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The Marvel Universe is more intricate than that of DC

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Started: 5/19/2018 Category: Movies
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I believe that the Marvel Universe is far more thought up and well executed than the Marvel universe, both in character story lines and the way the creators of comics and books are able to foreshadow future events, and intertwine story lines. I do however know that many would disagree. What do you think?


Judging from the topic and your stance, I assume you meant to say that you believe that the Marvel Universe is far more thought through and better executed than the DC universe, so I'll act upon your assumption. If you wish to claim modern Marvel is better at crafting movies than modern DC is, you will hear no argument from me. Marvel movies, while overly-formulaic and predictable, are still entertaining whereas the modern DC movies are just riddled with problems. But that's the catch, isn't it? The topic of the debate isn't "who can make the better movies?" The topic is "MCU is more intricate than DC." On the surface, it would seem like you're right on this point... after all, MCU has how many movies released? But, that's where MCU struggles. Sure, they release a bunch of movies, but it's hard to stay original when doing so. The Iron Man Trilogy was largely repetitive with minor details changing and a single over-arching plotline, but it was fairly simple. The rest of the first wave was equally good for establishing the characters and their personalities simply, but concisely. Props. But then you get to the second wave where the "intricacy" being weaved is an illusion caused by largely copying plotlines, patterns, and tropes from the first wave. The movies are still entertaining, so it's fine, but at the same time, it creates a false illusion of depth when really only minor details carry over between each movie. Fortunately, so far half of Phase 3 has broken away from the bad trend started in Phase 2, whereas the beginning of it seemed like history repeating itself with Doctor Strange being the new Iron Man.

But then let's look at the DCEU... Every single one of these movies EXCEPT for Wonder Woman failed miserably because the writers and directors were over-complicating the stories and making the plots too intricate for no reason. Let's take Batman vs. Superman as the prime example. It's a simple story: Bruce Wayne sees Superman's strength and views Supes as an inevitable threat to the planet, so he plans on eliminating the threat sooner rather than later. Not exactly heroic, but understandable, nonetheless. Meanwhile, Clark and Lois are having trouble coming to terms with what their relationship really means with Clark's secret identity being revealed to her and the struggles they will face from here on. Bruce eventually discovers Superman's identity and picks a fight. They duke it out and a victor is made. If Batman wins, Clark and Lois's troubles are answered with Clark's death. If Superman wins, Lois and Clark see their fears are more relevant than they initially believed and within the next movie must come to a solution.

But that wasn't how the movie took it. While they could have spent the movie doing a game of cat and mouse, keeping things simple but entertaining, they decided to make things overly complicated because they could. They saw they didn't have a clear villain with that premise, so they threw in Lex Luthor. They saw there was no obvious thing for Batman and Superman to beat up together, so they added Doomsday. They saw an opportunity to franchise and advertise, so they crammed as many big-name heroes as they could in for the fight against Doomsday making the movie a needless 4-act film. They made it to complex and too intricate because they thought they could and they thought that was what the viewers wanted. Because of that, they started down a dark road that is hard to correct from without doing major changes to the tone and feel they are going for and without risking losing out on the groundwork they laid out for themselves. I agree, it's bad writing... but that wasn't the debate.
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What I was thinking was that the near omnipotent beings that reoccur in Marvel comics such as infinity war and the infinity gauntlet, ie: Eternity, Infinity, the living tribunal, etc, are able to fit into the Marvel world and address larger issues that work on a much greater scale, while still occasionally taking other characters out of their normal story lines and involving them. I feel like when you see the way they move characters too and fro, from taking part in their own personal conflicts, to helping others work against a more dangerous enemy together shows that even in stories that aren't all about them, many characters are still acknowledged in the background.


Again, if this was "MCU is better written than DCEU", I'd agree 200%. But just because they can make use of their overarching plot to connect multiple characters, that doesn't mean they are more intricate. It just means they are intricate. If we were to compare franchise verses franchise, I could concede that MCU is maybe as intricate as DCU, if only barely... but when you consider MCU has released 19 movies so far in order to do that, whereas DCU has only had 5 movies... That shows a lot higher density of intricacy in DCEU movies... which is a BAD thing, not a good thing.
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Posted by yoyosweetjelly 3 years ago
i like marvel but dc is getting better like with wonder women and Aquaman coming out.
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