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The Parkland school shooting was probably a false flag based on all the evidence.

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Started: 3/16/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I haven't put together a good structure if cited information but I will say after following the narrative and observing the media reactions from all angles I can tell after reviewing the shooting timeline that their is something we are not being told. Almost all of the public was informed about the incomoentence of the FBI not reacting appropriately and in context to all the evidence being censored by media any sane person would come to believe that this is a false flag. I will wait to give more examples on my standpoint for when this debate is accepted by another user. Please be respectful and think rationally if your opinion is not supported by facts this is not the place to advertise them. Also we could have a side argument for gun control depending on how this debate is handled as it pertains strongly to the main argument.
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Oh well I guess you shouldn't have accepted this debate but I will proceed. I have a video from info wars website because it's the only place I can find it right now because of the censorship war that's upon us. *Side not seriously go check it out on Google try to type in any conspiracy topics anything relating to government cover ups and it will be filled with media propaganda webistes and forums essentially filtering out real and factual events and evidence someone way up doesn't want viral. This video is very detailed and I can confirm these videos to be real seeing that they were posted online the same day early in the day so we know they are genuine. At least two other interviews have students who claim multiple shooters and talk about the drills which staff were trained through the secret service a few weeks prior to the shooting. Just watch this and see for yourself it's twice as bad as I've described.
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Posted by Truth-Over-Emotion 3 years ago
Honestly, you sound like a tinfoil hat man, and this conspiracy theory is just as disgusting as the "Bush did 9/11" conspiracy theory.
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