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The NBA Should Allow Players to be Drafted from High School

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Started: 7/10/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 4 days ago Status: Debating Period
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I will arguing that with the increased revenue of the NBA and its investments into the G League, That the NBA should reopen the draft to high school players. My opponent can use their first round to confirm and begin their argument. Good luck.


Hey. My arguments for the NBA not to reopen the draft to high school players are:
1) High schoolers generally do not have the work ethic and mental stability to suddenly get put into a high-pressure environment such as the NBA
2) Having the draft stay as it is will allow high schoolers to really think about whether or not they want to join the NBA. If the draft were to extend to high schoolers, There would be more room for impulsive decisions that will only cause chaos if the draft were to extend to high schoolers.

Your argument that talks about increased revenue to the NBA, Is just misled. There would (realistically) be no difference in the amount of people picked up. There would just be a bigger pool of people to pick. This doesn't effect the NBA enough to actually make a difference. Teams will pick the same number of people they would pick if high schoolers were not in the draft. There is no direct causation.

Thank you and good luck to you too.
Debate Round No. 1


The reason I mentioned money is that it is incredibly important to the growth of Professional Basketball. With increased revenue and more money being placed into minor league programs, Such as the G League, Teams can now better develop their young high school talent who may not yet be ready for the NBA. Within the last decade, The NBA went from a revenue generation of 3. 81B Dollars during the 2009/10 season to 8. 01B Dollars during the 2017/18 Season. Also with 28 G League Affiliates, And more slated in the 2020's, The NBA is better preparing for a future in minor league basketball than it was when high school players were previously considered for the draft. Combined with the fact that players are only spending one year in college, The move to lowering the draft age makes the most sense for the future of not just the NBA but American Professional Basketball as a whole.

https://www. Statista. Com/statistics/193467/total-league-revenue-of-the-nba-since-2005

https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/NBA_G_League
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Posted by Brendo 1 week ago
I would accept but I don"t really know much about it. If no one accepts then I"ll do it. I only really have one good argument though.
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