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The Problem With Faith: Religion Is Destroying Humanity: The illusion of love.

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Started: 5/13/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Taken from
The illusion of love.

Is it? There may be some parts that describe love and encourage positive relationships amongst members of the human race; but, what about all the other parts? Are we to ignore some things and only identify with the good?

Here is the problem: Many of our most revered religious texts have hundreds of verses where the deity of the story literally instructs people to abduct and rape young girls whose family members they have just murdered, kill disobedient children, kill disobedient women, commit genocide and infanticide, subdue and silence women, commit incest, oppress mass communities, force marriage on rape victims, torture people, enslave people and loot and pillage entire societies. All by the instruction of or in the name of their god.

Here is the bigger problem: It"s one thing that these words are written, but it is a terrifying thought that many people in this world actually excuse this behavior simply because a god they worship did it or authorized it. They rationalize that this behavior is acceptable if an all knowing being approves it or that their god was punishing "sinful" people who did not agree with the same teachings they follow. This enables atrocious people to justify inhumane actions if they commit those actions in the name of their god. Many even go as far as to change the meaning of the (quite plainly written words) to mean something else than what is written outright in order to justify the action, rather than facing the reality of what their text is actually communicating.

If a human being were to commit these same types of offenses as listed above, we would label them sadistically insane and sentence them to death; yet, many dismiss the corrupt nature of these horrifically unethical crimes when it applies to a deity.

In their defense, many people are raised with their religious background and taught that it is completely about love. At the same time, the religious leaders that instruct them do not even attempt to discuss the negative characteristics of their text. Often, when they do, it is glossed over and never given full thought as to the magnitude of what is being described. If we really thought about it, we would be able to draw the same conclusions for the wrongdoings of our man-made deities as we do for those human beings who choose to commit similar hideous acts.

Instead, the most horrific parts of our text are ignored " or sugar-coated " and then wrapped in an illusion and fed to the people in a mental package labeled "god is love". It is not love; and it skews our interpretation of love when we agree that sadistic and violent acts against people are justified because a god instructed those actions.

A scenario to consider: Suppose you were to have a serious conversation with a parent who told you that, since their child did not obey, love and trust them " they were going to take the child to the basement and burn him until he learned his lesson. Would you turn that parent in to child protective services for potential child abuse? If you heard or read that some parent had tortured their child for not behaving, what would you think of that parent. How would you feel for the child who endured that punishment? Of course you would turn the parent in; of course you would feel awful to hear about such a tragic story! You would want to protect the child because you know that no loving human being would ever do that to their child, no matter how awful they"ve behaved.

Yet, children across the world are forced to endure hideous mental intrusions on a consistent basis in one of our world"s largest belief structures. If they do not believe in their religious deity, he will take them down to hell and torture them forever and ever. They will live in a place of fear and anguish for eternity.

If you would not threaten this to your own child as a punishment you personally would inflict upon them, why tell them someone else will? Is it acceptable because it is not you who will do it?

Another scenario to consider: If your friend told you that she was raped and that her rapist paid her Father for the injustice and is now forcing her to marry the person who raped her, what would you tell your friend? Would you encourage her to follow through with the marriage or would you encourage her leave both the rapist and her Father behind and move on with her life? Would you help her find a safe place to go in order to flee the situation? Or, would you encourage her to follow through with the dreadful plans? Of course you would discourage your friend from following through with such a horrible situation for her life. You would likely even encourage her to file charges against the perpetrator.

Yet, this is the exact instructions found in one of our world"s most popular holy text. One of many scriptures only recently coming to the forefront of religious debates as countless people are becoming more aware of the unethical ideas written in many of our ancient books. (See Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT 28 "Suppose a man has intercourse with a young woman who is a virgin but is not engaged to be married. If they are discovered, 29 he must pay her father fifty pieces of silver.[a] Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he may never divorce her as long as he lives.")

If you have to explain or justify why a horrible atrocity was committed by the deity you worship; what does love really mean to you? Love is"

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I challenge my opponent to show the specific scriptures that call on believers to commit genocide and rape! Just making unfounded claims without any proof is not how debates work. Apparently, my opponent thinks that we don't need to back our claims with evidence. I claim that militant athiests are prone to commit mass murder. I guess I don't have to back that claim up with evidence. Furthermore, my opponent seems to think that the religions in question are to blame for the terrible actions that we as people commit on each other, not the individuals who carry out the crimes.

