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The Ten Commandments Are Outdated

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Started: 6/18/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First of all, I must ask that only those who are willing to stick through five rounds should accept this debate.
First Round is for acceptance, burden of proof is shared. No new arguments are to be presented in Round 5.
I wish my opponent good luck and may the better debater win.


I accept.
Topic is resolution.
Since there are many different versions, we shall use this one in particular:
Debate Round No. 1


1. Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me.

In other words, be a Jew/Christian and worship God alone.
First of all, I would like to point out that if the God of the Bible is real, then this commandment cannot be antiquated by any amount of time.
Now, there is no real negative impact of being a Christian in regards to your behavior. One might argue the Crusades or the Inquisition, but this is not Christian behaviour. Nowhere in the Bible outside of the Old Testament land of Israel did the Bible say to kill anyone because of their faith. Even then:
A. This was under the Old Testament Law, which is no longer valid and only applied to Ancient Israel.
B. The Death Penalty applied to people in Israel who were trying to lead other Israelites astray.
So anyhow, in the modern day the Bible does not command anyone to kill anyone else in the name of religion. Anyone who does so is not following their religion's teachings, as Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself.
So, I've negated the negative effects of being a Christian. But are there any positive aspects? Absolutely!
According to a study whose results were published in the link below, more than three quarters of religious people in England have given to a charity in the past month, in contrast with two thirds of nonreligious people. religious.people.are.more.generous/37949.htm
Now, in England, the majority of the British population identifies as Christian (if only by a slight margin). Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that most Christians in England give to charity.
This generous behavior is probably inspired by James 1:27.

2. Thou Shalt Not Take the LORD's Name in Vain.

My opponent cannot win with this commandment because it's relevance depends entirely on God's existence. If God exists then this commandment will never be outdated. If God doesn't exist, then this commandment was never relevant in the first place.

3. Honor the Sabbath.

Now, Jesus did, in Luke 14:5, (I cannot post a link to the verse because my computer is suddenly acting idiotic), state that the Sabbath doesn't have to be followed as rigidly as it was in the Old Testament. It is acceptable to perform necessary tasks on the Sabbath.
But, overall, is it a good idea to take the Sabbath off?
Well, let's take the Creation ordeal. God worked for six days and took the seventh day off. However, one does not necessarily have to make that off day on Saturday. For instance, most Christian denominations consider Sunday to be as good a Sabbath as Saturday. The Idea is that you take a day of the week off.
Now, why is it generally Sunday? Well, that one agreed upon day is when the large majority have their weekly services. If you took Tuesdays off then you wouldn't be able to go to church.
But no matter which day of the week you're talking about, it's still a good idea to take a day of the week off. After all, if someone had no off day, they might, after a time, experience work burnout.

4. Honor Your Father and Mother

This is a no-brainer, as your father and mother (or just one) went through a LOT of trouble to raise you. Even if your biological parents abandoned you, you still owe them for giving you your life.
But your parents in this usage don't have to be biological parents. It could refer to the people who raised you. Either way, the principle is the same.
And even if there were exceptions, overall it's a good idea to honor your parents.

5. Thou Shalt Not Kill

Do I even have to give a reason for this one?

6. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

The traditional family has worked fine for eons. Adultery disrupts this system, and it has negative effects. For instance, adultery has a negative impact on children.
Also, adultery may lead to divorce, which also has a negative impact on children.
Also, though this is unlikely, one spouse may become angry and kill the other's lover.
Overall, it's a good idea not to commit adultery.

7. Thou Shalt Not Steal

Again, do I really need to defend this commandment?

8. Thou Shalt Not Lie

Now, there are situations where lying is acceptable, such as when you or someone else will die if you tell the truth. However, overall it's not a good idea to lie. Society could not survive without trust. If you interpret this commandment strictly as pertaining to being a false witness in court, doing so would disrupt the legal system and hinder justice.

9. Don't Covet Someone's Wife
This may eventually lead to adultery, which I've already shown to be a bad thing.

10. Don't Covet Someone's Stuff

This may lead to stealing, which is bad. Or, it might lead you to go out and buy something which you cannot afford. Or, it could poison your relationship with that person, if you have a relationship with that person at all.

The Ten Commandments were applicable to those who possessed the human nature of the people at the time of their writing. Human nature is, for the most part, for better or worse, the same as it was then. Therefore, the Ten Commandments are still applicable to people today.

I await my opponent's response.


1. People who are born in family that is worshiping another god are sinners. It not their fault.

3. Sabbath is meant to not work entire day, but to worship God instead. Problem is with defining work. So people should not attend their jobs, but can they still work in the house or in garden? I would say no. It is still work.

5. God committed the greatest genocide ever (big flood), and is hypocrite for saying we should not kill. Sometimes homicide can save multiple lives. Sometimes we have to defend ourselves.

