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The Sons of Solidarity

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Started: 9/27/2017 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The Sons of Solidarity is a new group starting to provide competition to The Leben, The Alliance, and The Brotherhood.

As the President of The Sons of Solidarity I would like to take the time to provide my platform for new members that want to join The Sons of Solidarity.

The Sons of Solidarity key points are

- everyone is equal, there is no discrimination in the races or genders

- to uphold free speech but not hate speech against any other races, genders

- Pro Choice

- For the Death Penalty

- Anti gun laws

- Anti Religion

- anti Communism

All members must be of sound mind, mental illness and religious views will not be tolerated and those members will be expelled.

The Sons of Solidarity neither promotes or encourages any violence by members of it's group.


As the current leader and ambassador of the Leben I will argue why people should not join the Sons of Solidarity. Both of these rules are contradictory to "All members must be of sound mind, mental illness and religious views will not be tolerated and those members will be expelled.."

"- everyone is equal, there is no discrimination in the races or genders

- to uphold free speech but not hate speech against any other races, genders"

Which shows the ableist and anti freedom of religion views of this group. Hate speech is particularly apparent in the idea of discriminating against the mentally ill.

These two show a lack of respect for the idea of life itself.
"Pro Choice

-For the Death Penalty"

They are against the second amendment, true freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to life.
If you are against the death penalty, against abortion, and against euthanasia consider the Leben. If you disagree with one of these you may still join if you debate me on the area of disagreement.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to take the time to welcome The Leben to this round table debate on our group.

To clarify one of our mission statements, "All people are treated equal and there is no discrimination with the races" This is a true statement. Now to address the Religion aspect, Religion is a state of mind of belief in something that is greater then human kind. Since there is no such thing, people who are religious are most likely mentally ill or weak minded and use religion as a crutch to cope.

At The Sons of Solidarity we are only recruiting sound mind individuals with strong will and desire and have no room for people that do not possess a sound mind. Even though some of our members might believe in some sort of religion, this is not encouraged by The Sons of Solidarity. Our goal is to have a healthy mind type group that can debate topics logically and not make any reference to religion which is a delusional fairy tale such as Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy.

Pro choice of our members has nothing to do with religion, this is strictly pro choice to abortions/birth/life. A woman is entitled to pro choice during a pregnancy, it is her body and no organization will be allowed to dictate how she will proceed with her life. That is why we are pro choice.

As I mentioned before we will be releasing a 10 amendment constitution of The Sons of Solidarity. In it there will not be any mention of Religion or Communism. These are not recognized by The Sons of Solidarity.

If you are of sound mind

- believe in science not religion

- believe in equality in society

- believe in women's rights

- believe in justice over greed

Then you will want to join The Sons of Solidarity, as The Leben is a religious zealots group, and The Brotherhood is skin head Nazi's.

Therefore if you want good in this world and fairness and justice go with The Sons of Solidarity

Now I pass the mic to my opponent The Leben President


Your groups blatent disrespect for mentally ill is very apperent.
Beyond your groups disrespect for those with religious beliefs on this site and otherwise, The Sons of Solidarity discriminate against the 18.2 percent of Americans dealing with some kind of mental illness.

"At The Sons of Solidarity we are only recruiting sound mind individuals with strong will and desire and have no room for people that do not possess a sound mind." This quote shows a wrong, and for many insulting belief that the mentally ill don't have a strong will. For many their will is what keeps them alive every day and going.

The idea of anyones faith being akin to Santa Clause, is a direct insult to what many people spend their life on, even if you do not personally. That attacks what is considered to be 86 percent of the american population, though I have doubts that this percentage is true.

Pro choice was categorized under, "a lack of respect for the idea of life itself."

Much of what your group belives goes aganist this idea, "- believe in equality in society"

If you want true equality in all forms,
The Sons of Solidarity does not exhibit that idea at all.

The Leben does not care if any of it's members have or do not have religious fath, we only care if an individual agrees with the core values, Pro life, anti euthanasia, and anti death penalty.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thank the president of The Leben in continuing this debate.

As to your statement that our group is disrespectful to the 18.2% of the population, I would like to counter by saying The Sons of Solidarity believe in natural selection. As in nature, evolution of earth and the Universe, it clearly demonstrates, and it has for millions of years that through natural selection, only the strong survive. In order for the strong to survive the weak, ill, mental, physical must perish as the strongest will always carry on. The mentally ill are just a burden to society as they are not fit enough to contribute to society and instead depend on society to take care of them, feed them, provide disability payments and medication. Now with todays society being more advanced we do provide help to the mentally ill where in the past they would have been passed of a degenerates and would be shunned or killed. I believe we have moved in the right direction with the mentally ill, and we will always have ill people around but I am firmly in belief that natural selection would weed these people out through nature if we didn't provide support as they could not function on their own.

In nature for an example I will use a dog, when there are 8 pups born and one is a runt, the smallest, the weakest, he/she usually perishes as he is not able to feed or fend for himself in competition with the other stronger pups. This would also happen in human nature if humans were not caring and sympathetic to the ill. Now I might sound cold but the way I see it if you can't fend for yourself then you perish, simple, only the strong survive.

The Sons of Solidarity do not have time to perform therapy for the ill, we have bigger goals, therefore the mentally ill have to fend for themselves. Besides how many times have we heard of the mentally ill shootings, killings, The Sons of Solidarity believe in safe environment without violence and therefore we have no room for the ill.

