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The Piano Guys are better than the Cello Guys

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Started: 6/24/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Whole Lot of Love vs Beethoven 5th Symphony

They Don't Care About Us-Micheal Jackson

Kung Fu Piano-Cello Ascends

Let It Go (disney "Frozen") Vivaldi's Winter

Swedish House Mafia-Don't You Worry Child

Listen to the videos if you don't know who either is.

Round 1-Accepting the challenge
Round 2-Debating
Round 3-Rebutal

You're allow to post video's of other songs that they have made to aide with your debate.


Accepted. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


The Piano Guys are better than the Cello Guys (2Cellos). A cello and a cello is a good combination but there's only so much you can do with a cello. The 2Cellos both play cellos and while they're both good at it, they both sound the same. The Piano Guys have a combination of the piano and a cello. This allows for The Piano Guys to be able to get the best of both instruments together. With the vast note range of the piano and the ability to play more than one note and the deep powerful rich sound of the cello, those put together equal an amazing song. 2Cellos may be great but they would never be able to replicate what The Piano Guys can do.

Watch this video.
This video shows a whole lot of things that you can do with the piano. You can bow with the piano plus create percussion with the piano and pluck the strings which is what the cello can do but there's also more. You can play the piano like a normal piano, you can get up to a quartet on just one piano (its not shown in this video but I've seen four people play the piano at piano competitions) which I've never seen four people play a cello, all of them bowing and playing it how it's supposed to be played. The Piano Guys have access to the piano which the 2Cellos do not which limits how they can play a song.

Now listen to this.
It's the theme from Kung Fu Panda which any stringed instrument can play. But the piano creates a different sound from cello which makes the song more interesting.


Balacafa forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I stick with my points since there's nothing to refute.


Apologies for my forfeiture. I will post my arguments in this round which will refute my opponent's arguments whilst simultaneously advancing my burden in this debate.

Burdens [BOP ON PRO]

The burden of proof is on Pro since he is making a positive assertion that 'The Piano Guys are better than the Cello Guys'. If he is unable to prove this then voters ought to vote Con. My burden in this debate is to either prove that they are of neutral objective value (which I will attempt to do) or I could alternatively prove that the Cello guys are better than the piano guys (which is an approach that I could have taken but I won't. My burden is smaller since the resolution makes no attempt to establish anything for the opposition to prove. It merely makes a positive assertion that is the duty of the affirmative case to justify. No assertion are made that are negative and the resolution is not normative or phrased as a question which negates there being a possibility of the BOP being shared or solely on myself.


The whole concept of the term: "better" is subjective. This creates major problems with my opponent's burden and the difficulty in its fulfillment. Since my opponent clearly fails to define the term better I'll do it for him.

Better: "more desirable [or] satisfactory." [1]

The assertion (which my opponent needs to affirm to win the debate) that: 'The Piano Guys are better than the Cello Guys' is bare assertion and subjective. The resolution isn't about whether or not my opponent subjectively views the piano guys as better than the cello guys. This debate is about whether they "are" better than the Cello guys which requires objective evidence in support of them being innately superior in regards to facts.

Application of the Case [REBUTTALS]

Now we can apply my arguments presented to my opponent's case. He begins by stating that a cello and a cello are a good combination.

My opponent begins by assertion that a cello and a cello is a good combination. Which is SUBJECTIVE.
My opponent continues by stating that they both sound the same. SUBJECTIVE (and in fact objectively false since there are different sized cello and cellos can be tuned differently to make different sounds) [2].
My opponent now states that the deep powerful rich sound of the cello (SUBJECTIVE) along side the piano put together an amazing song (SUBJECTIVE).

Note that my opponent makes absolutely no attempt to justify any of these subjective assertions that he makes. Let's read on ...

Next, my opponent correctly states that there are a whole lot of things that you can do with a piano. But let's apply this to the definition of 'better'. As you can clearly see. My opponent fails to show why a "whole lot of things" shows that something is more desirable or satisfactory.

He also correctly states that not as many people can play the cello as the piano. This is not explained correctly to fit or even be applicable in any way, shape or form to the definition of better. Furthermore, even subjectively, Pro fails to show how this qualifies as a valid point to fulfill better on any scale (subjective or objective).

In the final paragraph my opponent links the Kung Fu Panda theme tune which is random and unnecessary. Especially since my opponent blatantly asserts that the piano makes the song "more interesting". Which is:

A - 'Interesting is different to 'better' and is irrelevant to the debate.[1][3]
B - This is assertion and lacks evidence to link it to the resolution.
C - This is subjective and lacks ANY objective evidence in support of the claim.


Whilst I concede the conduct point to my opponent for forfeiting and breaking the structure as a result of that forfeiture, I must make it very clear that there is absolutely no way that you can vote Pro in this debate. Even without my rebuttals, my opponent's burden hasn't been fulfilled correctly.


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ubermensch-Tsoa 2 years ago
How can this even be debated... purely subjective.
Posted by NothingSpecial99 2 years ago
I love the Piano Guys
Posted by enderwiggin 2 years ago
I'd debate you but I agree. I actually got to play with the Piano guys at one of their concerts.
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