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The Pokemon franchise is better than the Super Mario franchise

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Started: 1/17/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In this debate, I will be arguing that the Pokemon franchise is better than the Super Mario franchise.

By franchise, I mean everything, not just the mainstream games- sidegames, official merchandise, characters, story, graphics,cartoons/anime/tv shows, etc.

No forfeits, and you must have at least general knowledge of at least the Super Mario franchise, and know what both franchises are.

First round is for acceptance. Good luck.


I think you're not so smart as, not only is Super Mario an amazing platforme game, but you can play as many different characters in the games like Luigi, Toad and Yoshi even. And, it's not all about platforming, you can play racing and other stuff too, so shut your piehole!
Debate Round No. 1


Super Mario is a moderate to average platformer. Sure, there are the good titles, like Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, and the Super Mario Galaxy games, but the rest of the platformer-type games have the same structure- Peach gets kidnapped, Mario goes to save her, the princess is in another castle, Mario steps on a button to defeat Bowser, and the Princess is saved.
You rarely play as Toad or Yoshi, just in a few games, like Mario Party, or Mario Kart. Luigi is fun to play as, especially in the Luigi's mansion games.
The racing games are just normal racing games with a Mario theme. At this point, Mario Kart is basically Nintendo Kart.
Pok"mon is clearly superior to Super Mario. It may not be in all assets, but it is overall.
Each of the Pok"mon games has its own unique plot. The mainstream games may follow the same structure, but each one is engaging and follow a greater storyline, if you pay attention, you can find the chronological order of the games. All the sidegames have their own intriguing plots, even Pok"mon Duel, which is a free mobile game.
Mario"s plot also follows the same structure, but in all the mainstream games it"s just the same few villains, kidnapping the same princess. The other games have interesting plots, especially the older Paper Mario games, Super Mario Galaxy, and the Luigi"s Mansion games.
Pok"mon is a RPG game, where you play as the main character of the game to roleplay as throughout the story. In the mainstream games, you travel through a region, attempt to collect 8 gym badges or Z-Crystals, depending on the region, and challenge and defeat the Pok"mon league, becoming the champion. The sidegames have their own game structures (I"ll expand on this if you challenge this point) The franchise also includes puzzle/strategy games, such as Pok"mon Shuffle and Pok"mon Trozei.
Mario"s mainstream games are platformers, and a few 3D RPG-like games. The platformer games themselves are just platformers with powerups and enemies. The 3D games are 3D platformers with slightly more story (Excluding Super Mario 3D Land, which was the transition from 2D to 3D) There are also RPG games, such as the Paper Mario games.
There are also the Mario sports games, which are essentially rip-offs of games like Wii Sports and Kinect Sports.
Pok"mon"s TV consists of the Pok"mon anime. It may not be the best, but at least it"s better than the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, which is a show that consisted of terrible plot and bad acting. Plus, the anime series recently got a lot better with the release of the Sun and Moon anime, which is quite good.
Merchandise for both is good, but you can"t beat Pok"mon"s quality. Sure, it might be expensive, but the quality is AMAZING. The plushies are incredibly soft but tough, the caps and shirts are comfortable and feel like they could last a billion years. Figurines are incredibly detailed.
Mario has demented Mushroom and Dinosaur plush. And hats. Okay, they are pretty nice, but still. I like my Pok"mon pajamas better than my Mario ones.
Pok"mon has a successful, well-structured trading card game. Mario has Mario Chess, Mario Checkers, and Gamer Monopoly.
I"m done for now, challenge my arguments and I"ll add more.
Also- What are your favorite Mario characters and Pok"mon?
I don't think that supports special characters, so I apologize for the typos. I typed it on Word and pasted it here.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by kitty_cat_LOL 3 years ago
i love pokemon, and Litten is my fav pokemon. i even have two pokedex posters of pokemon. on roblox i play pokemon games. so you guys could say i am crazy for pokemon. so yea i do like pokemon stuff more then mario stuff
Posted by toastyspaghetti 3 years ago
As a pokemon fanatic, I disagree.
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