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The Minimum Wage

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Started: 6/20/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Self explanatory. I will be arguing for a minimum wage. R1 for acceptance.


I accept and I wish my opponent a good debate. :)
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting deathbeforedishonour.

A1. Unrestrained Capitalism

Now, let's examine what the minimum wage does for a developed society. Take this hypothetical situation-

John wants to work.

Jack offers him a job at his coal plant.

John accepts.

Jack pays him 20 cents an hour for the job.

John searches for a new job. He find that Jack has the highest pay rate in town.

He is forced to continue working at poverty levels.


This is not a rare occurence in unrestrained capitalism. In 1900, the US average wage was 22 cents per hour. (Source 1)

Let's examine what that earns you in a 16 hour day.

3.52 a day, less than the current minimum wage.

3.52 is near-poverty.

Adjusting for inflation to 2011 is about 90 dollars a day.

Despite this, here are my costs (not even including bills!) to live my existence-

200 dollars a week for groceries.

120 dollars a week for gas.

That only leaves 310 dollars a week to pay my bills (which is several hundred short.) Obviously, even with cutbacks, a middle-class life cannot be led without a minimum wage.

A2. Labor by Unfit Humans

If the average US middle class family can be ripped off at such a level, won't it make more sense to put everyone to work? Including women and worse yet, children. Children are not built to do heavy jobs. Despite this, if the family is in need, everything must me mobilized! Obviously, these money making measures do nothing to benefit human condition.

__I await your response.

Sources Cited__



I would like to thank my opponent for replying.


My opponent says that a avaerage working class family would not be able to survive on the wages they make, because they would be to low and that children would be forced to work. This is not true. If the wages were lowered then all the stores would put out lower prices. This is because if people got lower wages then they would not be able to buy anything from the stores puting the stores out of bussiness, so in order to save there bussiness they would lower prices and the people inspite of getting lower wages would still be surviving.

My contentions:

C1: The national minimum wage raises the cost to employ workers. In order to make more of a profit the employers would cut working hours and jobs. This would raise unemployment and it does. Just look on the news, the unemployment levels are the highest they have been in 26 years[1]. Abolishing the national minimum wage would create more jobs, and would help bolster the U.S. economy.

C2: Another good reason is that young workers would draw the short end of it and they do. A recent study says that the number of young unemployed workers (ages 16-24) has rose 27 percent[2]. Employers are highering old more experienced people in a effort to get more money. Abolishing the minimum wage would give the younger workers a chance.

I can't wait to see my opponent's reply. :)

Vote Con!



Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for the response deathbeforedishonour.


R1. We must also take into account the effects of more money in less hands

Here's an example:

The X of Y averages 1 Z a year as the average per capita income.

The population of the X of Y is 10.

If one man took 5 Zs into hand, then obviously this comes at a loss to the rest of the X of Y.

This, of course, leads to lower standards of living for the majority.

R2. My Opponent really doesn't answer my argument

My opponent hasn't actually stated why child labor is bad.

I would attempt to answer his statements. Unfortunately, my opponent's sources are not working, and thus his arguments can't truly be answered.

Vote Pro!


R1: Ok my opponents rebuttal is really confusing. I would like to suggest to him in future debates that he use more clear examples. I think I got it. My opponents says that it would be at the disadvantage of the majority. This is not true. If prices and wages are lowered then that means money has just gotten more value. For example, in the 60's one quarter coulf buy a giant bag of candy now it can only get a tiny gumball. If this is not a adiquate answer then perhaps my opponent should use actual phrased rebuttals rather then whatever he has up there.

R2: My Rebuttals section answered this. If the cost of food and goods is lowered along with wages, then chilld labor will not be needed.

My opponent should get his computer looked at then, because the sources are working perfectly for me.

Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3


R1. Irrelevant

What does inflation have to do with my argument?

R2. Not Child Labor

I am not referring to labor by teenagers but by 13 or under category.

When attempting to access his sources, I get a 404 error.

Vote Pro


Deathbeforedishonour forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by joseffritzel 7 years ago
The townhall source cannot be found for me, but the other source works just fine.
Posted by Deathbeforedishonour 7 years ago
his computer probably messed up.
Posted by GMDebater 7 years ago
pro is a liar. i do not get that 404 error on any of con's sources.
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