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The United States Should Have A Moon Base

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Started: 10/23/2013 Category: Technology
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A moon base would be a waste of time and hardly useful as a staging point for future missions elsewhere for two reasons:

1) the logistics and construction would be too complicated to be economically feasible as there is no oxygen or resources. Contained terraforming would take a long time.

2) landing directly on the moon would require additional fuel and resources versus using the slingshot retrajectory of orbits, which is also faster.

For these reasons I propose large space stations in orbit around the earth and moon for stage assembly and for logistical problem solving. Retrajectory from other bodies coils still be used and this method would also be faster


This topic is one that many have talked about before so we should have some good basis for material. We should have a moon base. First off, we need to explore more in the solar system. We can do that if we have a crew closer to the rest of the solar system. The only problem is materials and that can be easily solved by sending cargo shuttles for food and water. It would be very easy for scientists to develop a crew because there are plenty of people who want to go to the moon
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