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The Title "Christ" Comes from the Name "Krishna"

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Started: 8/4/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Jesus called God "Father."
The Father's name is Krishna.
In fact, the title Christ is etymologically derived
from God's original name, Krishna.
Here is the origin of the English word Christ,
with confirmation from independent linguistic authorities:

Be sure to view the evidence
from independent linguistic authorities:

1:48 -- Indo-European root ghrei- or ghrey:

2:09 -- Greek khriein:

2:32 -- Greek khristos:

3:04 -- Christus (Latin, German):

The name is the same.

You may translate Krishna into Christ, but the subject matter is the same -- there is only one God -- and God (Krishna) is the person to whom the title Christ ultimately refers.

As the video makes clear, the title Christ means "anointed of God," and the name Krishna means "God." The links included prove conclusively that the English title Christ is derived from the Sanskrit name Krishna.

The truth is sometimes painful, but please understand that I didn't mean any offense by this post. It's just that Jesus promised me, when I accepted him into my heart 31 years ago, that he would lead me to the Father. I am very happy that Jesus has made good on his promise, and that he has indeed led me to the Father, whose name is Krishna. God bless you! =)


The word for the Son Of God from Christian Christ comes from the word Christos which is Greek for 'appointed.' The word for the Hindu avatar Krishna is also Sanskrit word for black.

The words 'appointed' and 'black' are two completely different words that describe neither of the religious figures. The thought of the god Krishna being the Father was never caught on in Hinduism until Hare Krishna and other Krishna sects got the idea. Jesus was never called the Father whereas his Father (Jehovah) was called 'The Father.'

The place of origin for Christianity was also more than 4,000 KM and Hinduism was practically unknown in Israel when Christ was born.

You said that the links prove the point. the etymology of the two words doesn't closely resemble the actual meaning of the word. Therefore Christ does not come from the name Krishna as the two words don't mean Father and they mean different things.
Debate Round No. 1


Someone wrote:

"The word for the Son Of God from Christian Christ comes from the word Christos which is Greek for 'appointed.'"

Actually, it means "anointed of God [Krishna]," not "appointed."

"The word for [...] Krishna is also Sanskrit word for black."

The Sanskrit word Krishna is also related to the Greek word for anointed (to darken or color by smearing [anointing]). Therefore the name Krishna is most definitely and undeniably the origin of the English title "Christ." I proved this fact in the OP (see all the links that I included that lead to the conclusions of independent linguistic authorities).

You have no case, and you obviously have done zero research into the subject. Follow the links for more information on these undeniable facts.

You lost the debate: Thanks for your time! =)
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Purushadasa 3 years ago
The etymology [spell-check much?] of the two words IS the point, you ignorant douchebag.
Posted by JediDude 3 years ago
Someone posted:

The etomology of the two words does not prove the point.
This is clearly a strawman argument!
You are two legged brainless animal, I win the debate =)
Posted by Purushadasa 3 years ago
I'm new to this site, so I'm not quite sure how this works yet: Someone accepted this debate challenge, but has not posted any text.

I guess this means that I win the debate by default, right? =)
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