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The NY State Exam is completely unnecessary

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Started: 4/2/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As an NYC student this test put a ridiculous amount of pressure and stress towards student (but there are the ones who honestly do not care about grades at all)


I thank Pro for starting this debate, though I hope in the following round they will provide more information regarding what exactly they are talking about. I will provide a couple definitions to help the debate along since Pro did not provide any:

completely: totally;utterly

unnecessary: not needed

i.e. the resolution is saying "The NY State Exam is totally not needed." I will be arguing that the NY State Exam (which I hope Pro will explain exactly what that is in R2) is not *completely* unnecessary.

Best of luck in the coming rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes I mean its unnecessary and i think that (yes i put two spaces) it puts ridiculous amount of pressure, stress, and worry on my fellow classmates and other students. I'm calling it right now your counterclaim is going to be (to apply to high school they look at state test grades) but they also look at ACTUAL test grades and overall averages of 6th and 7th grade. R3 lets go.


My opponent has still not specified what exactly the "NY State Exam" is, though I'm assuming from their Round 2 post it refers to a state exam administered to middle school students to apply to certain high schools? This is no different than any other standardized test from what I can see, so I fail to understand why it is *completely* unnecessary. From my perspective, it seems entirely logical for the state to want to assess student comprehension with a standardized state-wide administered exam.

"...[The NY State Exam] puts ridiculous amount(sic) of pressure, stress, and worry on my fellow classmates and other students."

I highly doubt a test is that detrimental to your well-being. I think you're blowing this a bit out of proportion. You're going to be expected to take many more standardized tests and exams in high school and college, along with final exams and entrance exams.

"...[To apply to high school,] they also look at ACTUAL test grades and overall averages of 6th and 7th grade."

Yes, I'm sure they do. However, I'm sure at the middle school level, teachers design their own tests individually, while adhering loosely to the state curriculum standards given to them at the beginning of the year. However, the state has no way of knowing if one teacher has a more lenient grading policy or an easier test than another, so a standardized test for all students levels the playing field and ensures a more accurate check for comprehension since they all get the same questions to answer.

In order for Con to make a real argument, they need to demonstrate why this exam is utterly and totally unnecessary, and they have failed to do so. Back to Con.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by sboss18 3 years ago
My apologies, my last sentence in R2 should read "Back to Pro*."
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