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The #MeToo movement

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Started: 7/11/2019 Category: Politics
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The "#MeToo" movement too often presumes "guilt" on the part of the male and therefore can and will damage the accused reputation, Career, And family without due process. Such unproven public "lynching"s" are grossly unfair to the accused.


An interesting facet of social animals is that they are really good at picking up on dishonest behavior. Whether it's a slacker at work or a pair of stickelback fish that are supposed to be fighting another pair of fish, We as social beings pick up on deceit quickly and become suspicious of things that don't make sense.

While the #metoo movement seems to harm reputations without due process, Be that a legal investigation or some other fair form of investigative inquiry, The social reality is that it's an overplayed hand. History is full of comparisons that defenders can evoke, From the Spanish Inquisition, To heresy trials to witch trials, There are plenty of references that can be made in the modern world to highlight the hysteria around it.

While the early accusations were damning, They also generally had multiple corroborating complaints. As the number, Volume and intensity increased, The movement has lost steam and become less shocking ("oh, Another one got '#metoo'ed'") and less credible (oh, Now Matt Damon has been #metoo'ed, Guess Clooney's next). Because we are social beings we pick up on deceit fairly well and the #metoo movement has become a symbol of SJW's obnoxious post-modernistic values in a vacuum mentality.

What has made it seem like it's unfair boils down to two things. First, The number of creeps that were accused and were guilty. They bowed their heads in shame and scurried away. These are the Weinstein and Nasser type of guys that totally did what they were accused of. Second, Insufficient fighting back. As Trump demonstrated, Simply denying it and being even more bombastic is all that's required to survive these accusations - and he totally did what he was accused of. Franken, On the other hand, Cowered and caved. So while you posit there's no due process, I counter that it appears that way because there were many guilty ones (so that's like a confession/plea bargain) and because some failed to fight back. The failure to fight back will give the appearance of no due process, But if it's a headline story, We know that multiple publications will want the next day's scoop. It sucks to be falsely accused of anything (well, In truth even if we are guilty it still kind of sucks to be accused. . . ), But it's not grossly unfair given that ample opportunities exist to fight back.
Debate Round No. 1


You provided a well thought out and well stated opening. Allow me to say that I have no time nor tolerance for bad behavior. Regardless of the degree, And certainly not any behavior that embodies being coerced or being forced to do something. In this case between the sexes.

I would also agree that when an acquisition is made against a male by a female, There has a high likelihood of it being true, Or at least true to some degree. The adage "where there is smoke there is fire" in its fullest. It is for this reason people often jump on the assumption of guilt. "The guy is guilty! "

There are many aspects to the broader subject of sexual abuse with 101 sub-subjects that could be argued. However, This debate is specifically about the MeToo Movement itself. I am referring to those persons that are participating in and representing themselves as active formal or informal members of the movement. These persons (activist) too frequently publicly speak of the accused male as if he is in fact guilty. This is grossly unfair. The movement would always be far better off promoting due process and never suggesting ever that the man is guilty. The movement should limit their public statements to nothing more than supporting the process. Further, I would suggest they take a position of support for both the supposed victim and the accused. Yes both" After all, Are they not looking for the truth and a just outcome?
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by missmedic 1 week ago
I would blame the media for sensationalizing the news at someone's expense.
Posted by Turk082 1 week ago
I agree with you 100%, All SJWs know how to do is complain.
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