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The President Should Be Able To Be Removed By Popular Opinion

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Started: 2/24/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am against the idea of impeaching the President via a vote due to the simple facts that the impeachment vote could be easily gerrymandered for political gain, even more than so now, that the people cannot be trusted with this much power, and that the voters will be largely influenced by partisan bias. First, according to Politics and Policy, voting districts are redrawn every ten years, but by the majority party, allowing them to use this power for political gain. This is called gerrymandering. The New York Times claims that North Carolina recently was ordered to redraw their voting districts because of abuse of this power. However, that was illegal racial gerrymandering, unfortunately, partisan gerrymandering is still legal. his proves politicians have both the ability and the drive to gerrymander. Imagine what gerrymandering could do with this much power! Second, Americans are so stupid that they cannot be trusted with this power. Radical ideologies like Flat Earth, anti-vaccine, anti-evolution, and anti-climate change are all based primarily in the U.S., and online, I met someone who said Judaism wasn't a religion and evolution was! The Pew Research Center recorded that only U31; of American adults believe in evolution via natural selection, and Gallup proves that only 23% of American adults could locate the U.S. on an unmarked map of North America. When the U.S. was colored in, respondents answered with locations ranging from "Iraq" to "The Shire." Imagine how bad they scored on European and Asian maps! Only U37; of Americans can locate Ukraine on a map, showing incompetence when it comes to important and potentially dangerous situations such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine. All in all, Americans are incredibly incompetent and cannot be trusted with this much power. Finally, political bias is so rampant that an impeachment election would be easily decided and unnecessary. Nearly all supporters of popular impeachment put the line for impeachment at U32; for the removal of the President, much too high for a biased society like ours. According to the Pew Research Center, only 33% of registered voters are not affiliated with a political party. This means Democrats (38%) would need to sway nearly every Independent (nearly impossible as my next piece of evidence will show), and Republicans (25%) would not have a chance! But wait, there's more! Vox reports that politically extreme channels like MSNBC and FOX sway voters. Without FOX, Vox claims that John McCain would have lost 6% of the popular vote in 2008, and Trump would have lost without the assistance of FOX. All of this shows that our population is riddled with political bias and an impeachment vote would just waste more of taxpayers dollars. To summarize, an impeachment vote is completely unnecessary, biased, bureaucratic, gerrymanderable, and gives too much power to the people.


Alright first off lets get one thing straight forget the president most people thought he was going to do the right things the things he said he would do but guess what he"s a lying piece of shid didnt he say he was gonna build a wall? Yea wonder when thats gonna happen its been a year already 1/4 of his presidency term is already over and half of his prpmises he made are still in the gutter im still searching for when they are going to come true this isnt a scooby doo mystery this is America the people have the right the people have freedom the people deserve to be heard its not the fault of the people that they were gullible enough to believe in Trumps crap but now that they see hes a lying wise guy they should have the right to get him impeached for his shid the people to deserve to have the right to have the proper official in office not one whos gonna "TRY" and make a press conference regarding the school shooting in Florida. NO! You are the president its ur job to address the nation immediately not try calling off a golf game for it no step up and be a leader its the peoples right and choice to chose the president during election and they made an honest mistake he may have helped the nation in many ways but overrall he only appeals to the minimum amount of people not the majority of people because the majority of people in the US dont vote because they cant and people dont see that. Either way if u were taught properly in school ud know the people dont even have a voice because the votes that matter are only those of the selected people chosen to research the canidated and pick the best fit for office and those people can be bribed and we wouldnt know. The real citizens of the US deserve to have a voice and if they feel the president isnt fit to be in office then we should be able to have him removed by popular vote because we want a true leader who isnt gonna make more problems with other nations or start bullshid in our own land we want a true leader who is going to take charge and action the right way
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, I"m gonna stop you right there. This is not just an argument about Trump. This is an argument about all presidents past and future. Say if when Obama passed the gay marriage laws he got over half of the population to oppose him. Then they could impeach him for supporting civil rights. Same with ending segregation in the 60"s. When you focus on one isolated incident an impeachment vote seems preferable, but you have to look at the full story. Refuting one of your arguments, we can also reform voting to allow all people to vote. Also, I support less power to the President, but an impeachment vote is NOT the way to do it. This takes too much power away from the President. This turns the office of President into a puppet for the majority. If the majority wants to strip rights away from the minority, the President will be forced to do that. And THAT is why we cannot allow the impeachment vote. It strips the rights away from the minority, and nobody wants that. Did there reasons, we cannot allow the impeachment vote.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DebaterTheWise 3 years ago
Me: *facts*
Yoboyynick: trump is bad and this isn't about future presidents this just affects now
Posted by OllieKay 3 years ago
Oh my god, this is amazing. I love the effort and heart put into the first round by DebaterTheWise, then you have a paragraph long run on sentence by Yoboynick. It's as if the '92 dream team faced off against 3rd-grade basketball. I love it!
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
There's a reason why there's the electoral college--prevention of the tyranny of the mob
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
The majority voted mate , yall got to deal with it. n please dont reelect him., ya muppets
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