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The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

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Started: 6/11/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 weeks ago Status: Debating Period
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There's a quote that goes: "The pen in mightier than the sword", Meaning that communication (written or spoken language) is a more effective tool than direct military prowess.

I, However, Believe that vice versa.

Note that I only need to prove the the sword is a more effective and reliable way to produce a desired result compared to the power of the pen.

Also note that I do not need to prove that choosing the way of the sword only is a moral choice.

First Round shall be acceptance, And the last round cannot contain any new arguments.


False! The pen is, In fact, Mightier than the sword, And I shall proveth it!

Prepare to be besmirched, Bruh101!
Debate Round No. 1


First off, Thanks to my opponent for accepting to debate with me.
Second, I'm sorry for the wrong debate title. It is in fact supposed to be: "The Sword is mightier than the Pen". However, My opponent seems to have, Luckily for me, Not read the title and only read my first round, So yay for everyone!

Now, Onto my opening arguments.

I will be arguing that physical force/might is better and more reliable at producing a desired result or outcome. Again, Not that I do not need to argue that using the sword is always moral or preferable.

I would like to start off by acknowledging the power of words. They can indeed be powerful, Crippling, Inspiring, And devastating. They are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to communicating and getting a point across. It is how documents like the Declaration of Independence was signed, How laws were made, And how wars were ended via peace treaties.

It is not, However, How things are established and upheld.

Words alone were not responsible for the Declaration of Independence, or for the laws and treaties we have today. It is not how they are implemented and upheld. Instead it is might: the power for physical dominance that compels people to EFFECTIVELY carry out the ideas and instructions that are written by the pen. Laws and rights that are written in global documents are only significant because they can be defended by force if need-be. If there is the belief or reality they could not be defended by force, Then they would be nothing more than words that people do or do not have to care about.

In short, The pen would be nothing without the sword. The sword, However, Could survive without the pen. Here is an example:

I could theoretically create a country by claiming a piece of land and telling the world this is my country. Perhaps I could even write it down with my pen, And slam down a few laws. But simply writing that down would do nothing insofar as having any real world impact with my words. On the other hand, If I wrote that I had my own country and I had the capacity to defend that notion with my sword (or nuclear bomb in this day and age) then it would have very real impact. If I could use physical force to carry out my idea, That strength would make me powerful whereas simply writing down words would not. Take Kim Jong Un as a very great example. Nobody is afraid of his words, But when we know he has nukes capable of reaching us and our homes, We take him a great deal more seriously.

Now, I can also give an example in which using the sword would be more effective than using the pen.

Let's say that my task was to manage some workers that are tasked with producing 10 000 pencils. I could try to convince them that they would be doing the right thing in helping me make the pencil. I could do some speech, And put up dozens of posters. But at the end of the day, I would bet that not many people will come and help me make my 10 000 pencils. However, If I had the ability to easily opress and supress some workers, They would get the job done regardless if I did some speech or not. In the end, It saves not only time, But also energy.

I shall end off at about here, And I hope you would refute every one of my points, Unless you have a reason not to.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bruh101 2 weeks ago
I don't have the resources to blow him up
Posted by missmedic 2 weeks ago
The irony of pro's argument is that he is going to prove his point with his pen. . .
Posted by bruh101 2 weeks ago
@everyone sorry for the debate topic being wrong, It's supposed to be "The sword is mightier than the pen"
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