7 and 10. It is up to humans to define who owns what. They often disagree. One man may take what he thinks he owns, and other man will consider him a thief.

8. If there are situations where lying is acceptable, then commandment "Thou shalt not lie" is not. It has to be updated.

Here is one problem with 6 and 9. What if that person, whose wife we are talking about happens to be female? In some states, homosexual marriage is legal. We know God hates homosexuals, because he burned them in fire. Does this marriage count as marriage, or is it good thing to "try to get that women on right way"?

Other commandments are ok. But these ten are not good enough to live by only them. We need real law. If we have real law, that we respect, then we don't need these commandments.
Debate Round No. 2


1. I dont get what you are saying is it that because some people are not Christian is it bad idea to be Christian you dont make sense.

3. the point of Sabbath is day off and this is also to respect the Six Day Creation Order as Jesus said this commandment does not have to be followed too rigidly but it is still good idea to take day off.

5. God created so God has right to destroy what He created and sometimes yes killing is in self-defense or it saves other lives but this verse was not talking about these instances because God did not forbid military service in most instances it is not good to kill.

7. what Bible says is dont take what belong to someone else without their permission.

8. in most situations lying is bad but there are exceptions as Rahab lying for sake of spies was not evil

no gay marriage is not marriage but their still not yor wife so adultery or premarital sex is bad unless yor pedofile because I see no verse talking bad about pedophiles

I didnt say that Ten Commandments should be only rules but Im saying that their not outdated that is the debate topic my opponent's arguments rely almost completely upon exceptional situations which the Bible doesnt necessarily condem so checkmate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. I am not saying that non-sense, and did my opponent even came up with " because some people are not Christian is it bad idea to be Christian"? Anyway, voters will understand my statement.

3. In other words, this commandment is too outdated to be commandment. It can only be suggestion now.

5. My opponent admits that this commandment is incomplete. Humans are living things. In the same way parent has no right to kill his/her child, God has no right to kill humans. We are not his toys, we are living beings. He is should be tried if he exists.

7. and 8. My opponent has not refuted my arguments

6. and 9. I never mentioned kids or pedophiles. As my opponent can see here:
It is not adultery unless 1 person is in marriage. My question still stands.

My opponent agreed that these rules are not enough to live by, and that we need real law. We can still keep debating if some of these commandments, that are not covered by the state law, should be obeyed in addition to the state law.
Debate Round No. 3


1. I was talking about commandments being good to follow and you basically said that its not a good idea to be Christian or Jewish because some people are not Christian or Jewish and that doesnt make sense if thats not wat you mean to say than please clarify

3. If by suggestion you mean God wont strike you dead for refusing to follow Sabbath than sure but God wants us to follow Sabbath and that is His plan and its still good idea to have day off so in that sense it is still commandment

5. I disagree the creator has right to do as He pleases with His creations butt His laws are for humans to follow and if God went around killing people we would still need to follow this commandment you are taking commandment out of context when God said Thou Shalt Not Kill He did not have Self-Defense in mind

7. once again you are taking verses out of context we need to keep in mind wat God mean when He established commandments exceptions to rules do not make rules outdated or invalid and all these exceptions you think up do not invalidate Ten Commandments

8. once again we must remember the context in which God established each commandment situations were lying is acceptable doesnt make the commandment invalid or outdated

9. yor link is bogus with all due respect and anyway I once again say that exceptions to rules do not invalidate rules butt also I challenge you tell me a single situation were adultery or lust is good thing

I agree that we need additional laws butt that doesnt in any way make the Ten Commandments outdated its yor turn again Pro


If it has exception it is not a rule. It is just suggestion, or advice.
As my opponent can see here:
Commandment is rule.

My arguments still stand.
Debate Round No. 4


Laws requiring people of a nation to serve in dat nations armed forces isnt made obsolete by some people being exempt by injury in dat same way the Ten Commandments is God's laws and we will only get away with violating them in this life and exemptions and exceptions to them do not make Ten Commandments outdated my arguments stand and checkmate!!!!!!


Compulsory military service law has included in itself criteria for people's health condition.

Conclusion: I shown that commandments 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10, 6 and 9; have to be updated. Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Maybe auto-correct is sympathetic to pedophiles or has been doctored to ignore them by the Catholic church.
Posted by LogicalLunatic 7 years ago
stupid autocorrect spelled pedofile wrong
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Reasons for voting decision: Con tries to point at Modern Day Bibles, new Bibles don't change the original Ten Commandments, they were set in Stone and are unalterable, new takes on these commandments does not change their original intentions, so are non-sequitur. Con failed to argue that the first 4 commandments are relevant to the modern world, having believers in a society cannot support having a whole society abiding to the first 4 commandments. Pro pointed this out in rebuttals. Essentially Con supported much of Pro's objections. Giving much of the debate to Pro. On sources I could not decide, both were tied there.

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