The Sons of Solidarity also do not share the same views of The Leben, as a matter of fact our core beliefs are complete opposite of The Leben.

Here is The Sons of Solidarity constitution

The Sons of Solidarity Core Amendments Charter

1.The Sons of Solidarity guarantee rights and freedoms to all it"s members as justified by a free demographic society where communism is shunned upon.
2.The Sons of Solidarity are entitled to freedom of thought, belief, opinions on DDO, and peaceful association
3.Every The Sons of Solidarity member has the right to vote on any debate/topic pending within the group
4.The Sons of Solidarity is governed by the President and founder Fanboy McTroll, all final conflicts and resolutions will be mediated and acted on by the President of The Sons of Solidarity
5.The Sons of Solidarity president will attend debates at least once every 6 months.
6.Every member of The Sons of Solidarity has the right to resign, quit or leave The Sons of Solidarity group at any time they feel justified for any reason without being discriminated against.
7.The Sons of Solidarity believes in life for all human beings and are against any speech encouraging genocide, murder outside of the law, turning of people into pig feed, or showing hatred to any race or religion, ie. Jewish people, Black people, Asian people or any other race or culture.
8.The Sons of Solidarity believes in all laws governing all countries they are instilled in. We do not encourage or break laws or perform any illegal operations of any kind.
9.Religion of any kind is not to be encouraged or used as a method of debate. The Sons of Solidarity view religion as a form of mental weakness and consider it a form of a weak minded individual. These type individuals have no place at The Sons of Solidarity as religion does not factor into any decision or life at The Sons of Solidarity. We strive for strong intellectual minds focused on careers, future and optimistic view of life.
10.Communism is considered evil by The Sons of Solidarity, anyone sympathetic to Russia, China, or any other communist nation is subject to banishment from The Sons of Solidarity. Communism should be taken down and destroyed, and any communist people should be viewed as the worst lying enemy combatants that should be eliminated.


Your group believes in eugenics, and discrimination against the mentally ill. You out right believe that any kind of disabled individual is "lesser". Remember people, if you’re looking for a group supporting equality it isn't here.

Pro here also believes in the forced sterilization of lgbt people. My proof is right here:

Although you are known for accusing the Brotherhood of being Nazis, besides the racism you seem to agree with Nazis. Now I am in the opinion that Hitler, no matter how horrible he is did do some good in his life, but it doesn't change the irony shown.

Though America before the Nazis did it was supportive of eugenics, Nazis are known for it and the killing of disabled people.

The Nazis actually were very supportive of women’s rights to, Hitler you see, was very fond of his mother.

Now your opinion is that the disabled and mentally ill have nothing to give society but that is not true, the world would be so much duller without downs syndrome for instance. And just about every genius in human history was autistic. Many successful people battle depression, in fact almost all have at some point. As a person I do not like Stephen Hawking but he is physically disabled and has accomplished more then you could. You forget that disabilities, at least the inherited ones exist for a reason. They tend to have good even if you cannot see it, and even if there is no good, a person can and will have other strengths in life. Just like the old have much yet to offer.

That ideal of theirs I cannot help but bring to light because of my own things. Directly from my profile: "I'm autistic, along with: ODD (perfect for this site, right?), OCD, PTSD, anxiety, Essential tremor, dyspraxia, particularly extreme SPD, I have motor delays and balance problems, my depth perception is off, I have memory problems and face blindness, and so much more!"

So, if you are for LGBT rights (I am not, but the Leben itself doesn't care, and I'm not THAT against it), for disabled rights, religious and for any rights for the mentally ill, this group isn't for you.

For the Leben you need only to be against the death penalty, Pro life, and against euthanasia. You are still allowed to join if you disagree with one, if you challange me to a debate on it.
Debate Round No. 3
47 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
I'm sorry Outplayz but we do not accept religious members into The Sons of Solidarity. Religion has no room in our organization
Posted by Outplayz 2 years ago
Both sound retarded to me...
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
I have no problems with pot heads, or legalizing pot or anything to do with pot.

As long as you are not a communist or a religious zealot you can join The Sons of Solidarity. Having religious background is not an issue with this group as long as you are not spewing things from the bible or using religion as explanation for things then there wont be an issue.

We welcome you with open arms to The Sons of Solidarity.
Posted by NDECD1441 2 years ago
Lets just put it as "bad" people or something less impactful as an insult. Also, say someone would want to join, what wiuld you define as a 'pothead'?
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Retarded is used every day, as in Flame retardant product.

I apologize next time I will refer to rubber helmet, short bus or lumpy for the reference

The Sons of Solidarity do not accept lumpy members
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
No I mean sluring. retarded has not been used as a diagnosis for many years, nor is there such thing as a retard. It is considered a slur. The use of slurs are not allowed under the terms of use.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
You mean swearing? The Sons of Solidarity do not use profane language
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
Sluring is against the terms of service.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
You are right, no group should be eradicated, The Sons of Solidarity do not promote genocide, killing or eradication of any groups of people.

Sterilization is a form of birth control for future generations, not eradication of people but as more of future purification of the human race towards the elimination of mental illness.

The Sons of Solidarity at this time do not accept religious zealots or retards to their group.
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
Not everyone with down syndrome uses government assistance, one of the four I know will be going to collage soon.

No group of people on this planet should be eradicated

That includes mine.
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