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The US should become a confederacy

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Started: 11/2/2016 Category: Politics
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America is so divided. We have a federal government that is dysfunctional and has too much power. States would be more free under a confederacy to secure their borders, tax their own people, and make more decisions that the majority of the states support instead of what the majority of the US wants.


The United States tried having a confederacy. It didn't work because the power of the Federal government is a necessity of the nation as much as I hate to say it. When the majority of the country reaches a conclusion such as slavery is evil, segregation is wrong, or that Texas does not have the right to declare war on another sovereign nation. (This one does not have historic precedent) While under the current government the states have lost many rights and their power has been overstepped in the process it remains important that change as nation with a shared culture and history can be achieved at higher level. The Constitution when followed lays out a near perfect model for a limited government. People can change this and the solution is much simpler than trying to reform government into a system that has not proven to work. People can effect change by first and foremost breaking the two party system and allowing small government minded people to bring this nation back to its roots as a constitutional representative republic.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con showed that even though the ideas of Pro may be good in theory, history proves otherwise.