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The Process is More Important Than the Result

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Started: 3/13/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Result and process are two fundamentals when one is pursuing a goal. However, People tend to weigh these two differently. While the result gives us guidance and inspiration, The process makes sure we go through the journey and learn along the way so that we can have more experience. I believe one should be more process-oriented than caring so much about the result.

Whether the result is good or not, Experiencing or actually enjoying the process is always valuable. For example, This February I went to a "business hack-a-thon" and I was very excited the night before because that is what I always really wanted to do, And I felt confident that I should and I could win this. However, During the hack-a-thon, As I reviewed what other teams had as their projects and their ideas, I gradually noticed that my team was not the best one. I was struck because I wanted to win so badly at the time, I continued to work hard with my team only for the purpose of achieving a victorious result, Without much regard for the process. It was finally our pitching time and the judging round. My team didn"t do very well and obviously, The result ended up with us losing. I was floored because in the very beginning I thought we could win and I was so excited about this, But later, I realized that as the hackathon was progressing, I started to gradually ignore the fact that I decided to enter the hackathon because I wanted to learn more and see how other people were doing and just simply to spend more time with my friends. Later, I reflected on myself and learned that I should just enjoy the hackathon and not to be so single-minded about winning, Because it was also a great experience of learning overall when I think back.

Nowadays in society, People are drastically more result-oriented a lot of times because they are ambitious and really want to achieve some goals. How they care about the result can inspire and really encourage them by making them see the great future when they succeed. However, The problem appears "when we become obsessed with the results we want and forget about the process that will get us there", The thing that initially motivated us to take action, Said by SJ. Scott from Success Habits. The process is what first gets one inspired to start doing something valuable. While during the process, They will be attracted by the result more because of their increasing ambition as they do more.

This is important because everyone can relate, And people always face this kind of problem between focusing more on the process or the result every day. Being process-oriented is better because when you focus on the process, The result will be automatically as fantastic as one expected initially and plus the experience is important as well. Thanks.


The process does not exist without the result. If there is no result, Then the process had never happened, As if something is done then there is a result. Any process results in a result. While the process is important, It could not happen without the result. So, Any importance or benefit that comes with a process is also dude to the result as the process couldn't happen without the result, Which means the result is automatically more important than the process.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my topic.

I agree with you that the process does not exist without the result, I get what you mean here that how the process would be not valuable if the result has no means. However, As you"ve stated, "If there is no result, Then the process had never happened. " Here I didn"t quite understand what your logic means, It"s somewhat confusing. You might mean the other way around? The result wouldn"t exist if the process has never happened. Here it also states that the process is somewhat more important than the result because the result exists based upon the process. You said later that, "Any importance or benefit that comes with a process is also due to the result as the process couldn"t happen without the result. . . " Here again, Logically does not make sense. The importance or benefit that comes with the process equals to the result and is included in the result; however, It does not determine whether the process could happen or not at all. The process happens then we are able to tell if the result has somewhat importance or no. So here the process is automatically more important than the process.

Additionally, I want to add an interesting fact about why people should be more process-oriented when doing something. If one focuses on the process and if devote all you got into it then the results seem to take care of themselves. Let"s suppose one is preparing for a speech. If he cares too much about how he is going to either succeed or fail when giving the speech, The result is not going to turn out well. While, If he just chooses to write a good script, Polish it, And practice presenting it over and over again, No matter if he cares about the result or not, We know that the speech is always going to end up well. Whereas when one cares so much and is afraid that he is going to mess up, He would be always in a great panic when preparing and always be plagued the fear of his failure in mind even when giving the speech. If one cares too much about the result, It is not a great start of having real happiness.


I do not mean the other way around. Any action has a reaction, Or a result. If there is no result, Then nothing has happened. Simple as that.

Also, You are correct that someone shouldn't care too much about the result. But the same is true for the process. If someone focuses on the process to much, They may lose sight of their goal, The result, And there actions will become meaningless as they have no central purpose. There should be a balance between the two, But the result is more important.
Debate Round No. 2


Here the process, I mean by the path of you doing something; and for a result, I mean by what you get from finishing doing something. So from your statement, "If someone focuses on the process too much, They may lose sight of their goal, The result, " I want to clarify my topic that the result is what you get after finishing the process and it is not the same as your goal. The goal is a different thing because you may expect your result to be the goal, But it does not necessarily equal to the result.

And you said, ". . . And their actions will become meaningless as they have no central purpose. " And I think that if you were to fail, It probably means you should learn from the process. Your process would not be meaningless because even if you fail, It does not mean you should never do the actions. The process always has colorful experience whereas the result is always just the result.


The result teaches a lesson. Say someone wants to achieve their goal, So they go through a process to get to it. When their process is done, They get their result. If the result is what they wanted, Then they know that their process is good, And they know it works. If the result is not what they wanted, Then they know that their process is bad, And they know it does not work. Then, They will go through it again, Trying a different process for a different result. If they did not have a result, How would they know if their process was efficient or effective? They may just do the same thing over and over again, Not knowing if they should change it. Or, They may give up entirely, Knowing that their process has no result, Which, Therefore, Makes their process meaningless and unnecessary. Without the result, The process means nothing.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
id comment that the process gives individual value to the result. And can bring revelation and insight to the person to have clearer understandings of the result.
Posted by EzDuel 3 years ago
All Processes have results. All results come from a process. Processes are the practicality of goals or method of result. The result of a process when translated as good or bad will effect the newer processes. They seem to be equally important that way. If the result of a process is overlooked, The process will simply repeat.

There is the problem of toasting a piece of bread, The result is a piece of bread that can be eaten. The toasting itself has no emotional significance. It is simply an overlooked means of getting tasty bread. What you have come up with is a situation where emotional energy was focused on an effect instead of the learning. One can not concern themselves with a result when there is no implied process. One can only focus on a goal.

Lol I'm too tired to think any more which is why I didn't take this debate. Lol I just need a bit of mental exercise. Enjoy this debate!
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
I don't think this can be made as an absolute statement. It would be situational. Sometimes Pro would be right and other times Con would be right. For instance, If the result is necessary, Then the process doesn't matter. Like if the goal was the survival of all humanity. Or the inevitable destruction of earth. I would actually say that the result matters more, Because it is the measuring stick that one uses to justify the validity of the process. That's why they say "does the ends justify the means? " and not the other way around.
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