywhere and exert a sinister influence on our lives.

Are they sinister? Yes. According to George Washington, they are "diabolical,"(3) and have already infiltrated the United States. That was in the 1700s! So they've had over 200 years to get established in our country. How can this be possible without you ever noticing it? That's because they are the Illuminati. The Illuminati is like their mascot, the Owl of the Greek Goddess Athena. They have big eyes to see without being seen themselves, and they do their work quietly behind the scenes, like an owl.

But even owls give themselves away at times with their loud screech, and the Illuminati have given themselves away by inundating our culture with Illuminati symbolism. The Illuminati is a type of Freemasonry, so you may be wondering how we can distinguish between purely masonic symbolism and Illuminati symbolism? That's easy. Freemasonry utilizes mainly Egyptian and Hebrew symbolism, along with their square and compass. However, the Illuminati prefers Greek symbolism on top of those two, and won't even stop at taking icons from other religions, like Hinduism. The founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, gave himself a Greek nickname (Spartacus), chose the icon of a Greek Goddess as the Illuminati's mascot (Owl of Athena), and gave a Greek codename to the Illuminati headquarters; Munich was called Athens.

Note the Illuminati mascot has big eyes. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt put the All-Seeing Eye on our dollar bill. He was a Freemason, but since the All-Seeing Eye is more an Illuminati thing, he was probably a Freemason of the Illuminati type. Also, it's on top of a pyramid, an allusion to Ancient Egypt, where the sun was worshiped as an All-Seeing Eye.

Look at eBay's logo.

Why is the Y capitalized? That's because you're supposed to read it backwards, like Hebrew. Yabe.

Yabe is Greek for Yahweh. Why is the text rainbow colored? That's because rainbow is IRIS in Greek, but a part of the EYE in English. Also, the Greek Goddess of the rainbow was called IRIS.

Why is eBay spelled eBay? Because the lowercase Greek b looks like our uppercase B.

The Goddesses IRIS and Nike are indistinguishable in Greek art.(2)

That's why the shoe company Nike is called Nike, because she's practically the same as IRIS, and IRIS refers to the EYE.

The swoosh looks like Nike's wings upside down, or the wings on Hermes' shoes.

The Nike slogan, "Just Do It," is based on "Let's Do It," the last words of Gary Gilmore to his firing squad. Why did Nike choose Gary Gilmore, of all people? Because Gilmore donated his EYES to science after he was executed, and a song was made about his EYES.

Nike Air refers to the alchemy symbol for air, which looks like the Illuminati pyramid.

Google also has a rainbow (IRIS) colored logo.

Google is named after Barney Google, with the goo-goo-googly EYES!

The G is from Freemasonry.

The M is based on a Freemason apron.

The Chrome logo is an EYE with a rainbow (Greek: IRIS) colored IRIS that looks like the Goddess IRIS (scroll back up and compare).

It also has the number 666 (The Illuminati are diabolical). The PUPIL is blue because the EYE of Horus is blue.

As if to erase any doubt that the Chrome logo is an EYE, the new version has an upside-down i engraved on it:

Why does Google+ have a logo that's offset?

It's so you can put them together and make the "Om" symbol of Hinduism, like this.

Even the color is the same as the holy book of Hinduism! The symbol on the left is the modern font as seen on Wikipedia.

There's another reason why Google+ has a plus sign after it. Look at this.

Who is Pluto? He's Hades, the god of Hell, a.k.a. the Devil. Speaking of the Devil, the first Apple computer was built by a Freemason and sold for $666.66.

Can there be any doubt that this Freemason was in the Illuminati!? Note the rainbow (IRIS) color of the Apple logo.

Why an apple? Because an archaic definition of apple is pupil, and everyone knows the phrase "apple of the EYE." The first Apple computer, Apple 1, was called Apple I. I sounds like EYE. That's why Apple products have an i in the front. EYE-Phone!

The second was called Apple ][, and ][ looks like I. Apple 3 was called Apple ///, which is 666 in cursive Hebrew, and also the Greek letter Xi sidways in cursive. Xi looks like [I], except rotated 90 degrees. It's an i in brackets. Why is a bite taken out of the apple?

Because Satan said, "Just do it." Or was that Nike? Anyway, the Latin word for apple and evil is the same: MALUM.

Siri is IRIS spelled backwards. Siri's logo even looks like an EYE.

In case I leave you with the impression that Apple is Microsoft's Illuminati competitor, check out Microsoft's old logo.

Do you see the EYE peeping through open window blinds? Creepy. Now you know why Windows is called Windows.

You see the pupil of the EYE of Horus peeping through a rainbow (IRIS) colored window. In Greek mythology, a Momus window is a window over your heart so the gods can peer into your soul and read your mind. Microsoft's search engine used to be called Live Search.

