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The Republican Party platform is generally harming democracy in America

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Started: 7/8/2014 Category: Politics
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My argument is that while not every Republican voter 100% agrees with the GOP's stance on issues or every Republican in government either. Or that the Democrats have done everything right. However, the leadership of the Republican party has produced policy that is causing economic stagnation and the degradation of this country's government by doing the following:

1) Obstructing major legislation that would lead to a recovery from the Great Recession, choosing to block such legislation for political reasons rather than talking with the opposing party to work out a long-term recovery to help their constituents, a historical precedent.

2) Creating an artificial debt-ceiling crisis ( a routine procedure since WW2) to hold our economy and the world's hostage until they got what they wanted.

3) By supporting and signing into law the USA PATRIOT act, an act that has greatly encroached on all our civil liberties.

4) By supporting a cut in the National Income Tax brackets, an economic policy that most economists say creates greater economic inequality in America.

5) By supporting legislation that would ban flag-burning, an right guaranteed to all citizens under the first amendment

6) By constantly crying for war when our top diplomats and military commanders advise a policy of diplomacy, a constant war-mongering, that is putting the nation deeper in debt, not to mention the thousands of lives lost in pugilist foreign struggles.

7) By imposing religious dogma (i.e. prayer in schools, etc.) as law when we are all guaranteed a separation of church and state as established in the 1947 Supreme Court case Everson v. Board of Education.

8) By attempting to seal off our border with the United Mexican States, instead of putting into law a comprehensive immigration reform, which according to most economists such a law would help our nation grow in economic competitiveness.



Sorry, you're right.
Debate Round No. 1


Since Con concede in the first round I will not post any further arguments.


Beethroid forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by LogicalLunatic 7 years ago
1. This is assuming that Govt. bailouts and likewise programs are good for the economy. For this argument to have any merit you must prove this without any reasonable doubt to be the truth.
2. What's "artificial" about being about sixteen TRILLION dollars in the hole?
3. I don't agree with this act either, but don't forget that Barack Obama extended and added to the act. Also, I grudgingly admit that this act has prevented countless domestic terrorist plots.
4. Again, you must prove without any reasonable doubt that this course of action was a bad thing.
5. Freedom of Speech does not protect everything. To see what I mean, yell "BOMB!" in a crowded airport and see what happens.
6. While I agree to an extent, what would the world look like today if your attitude had been embraced by America throughout the entirety of WWII? Also, Obama himself is taking action against ISIS in Iraq. Not to mention that the war on terror originally had large democrat support.
7. "Religious Dogma". Right. Because allowing students to pray in school in a nation that is overwhelmingly religious is a bad thing.
8. I do think that the Republicans should help enact immigration reform. However, proposed Democratic measures probably have something fishy in them, the same way that mandatory abortion and contraceptive coverage was slipped into the ACA. Also, closing the borders is better than leaving them completely unexposed.

Again, America is not a democracy. America is a Republic. Have a good day.
Posted by shaddamcorrinoIV 7 years ago
@Mray56 I would welcome the challenge.
Posted by Preston 7 years ago
WOW, dumb debate
Posted by Theunkown 7 years ago
concession of debate in round 1... pathetic
Posted by Mray56 7 years ago
Did con really concede for this debate? Ridiculous. @ShaddamcorrinoIV i would like to debate you on this topic.
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Vote Placed by Anonymous 7 years ago
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