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The USA Is Superior To Every Other Country

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Started: 7/6/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸!!!


The USA is not superior to every other country. This is because firstly, they don't have a national health service, so everyone with not enough money cant afford health care. Second of all, they invade lots of countries needlessly, or have proxy wars: (ie. the Vietnam War) which cause lots of damage to the planet. Also, because they spend so much money on the military, (and barely win 50% of their wars anyway) they cannot afford education and other public services. I can list loads of countries with and NHS:
1938Two Tier
Japan1938Single Payer
Germany1941Insurance Mandate
Belgium1945Insurance Mandate
United Kingdom1948Single Payer
Kuwait1950Single Payer
Sweden1955Single Payer
Bahrain1957Single Payer
Brunei1958Single Payer
Canada1966Single Payer
Austria1967Insurance Mandate
United Arab Emirates1971Single Payer
Finland1972Single Payer
Slovenia1972Single Payer
Luxembourg1973Insurance Mandate
Australia1975Two Tier
Italy1978Single Payer
Portugal1979Single Payer
Cyprus1980Single Payer
Greece1983Insurance Mandate
Spain1986Single Payer
South Korea1988Insurance Mandate
Iceland1990Single Payer
Hong Kong

Just so you know, the US is not on this list.
that is why, the US is not superior to every other country.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok fine, we don"t have an NHS and being an American I"m fine with that. Since we pay for healthcare we get much better and higher quality. For instance the UK is very famous for their healthcare. Except UK has a hospital death rate of 45% more than US hospitals. While yes, the broke people of America can"t afford healthcare, thats a small price to pay for the whole rest of the population getting extremely good healthcare. Sure Vietnam was a proxy war, and it was bad one. It WWI and WWII were also proxy wars, and thanks to us we aren"t debating in German. With America literally policing the world and having troops in many worn torn countries like the Middle East and Korea it is crucial we have a state of the art military (which we do). This is why Americans have the luxury of never thinking of getting invaded. What do you mean we can"t afford education and other public services?


"If you are in the upper-middle class " is what the website said. what if you aren't upper middle class, like the other 70.8% of the US population. What if you are living on the US's minimum wage of $7.25 per hour and cannot afford surgery or injections etc. In the UK there is a choice. You can take the NHS for free, and get perfectly good healthcare. Or, if you are rich, you can go one step up and take private healthcare, but there is something for everyone. Im not saying that it doesn't need reform, the NHS is extremely underfunded by our Tory government. But it is better than being hounded by debt collectors and not being able to pay tour medical bills. The US invests $601 billion in the military and still gets beaten by Vietnam. Instead of getting smashed to pieces by developing countries, why not spend your money on a national health service, so everyone in America can get affordable, if not free healthcare. I mean, Obamacare was better than nothing, but then Trump, who would "Make America Great Again", came in and made healthcare only affordable for the rich. Also, have you not noticed that the only reason that your country has so much gun crime. Donald Trump says that if everyone in England carried a gun, there wouldn't be any knife. The only reason that there is no knife crime in America is because your gun laws are so lax that people go around shooting each other instead.
Debate Round No. 2


Hi, I love the UK, I have a house in London and Edinburgh. I spent almost 1/4 of my year there!

So onto your debate.

Clearly, you didn't bother to read the article.

I would argue European countries envy our healthcare system.

Sure a few poor people can't afford it. But for everyone else (the greater good) we get spectacular healthcare.

Wait times are much better in the USA. UK, France, Sweden, Canada " most of the darlings of Single Payer System is experiencing longer and longer wait times. Government bureaucrats just can't react fast enough to know how many specialists to hire or where critical medical equipment needs to go. If there is a life or death situation there is a reason why foreigners come to the USA when things are dire and they are rich. You can get world-class care at places like Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, and NY Presby and see the best doctors with the best equipment in the entire world.
Most hospitals in the USA have the latest technology and best-trained people. The threat of a lawsuit demands hospitals stay up to par otherwise they could get sued. In a single payer system equipment is often outdated and or at least aging. The drive to stay cutting edge disappears in single-payer systems" there is no competition.
Pharmaceuticals are at the cutting edge as well. The USA leads the world in healthcare technology innovation. No one is even a decent second. You can add up all the Research and Development dollars invested in all the single payer systems all of Europe and they don't come even close to 25% of what the USA spends.

Do you now see?

And btw, the minimum wage should be $1.00 - $2.00 an hour.

P.S. It's sad that the best thing you could come up with was healthcare. Even if America was slipping on the healthcare front, we still dominate in everything else.

P.S.S. As I've said sure Vietnam, but what about WWI and WWII your precious British Isles would be decimated if not for us.
R.I.P Sir Winston Churchill


If you are calling the 42.9 million Americans who have unpaid medical bills "a few poor people" you cannot do maths, which is probably because of the incredibly high tuition fees they have in America. Also what have WWI and WW2 got to do with the racism and sexism of Donald Trump, the debt collectors demanding money from unpaid medical bills, and children being separated from their parents by the cruelty of your disgusting Republican president? (by the way, all of the presidents that were in the world wars were Democrats). Britain is grateful to America for that and always will be. What they are not grateful for however is far right Trump supporters using their country's intervention in the world wars as an excuse for their effect on everywhere else in the world. Also with your saying that there should be good healthcare for the rich people or quote-on-quote "the greater good" you could be compared to Grindelwald, the evil wizard in Harry Potter, have a look: Healthcare is not the only thing I can think of, it's just the thing that I focused on. Would you like me to focus on gun crime and lax gun laws, Guantanamo Bay, racism, the military, or the tuition fees or the death penalty, or the greedy Capitalist Republicans who don't care about workers rights. What do you want?
And as for your R.I.P's:
R.I.P Adnan Farhan Abd Al Latif (one of the many people who died at Guantanamo Bay)
Debate Round No. 3


Ok fine, healthcare for the poor. What about VA, Medicaid, and Medicare?

As a Harvard grad I totally understand how high our tuition fees are, but I"m okay with that as we have the best colleges in the world.

You said proxy wars, so I proved that not all proxy wars are bad.

Debt collectors have every right to demand money from people who haven"t paid back their debts

There is nothing wrong with separating kids from their parents at the border (up for debate).

We don"t have a gun problem, and our laws aren"t lax enough (up for debate). I live in New Jersey, with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. I"m not even allowed to carry a firearm in public.

1. Guantanamo Bay is just a name without meaning now. Even if we close it down, what we do there will just be relocated somewhere else.

2. Just simply releasing the detainees is just not a realistic option.

3. Changing the location of the detainees just isn"t legally significant.

4. Gitmo isn"t Gulag.

How do you prove America as a whole is racist?

What"s wrong with our military?

The death penalty is fine. People who kill should be killed.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
You're pretty late to say that friend!
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