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The Problem With Faith: Religion Is Destroying Humanity: The assumption of truth.

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Started: 5/13/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Taken from
The assumption of truth.

Most of our world"s major religions each assume that it is their faith alone that is the "absolute truth" and refuse to concede that those traditions may be mistaken. Instead, they discover ways to force conflicting information to adapt to their own doctrine; no matter how effective the evidence is at actually disproving the rationality of that particular religion.

Many religious adherents have no problem understanding the irrationality of others beliefs, but are unable to apply the same logic when observing their own doctrine. Instead, every effort is made to justify why it is their " and only their " religion that is void of any fault. If they were to observe their own faith with the same set of scrutinizing eyes that they see through when evaluating other"s faiths, they would understand what many of us have already concluded " all of our religious texts were written by people, not gods. They are the stories and traditions that we created in order to explain our world in the past.

For instance, the majority of Christians would agree that the idea of Mohammad riding a flying horse into the heavens is an impossible fairy-tale; while simultaneously, they are unable to see how their own story of a talking snake or a man living inside a fish for three days is also impossible. We know that horses can"t fly. They are not airborne animals, they are land animals. We know that snakes can"t speak " they lack the vocal cords to produce the sounds necessary for speech. We also know that the digestive mechanisms of the fish would make it impossible for a man to actually live (let alone breathe) inside of a fish for three days. These stories, some of them with deep and purposeful meanings, cannot be understood, let alone correctly interpreted for beneficial use, when they are assumed to be truth, rather than for the allegories that they are.

The problem with this is that by insisting that (an obviously fabricated story) is absolute truth, the opportunity of arriving at the actual truth is greatly diminished. It creates a world where stories are placed above reality and reality is never within reach. It creates a mental mindset in people that is driven by misinformation and then passed on to future generations where misguided concepts are perpetuated.

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I get where you are coming from but religion isn't destroying humanity, humanity is destroying religion. We do tend to believe that our religion is the one true religion,but when put to the test religious people from Christianity will make a stand in what they believe. In a 2016 test a group of Christians, a group of Muslims, a group of Hindus,and a group of atheists were told where they would go if they were killed on the spot. They answered normally. The people administering the test the bad a student dress as a gun man and threaten the group. 10% of the Muslims calmly accepted their fate. 0% of the atheists accepted their fate. 1% of the Hindus accepted their fate. The best part is that 100% of the Christians prayed together and asked if God would let them live or die, they didn't ask the gun man. We are killing religion not vice verse.
Debate Round No. 1


Oh absolutely religion is destroying humanity. Name something good that's a come of religion. But first wait for it, wait for it wait for it... you must first prove that this god of yours exists, in which nobody has ever done, and then you must prove that hes good in which he's most certainly based on hate and evil as this god truly hates children for jeez sakes, and then you must prove that there's even a consensus in which there's no consensus whatsoever between each different version of the who knows how many translations of the bible's that there are which is one major *ping* reason why this so-called god of yours would ---never--- use text, the worst form of communication possible.
"but when put to the test religious people from Christianity will make a stand in what they believe." Well duh. And that's precisely why your christ is the most fought after figure in the history of the human race. And this so-called god of yours well "more people have died in the name of god than for any other reason" George Carlin and he's absolutely 100% correct. And with that statement of yours, well its true of all religions. Thankfully atheists can trumpet out of religion. We---know---a---lot---better.
Now what do you mean "where they would go if killed on the spot?" Who conducted this test and where can I look at it?. How many took this test? Who exactly took this test? How devoted to their beliefs were these people? And of course I 100% know that you are flat out lying so try again because no worldwide scientific community got together and performed this test with any accuracy and you know it because there's no possible way that you can get together a bunch of schmucks who are all in all exactly equally devoted with their beliefs. So right off the bat, the test is an ultimate failure.
Don't bother posting another argument. I truly hate liars. Bye.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by american_citzen 3 years ago
First of all the man who is stated all religion is bad and has quoted these scriptures needs to state what version of the bible it is from. Second, he is interpreting it in man's way and not of God and doesn't understand what the scriptures are saying. Finally just because I am younger than someone doesn't make them more educated. In fact, I am younger than a lot of people yet smarter than most of them. You hear people saying have respect for your elders which is important. However, elders need to have respect for us. We are the ones paying their social security and supporting them in their old age. The talk that religion is bad shows that he knows nothing about religion or current dates. America owes everything to religion. It was important enough to put in the First Amendment to the constitution and just because some religions have people participating in bad things does not make all religions bad. Have fun digesting that. I understand that you probably will disagree with me and be stubborn. But I Know for a fact the bible along with Book of Mormon is the word of God so long as it is translated correctly. Since God never changes and states to love one another he does not support rape or murder. We do not rape, we do not murder, we do not sin and getaways with it. We may commit sins here and get away. But we will be judged in the last days and be punished if we do not repent. Religion causes no harm to the world. People misinterpreting religion do.
Posted by JoelNuge 3 years ago
Ye, seriously Backwardseden, just read the damn book, and we will watch your videos
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 3 years ago
And @backwardseden, for the millionth time, we have proven that God exists. Read "A Case for Christ," by Lee Strobel, otherwise just stop saying that. you can't say we havent proven God if we literally have right in this book, and the only reason you say we havent is because you haven't read the book.
Posted by JoelNuge 3 years ago
That was honestly an inspiring debate, well-done dude, you smashed it!
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago

I debated him before as well. How do you think I did?

I kind of lost my temper by the fifth round though...oh well
Posted by JoelNuge 3 years ago
Ye, I know, I have debated him before (and won)!
Posted by DavidHudson 3 years ago
Bear in mind that if you accept this debate, backwardseden will just ridicule you and accuse you of being illiterate for responding to his arguments - and by 'his' arguments, I mean the ones he copies and pastes. He will get angry at you for making any arguments to which he can't respond with a copied answer from some website or YouTube video, will respond by copying arguments from websites and YouTube videos even if they aren't relevant to anything that has been said in the debate, and will eventually refuse to answer, taking advantage of the buggy nature of DDO to avoid his inevitable defeat by preventing the debate from ever being voted on.
Posted by JoelNuge 3 years ago
The reason we don't believe that Mohammad rode into heaven on a pegasus is completely different to the reason you don't believe it. We don't believe it because the Bible warned against the false prophet and Mohammad is he, whereas you don't believe it based on science. This means that it is entirely possible that we can discard the story of Mohammad and still believe in the story of 'The Fall'.

Just thought I'd clear that up for you. Also, I still recommend you pick up 'The Case for Christ', detailing the substantial evidence for Jesus resurrection. :
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