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The Pharoah of the Exodus

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Started: 8/12/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This Pharoah, According to the book of Exodus, Was very aggressive. After he finally let the Israelites go, They felt very confident that everything was going to be ok since they were free of the Egyptians. . . They were leaving with a 'high hand'.

He let them get a head start, Then pursued intending to wipe them out. In the book of Exodus it is recorded that God said; "I will be honoured upon Pharoah and all his hosts. . . " (Ex. 14:4) 'And he (Pharoah) made ready his chariot, And took his hosts with him. ' (Ex. 14:6) '. . . And he pursued after the children of Israel. ' (Ex. 14:8) 'And when Pharoah drew nigh, The children of Israel lifted up their eyes, And behold, The Egyptians marched after them. ' (Ex 14:10) It is recorded that God told the Israelites- ". . . For the Egyptians whom you have seen today, You will see them again no more forever. " (Ex. 14:13) ". . . I will get me honour upon Pharoah, All his hosts, His chariots and horsemen. " (Ex. 14:17)

The Pharoah who took personal responsibility for leading this charge against the Israelites, Drowned in the Red Sea along with his entire accompaniment. There were no survivors that lived to go tell any other people to give the greatest respect to the God of the Israelites. The silence of the Egyptian military carried much more weight than a survivor's testimony.

In order for us to know which Egyptian Pharoah was involved with the Exodus, Since the Egyptians themselves did not record this event, We can trace the evidence we have, Back to the time of that event. The extant Egyptian writings concerning the Pharoah in question, His mummy (or lack of) and physical evidence found along the shore of the Red Sea where the crossing occurred.
Archeology has shown us, With a more accurate dating, The destruction of Jericho. With this dating in the 1470s BC. We are able to back track 40 years to account for the 40 year wandering in the desert by the Israelites. This puts us extremely close to the Pharoah Amenhotep I.
According to britannica. Com this Pharoah reigned from 1527-1507 B. C. He had only one child that died in infancy, A son. A magician named Amenemhet, Who in a tomb autobiography, States that he worked for Pharoah Amenhotep I for 21 years. In Amenhotep's tomb there are two inscriptions referring to him; 'Bull who conquers the lands' and another; 'He who inspires terror'.

Now then, If the book of Exodus is correct, There should be a very key Pharoah missing from history. There should be a body missing. Let's have a look.

The Archeologists are generous with the doubts surrounding the supposed mummy of Amenhotep I. They are aware of the looting of this tomb and are aware of the change of body encasement. They are aware of the mask that is not made of gold but of cartonnage. They have not removed the mask because they are afraid it will damage the body, So they say.

I think that the book of Exodus is correct. That Amenhotep I was the Pharoah who pursued the Israelites to the Red Sea, And perished with his army. The Egyptians, Out of total embarrassment, Would not record such a national display of incompetence. Then one wonders who the person was behind the mask. We may never know. What we do know is who it is not.
There has been a private excavation along the walls by the Red Sea where the Israelites crossed. In this endeavor, Pieces of brass have been found that appear to be from that time period that suggest that calvary or chariot teams had been at that location.

I can understand why academia is hesitant to admit that this was a 'replacement' body complete with mortuary complex and tomb. The reverbrations would continue till the end of the world if they were to admit that the book of Exodus is correct.


This entire argument can be summed up with what Phenenas said: "The Book of Exodus is a work of fiction. No serious historian believes that the Jews were enslaved in Egypt anymore. " Therefore, None of what you said matters and not only that, You did this examination all for nothing. Sucks to be you, Huh?

If you actually believe that this does matter, Then you may try to convince me. In fact, PROVE to me that the Book of Exodus isn't a work of fiction.

Good luck in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


There is indeed evidence that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt if one had the initiative to look for it-
Ancient Egypt: Slavery, It's causes and practices
Www. Reshafim. Org

A very interesting read. Also, The Exodus Is Not Fiction is from ReformJudaism. Org

In the article of the last link the author tells how an automobile that had been missing since the Yom Kipper war of Oct. 1973. . . . . Was found in 2013 under 16 meters of sand. That is 52 feet. So just how far would one have to dig out in the Sinai desert to find much smaller articles from 3500 years earlier is anyone's guess.

Still, There is enough evidence in existence today to show that the Exodus did occur.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mosc 3 years ago

My douche bag Xtian opponent compares to the dude who repeats himself over and over and over ad nauseum/ad infinitum.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
book of fiction? LOL Torah teaches spirituality not history. Bozo.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Like par'o? Ewwwwww that compares to the 3 little pigs "liking" the big bad wolf.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
If you don't like the Pharaoh, You should be Con.
Posted by Phenenas 3 years ago
The Book of Exodus is a work of fiction. No serious historian believes that the Jews were enslaved in Egypt anymore.
Posted by clingard86 3 years ago
Not really...whatever implications there would be would not prove any metaphysical or similar claims contained in the story.
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