What is Live spelled backwards?
Today, it's called Bing, and the Bing icon is what you get when you cross an Illuminati pyramid with a lowercase B.

Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer, looks like the planet Saturn. Actually, the second one looks like a reptilian EYE if you tilt your head.

What does Saturn look like? An EYE!

Safari also looks like a reptilian EYE.

In fact, if you make the f and r switch places, you have Sarafi. Saraf is Hebrew for flying, fiery serpent, and the leftover i sounds like an EYE. By the way, Safari is an Apple product. Let's look at Mozilla.

The Mozilla Dino looks so cute, doesn't it? He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. NOT. Mozilla is Mosaic plus Godzilla. What does Mosaic mean? Having to do with Moses. That's the key! Hebrew has something to do with Moses. Zilla is Hebrew for shadow. Godzilla means Shadow God! But let's stay on topic. Mozilla made Firefox.

In the Old Testament, Samson set 300 foxes on fire and let them loose in someone's property to get revenge. This is just one fox, but it's wrapped around the entire globe! It also looks suspiciously like an Ouroboros, a symbolic serpent.

But the Mozilla Firefox only has 2 legs, and we're on the trail of the Illuminati here, so can we find a more convincing match? Recalling the Illuminati's fancy for Ancient Greece, we note the similarity between the Mozilla "fox" and the Ancient Greek Cetus:

They are virtually identical. Illuminati confirmed.

By the way, if you take off the fox and turn what's left upside-down, you get something that looks like a cross between a fox and a dufflepod.

Only a depraved mind could come up with this monstrosity. The Illuminati! Let's look at Yahoo!'s first logo:

Yahoo means Yahweh in Hebrew. What is the blue dot? It's the All-Seeing EYE. How do we know this? Because the yellow thing on top is Hebrew for All-Seeing EYE.

Yahoo! may as well have made their logo look like this:

The MySpace logo has 3 i's. And by i's I mean EYES.

Facebook sounds like face-buk.

A buk is an oriental drum with a face that looks like a rainbow (IRIS) colored EYE!

Why does the f in the Facebook logo dangle off the edge?

Maybe becase it's not an f. Maybe it's a flipped, early Aramiac letter yod, the initial of Yahweh, with the bottom hook hanging out of sight. This ties in with the eye of the buk face, the point being the EYE isn't just any EYE. It's the EYE of Yahweh. The All-Seeing EYE.

Why did Facebook choose Like with a thumbs-up? Because if you replace the English letters with their Greek equivalents, you get something that looks like Nike, a.k.a. IRIS, and the Hebrew letter yod means hand, on top of being the initial of Yahweh.

The founder of Facebook "mocked early Facebook users for trusting him with their personal information," calling them "Dumb fucks".(1) Yet, the Illuminati continue encouraging us to share our personal information with them. Diabolical.

Why did Linkedin choose the last letters, I N, for their icon?

Because if you name those two letters out loud (say it: "I, N") you actually pronounce Ayin, the Hebrew word for EYE.

Why is Amazon called Amazon? And what's up with the little golden bow or arrow looking thing? It's because the sun god's sister, Artemis, is a huntress and patron of the Amazons.

And to prove Amazon is an Illuminati operation, here is their old logo compared with the Illuminati pyramid.

YouTube sounds like U-TUB.

UTUB backwards is BUTU. A butu is an Indonesian tube dress.

They often have Illuminati symbolism.

Illuminati confirmed.

Oh no! Surely McDonald's isn't just another arm of the Illuminati?! Actually, it turns out that the Illuminati are addicted to drive-thru fast food. The Mc in McDonald's is short for Mac. Mac means son, and son sounds like sun, like the all-seeing sun god, and the M is colored like the rising sun. It also looks like a pair of EYES, and it's hoisted up so it can watch you buy a Big Mac. Mac is also an abbreviation for Mac Benac, a Freemason password that means Blessed Son, and the sign is called The Arch. The Royal Arch is a type of Freemasonry.

In this round, I've focused primarily on proving the Illuminati is everywhere. In the next, I will focus on providing more proof of their sinister influence on our lives.

I look forward to my opponent's rebuttal, assuming neither I nor my debate "disappear" in the meantime. ;)

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#2 -
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#4 - (page 25)
#5 -


SocialDemocrat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has been unable to confront the mountain of evidence I presented him proving the existence of the Illuminati.


SocialDemocrat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


FrodoDestroyIt forfeited this round.


SocialDemocrat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


FrodoDestroyIt forfeited this round.


SocialDemocrat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 13101917 2 years ago
You did not get all of them correctly.
Posted by FieryNyan 2 years ago
Dayum Frodo! Good job :P
Posted by FrodoDestroyIt 2 years ago
Step right up, sheeple. The shearing is about to begin. :)
Posted by SocialDemocrat 2 years ago
Assuming we are debating all three points, and we understand the burden of proof is on you, I am willing to accept.
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