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The U.S should continue to support other countries

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Started: 12/11/2013 Category: Politics
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Should the U.S continue to support other countries, for now, no. We are in a hole ourselves so how is spending billions on countries who hate us benefit the U.S.


Hi, I accept. USA is a righteousness country. Helping others in need as a good humanitarian. USA is not only spending billions on countries who hate the US, it also spends billion of those who are "friendly" such as Haiti, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico, UK and Africa nations etc. I believe overspending is what causes USA to go into a "hole". Not supporting other nations. Therefore, I believe US should continue supporting other countries to a limit.
Debate Round No. 1


But when we do we lose alot, helping Vietnam for example and did George Washington say it wasn't right to involve ourselvs in public affairs? In the end we may be generous but we are to generous.


You can never be too generous. As Jesus said, we must give up our riches or help out that needs it. As you can see, Canada or UK. They support a lot and involve in public affairs. Also the nations in the Red Cross program. They help out as well .

Vietnam was one example of many services that the US has done. What about in Afghanistan. Or in South Korea. WW2.

USA is a great example of a helpful country. The only thing is bringing them down is overspending on oil. Especially that.

So therefore USA should continue to support other countries
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro was more convincing, although I don't agree him. Con, more arguing, less questioning your own position next time xD