My opponent seems to think that the words in the bible, or koran are somehow so hypnotic, that just the act of reading it can be so influential that it can cause believers to want to rape, torture and commit genocide in the name of the lord. Bull$hit!!! One thing that is actually destroying humanity is the idea that we can blame the authors of the books that the criminals read, not the criminals though. My opponents argument is rooted in a mistrust of freedom of speech, yet somehow leaves no room for placing blame where it's actually due! I wonder if my opponent has ever read a catcher in the rye. If so, if we use my opponents rational, we should consider my opponent to be a danger to society!

How many people have you seen, rape, murder, or commit genocide in the name of Buddha? When was the last time someone shot up a mall in the name of Vishnu? My opponents argument is rooted in a deep seated hatred of all things religious, but is certainly not teeming with rational, or a commitment to freedom of expression!!! As an athiest, it's embarrassing to be associated with the knee jerk "rational" of militant athiests who have no depth! I counter my opponents claim with one of my own. Obtuse rationality is destroying humanity, not religion!!
Debate Round No. 1


"I challenge my opponent to show the specific scriptures that call on believers to commit genocide and rape!"Well yah didn't read the article properly did yah sport? The article starts out with stating "Many of our most revered religious texts have hundreds of verses where the deity of the story..." So working on that truth in that you obviously precious little about YOUR bible and clearly haven't read it, we shall go from there, K snookums who thinks he is so smort, sorry smart, but really isn't? Now I cannot state the verses at the character amount of 10,000 will run out. So you are going to have to look them up sparky - well that is if you feel like verifying the verses and please be---my---guest.

Rape Numbers 31: 7-18, Deuteronomy 20: 10-14, Deuteronomy 22: 28-29 AS SHOWN in the article, Deuteronomy 22: 23-24, 2 Samuel 12: 11-14, Deuteronomy 21: 10-14, Zechariah 14: 1-2

Genocide Exodus 32: 27-28, Numbers 16: 46-49, Numbers 25: 1-11, Joshua 8: 1-25, Judges 1:4 Judges 8: 7-10, Judges 12: 3-6, Judges 15:14-15, Judges 16:27-30, 1 Samuel 4, 1 Samuel 6:19, 1 Kings 20: 28-29, 2 Kings 19: 35-37, 2 Chronicles 13 17-18 500,000!!!, 2 Chronicles 28:6, 2 Chronicles 14: 9-14 1,000,000!!! etc etc etc Yeah god is really so moral huh? Nope.

Your idiotic challenge has been met because you know nothing about your so-called supreme deity. Btw, the rape verses were taken from who knows one helluva lot more about this subject than you ---ever--- will, and so do I.

"Just making unfounded claims without any proof is not how debates work." OK smarty this debate is now at an end. It is so crystal clear that you put your head in a noose before you even knew what in the flying pregnant fetus screw you were squawking about and you cannot stand to be on the losing end. Well too bad. You got cooked as you learn how to fry and bake water in your battery powered easy bake oven. Idiots like you that cannot back up what they say AT ALL because they are the typical christian fodder that CAN'T READ as he easily holds his barf bag over his head to sneeze his cabbage batbrain out into an oozing goo. Yeah yah got slaughtered. Too bad that you don't like it. Deal with it. Your next argument, in which you don't have one will most certainly be ignored.


Mmmm mmm, that retort was scrumptious. I just ate it all up like pringles. However, one thing that seems to have left a sour taste in my mouth was the lack of substance. My opponents argument is based on a few scriptures he got off a militant athiest site. I guess my opponent is expecting us to believe that just because some shady things are written in scripture, that must mean ALL religions are destroying humanity. There was no retort whatsoever that concerned the fact that Buddhists do not rape or murder or commit genocide in the name of Buddha. Still waiting to see if any Hindus start strapping themselves with dynamite.

