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The USA is not the best country in the world

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Started: 12/30/2018 Category: Politics
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Hello I am looking for someone who is actually willing to discuss their beliefs on the subject without forfeiting, Trolling, Or insulting me or others.

This debate comes from another one on the site but I didn't see where that debate was going anywhere so I am opening my own version of the debate.

My position is that the United States of America is not the best country in the world. I have a couple ideas for this debate.

1. I mean the USA in say the past decade and not throughout its whole history. Before the 60s I believe that the USA was one of the leading/best countries in the world (excluding social/equality issues which were a global issue).

2. My definition for best country can be tweaked by my opponent or myself to reach a better for fair definition for the debate.

3. My hope is to disprove the claim that the USA is the best country in the world, As stated by many Americans. I am defining "the best" as the best financially/economically, Best in sciences, Best in social issues (diversity and cultural acceptance), Foreign relations, Political system, And climate.

I will let my opponent type their response first. The reason I put a large character limit because I wasn't sure how much we may need so don't feel obligated to type 10000 characters. I look forward to this debate, Thank you.

I am looking for someone who will be an active debate please do not accept if you are a bot, Troll, Fake account, Or if you are going to forfeit


Shut up Republican scum. I bet you like Ted Cruz. BERNIE 2021!
Debate Round No. 1


Um. . . . I think you misread the argument XD

By taking pro I am saying that the USA is not the world's greatest country. That statement is seen as a liberal POV and in saying that I am agree with Bernie Sander (who BTW is my top candidate).

People like Ted Cruz would have everyone believe the USA is the greatest country. By siding with Con you are saying that you believe the USA to be the greatest country in the world, Which is exactly what Bernie would have to say.

I myself am an independent liberal, Again like Bernie. I am about the most liberal somebody can be. That being said your statement "Republican Scum" is exactly why Republicans can sit there and laugh at liberals and refer to them as snowflakes.


TheOneTold forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Ew2046 forfeited this round.


TheOneTold forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ew2046 3 years ago
MY DDO account hasn"t been working, Sorry
Posted by Ew2046 3 years ago
John: The United States is a country. . . North America is a continent

You Forgot Me: Would you be willing to debate that without trolling or forfeiting

I think differently and would love to prove it to you
Posted by Youforgotme 3 years ago
Stupid debate here.

Of course! The US the greatest country in the world.
Aka. Look the longest Economy in The world. And the greatest military in the world.

Who ever think differently, Is a idiot.
Posted by levi_smiles 3 years ago
I can think of some fairly convincing arguments establishing the US as predominant over the last decade. There's probably a more balanced way to frame this debate, However. Best as a standard for evaluation minimizes objective analysis even though you left some room for re-jiggering. The formula "X is not the best" gives your opponent the job of creating & defending ideals while all you have to do is point out imperfections. Imagine how much more difficult your job would be if you made the debate "China is the best" or "Australia is the best. " From my vantage as a reasonably proud American citizen, I think any nation other than the US would likely be more difficult to defend as best, Placing the US at the top of an ill-defined heap.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
The United States 0f America, U. S. A. Is by constitutional principle a nation not a country. North America might be more along the lines of being called a Country. United States are a shared belief of principle and although considered the same thing. Nation and Country are names addressing different reasoning behind the public identification purpose.
The question you are asking can be asked a different way. Is a united state the best way to establishment a union based on constitutional principle?
Part of the answer to this question asked is a united state is goal in socialism, Communism, And even set in regulated republic, Or unregulated democracies. The Nation named the United States of America is an open question thanks to the freedom of press, And speech. Why it addresses an ongoing grievance to judicial constitutional separation.

This has all the makings of a great debate good luck. . .
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