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The Nio Ep9 should go to Le Mans for the next couple of years

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Started: 2/13/2020 Category: Cars
Updated: 3 days ago Status: Challenge Period
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1. Nio ep9 is The fastest electric car in the entire world. You could argue with the Tesla roadster, But that would enter GTE Pro at most, And Nio ep9 is possible to be raced in Lmp1 class. It has Ferrari and Bugatti levels of speed, While being electric.

2. At 2020 or later Lmp1 class will be filled with hypercars instead of just edgy-looking prototypes(however I will still refer to this class as Lmp1). Toyota has one, And there is the SCG 007 made in the Usa this year. Nio ep9 classifies as a Hypercar, And it can qualify for the Lmp1 class as a hypercar.

And here is a quote "The EP9 uses technology from the NextEV's Formula E car and is conforming to the same safety standards of an LMP1 racecar. "

Advantages: The most of its advantage is that it is electric. Solar power could be used on this car to charge on its own, Make that there is NO need for refueling unless the entire car is broke, Which means it is not ready yet.

And no, Electric cars aren't cheating. The Nissan Zeod Rc is electric and competed in the le mans in the last few years.

To win, Prove why a modified Nio Ep9 could not compete in the Lmp1 class in Le mans the nest few years.
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Posted by anc2006 2 days ago
Quote "Ultimately it would be nice to take the all-time lap record, Which is a 6:11 [set by Stefan Bellof in a Porsche 956 racer back in 1983], But that would require full race technology. "

So it IS possible to beat Porsche's LMP1 car. Note the Nio is stock and road-legal. It is currently the holder of the fastest road-legal electric vehicle. The VW one after was not road-legal, And it was designed specifically for one event of race.
Posted by anc2006 3 days ago
https://www. Topgear. Com/car-news/electric/nio-ep9-1341bhp-electric-supercar

The sources.
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