Why is it that what's written in the bible is supposedly destroying humanity, but what's written in the anarchist cookbook is somehow morally excusable? The anarchist cookbook was written by an athiest who wrote that is our civic duty to violently overthrow the American government. The perpetrators of the Columbine shooting had a copy of the anarchist cookbook. Timothy McVeigh admitted to studying the anarchist cookbook to learn how to build a bomb powerful enough to destroy an entire building. The writer has disavowed everything he wrote in the book, and is horrified by the amount of terror that was perpetrated by people who owned the anarchist cookbook. I would consider a book that encourages people to kill innocent civilians for the sake of "revolution" to be just as dangerous, if not, more so than anything written in scripture because the stuff written in the bible could be a manner of interpretation, whereas the anarchist cookbook is straightforwardly calling for spilling blood for the sake of causing terror. Again, I assert that if humanity is being destroyed, it's being done by terrible actions done by terribly misguided people.

I think my opponent was going for "shock value" in the last argument by trying to offend me. Ouchee!! It reminds me of a bully I used to go to grade school with named Peter Pike. Petie would fly off the handle if someone disagreed with him, even if his views were terribly misguided. Ya, I would say backwardseden is a bully, just like Pete. Peter Pike turned out to be a pedophile. Ya, I guess he liked to touch kids, but your not like that, are you backwardseden?
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
It's FU(Ked
Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
backwardseden, I'm gonna guess you live near high voltage power lines, or you took the brown acid at Woodstock because your brain
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@American_citizen what translation? That really makes your position look really weak. Because there's translations after translations after translations after translations after translations upon copies of copies of copies of copies upon dead language is about dead languages therefore no translation of your Bible can be interpreted properly. By the way my computer has crashed so I'm using my phone right now otherwise I'd be able to give you a full and Point Blank blunt post to you that would be a lot more detailed and absolutely destroy you. Be that as it may I'm going to do that right now even though I already did it. You obviously didn't read the verses that were posted by myself which show your Gods homicidal Tendencies and absolute love for it as well as his love for rape. And you cannot even prove that your God even exists. Elders do not need to show you respect if you are less educated and intelligent in which case you clearly are. Your God certainly doesn't show children respect in any way shape or form in fact he hates children and there are a good 30 verses or more in your Bible that clearly shows this. And it might help if you would read your Bible. Nah that's asking too much. But as stated there's no proper translation of the Bible because you can trace it back to the original. By the way your God does change because he became a much much much was hateful and there are no genocides committed from the Old Testament to the new there are also some verses that clearly show this and it might help if you would look them up nah that's asking too much. This conversation is now over.
Posted by american_citzen 3 years ago
First of all the man who is stated all religion is bad and has quoted these scriptures needs to state what version of the bible it is from. Second, he is interpreting it in man's way and not of God and doesn't understand what the scriptures are saying. Finally just because I am younger than someone doesn't make them more educated. In fact, I am younger than a lot of people yet smarter than most of them. You hear people saying have respect for your elders which is important. However, elders need to have respect for us. We are the ones paying their social security and supporting them in their old age. The talk that religion is bad shows that he knows nothing about religion or current dates. America owes everything to religion. It was important enough to put in the First Amendment to the constitution and just because some religions have people participating in bad things does not make all religions bad. Have fun digesting that. I understand that you probably will disagree with me and be stubborn. But I Know for a fact the bible along with Book of Mormon is the word of God so long as it is translated correctly. Since God never changes and states to love one another he does not support rape or murder. We do not rape, we do not murder, we do not sin and getaways with it. We may commit sins here and get away. But we will be judged in the last days and be punished if we do not repent. Religion causes no harm to the world. People misinterpreting religion do.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@Jeter1011 - Try harder. I don't take it too kindly not only because of your age, which means your edumacation is extremely limited, which is not my fault, but yours, but you pretended to have information that was clearly made up and false in which I do not take to kindly to. And if you have problems with it then you take it up with those that printed the article and you show them the very same false information that you showed me and in no possible can you back up with solid evidence AND YOU KNOW IT so they will spill swill down your neck and rightly so like I did. Duh. Bye.
Posted by Jeter1011 3 years ago
I would like to say that I had this debate with this man as well. I provided factual evidence and all he did was insult me due to my age. I would like to point out my debate I had with him in an effort to show you that this man will attack you based on your age. He believes that due to my age I "know nothing". Through out the entire time I maintained a respectful attitude while I was being insulted.

The Problem With Faith: Religion Is Destroying Humanity: Justification for inequality
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