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The United States and China are getting along just fine

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Started: 5/23/2020 Category: Politics
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The U. S. Government late on Friday accused the Chinese government of making it impossible for U. S. Airlines to resume service to China and ordered four Chinese air carriers to file flight schedules with the U. S. Government.
The administration of President Donald Trump stopped short of imposing restrictions on Chinese air carriers but said talks with China had failed to produce an agreement.
The U. S. Transportation Department, Which is trying to persuade China to allow the resumption of U. S. Passenger airline service there, Earlier this week briefly delayed a few Chinese charter flights for not complying with notice requirements.
In an order posted on a U. S. Government website and seen by Reuters, The department noted Delta Air Lines and United Airlines want to resume flights to China in June, Even as Chinese carriers have continued U. S. Flights during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The order said Air China, China Eastern Airlines Corp, China Southern Airlines Co, Hainan Airlines Holding Co and their subsidiaries must file schedules and other details of flights by May 27. The department warned it could find Chinese flights "contrary to applicable law or adversely affect the public interest. "


My first response is while you have statistics about airlines, This is no way indicative of how China's government would respond. Even if there are there more flights to China, This speaks nothing of issues like in the South China Sea and territorial disputes of aggressive posturing.

My second response is that you literally argue that that the transportation department is discriminating against China when you state that "The department warned it could find Chinese flights "contrary to applicable law or adversely affect the public interest. " This would indicate a signal to Chinese businesses that the U. S is taking extra scrutiny against China because they are arbitrarily adding restrictions to Chinese airlines but not airlines from other countries infected by the coronavirus like Italy or the UK. This would mean either the U. S and China are not on good terms OR what their airlines do is nothing. You conflate airlines with the actual government which is illogical to presume a posture of how China would act towards the united states.

My last response is that you literally prove that U. S-China relations are bad right now because you stated that, "The administration of President Donald Trump stopped short of imposing restrictions on Chinese air carriers but said talks with China had failed to produce an agreement. " If the U. S and China do not have a consensus amongst themselves, It is clear that they are not getting along fine if airlines matter, Bottom line either airline are not indicative of how the U. S and China are doing so you have not proven that the U. S and China are getting along just fine OR the reasons you've stated prove that there is no significant momentum toward good relations with China.

Now here's a couple reasons why the U. S and China are not doing "just fine"
1. Trump put a travel ban on China
2. Trump called the coronavirus the "Chinese virus.
3. China has been building a military base in the country of Djibouti to counter U. S military presence in Africa.
4. Trump has been accusing China of stealing U. S technology through IP theft.
5. The U. S has increased support to Taiwan, A nation-state not seen as legitimate by China, By supporting a piece of legislation that requires the U. S to take the side of Taiwan in any international dispute.
6. According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, 66% of US citizens now view China in an unfavorable light which means that over half of America literally hates China.
7. China has developed its One Belt One Road initiative to supplant traditional U. S trading partners like the European Union.
8. Chinese and U. S diplomatic channels are shut down which indicates that there is no dialogue, They obviously don't like each other because they aren't talking to each other.
9. Trump literally threatened to cut off the "whole relationship" with China according to an article by Politico.
10. Trump said that they're "not going to renegotiate the trade deal".
11. Trump's platform is literally being "Tough on China" meaning that he will continue to hurl insults at China so his base gets him reelected.
12. Trump pressured the federal reserve to stop investing in Chinese businesses.
13. Trump accused China of covering up the coronavirus.
14. China opposes patrols by the U. S Navy in disputed territories such as the South China sea.
15. China has come in opposition against the U. S selling the aegis missile defense system to Taiwan because would render their ballistic missiles useless in a potential altercation with Taiwan.
16. According to the Japan times, Sha Zukang, Who heads the Chinese Foreign Ministry's arms control and disarmament department, Expressed "hate" for all U. S. Arms sales to Taiwan but said that the "Aegis is the worst.
17. Trump Administration, Senior economic advisor Peter Navarro accused China of "spawning the virus, "
18. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of "not knowing how dangerous the virus is. "
19. Trump has accused Joe Biden of being soft on China which indicates that he will use his campaign to bash China because that's what his base is responsive to.
20. Trump stated that it would save the world "500 billion" if they cut off trade with China which means that the U. S blaming China for the economic effects of the coronavirus which indicates that they are not on good terms right now.
21. Trump imposed visa restrictions on the Chinese journalists for 90 days which indicates that the U. S government does not trust them because Trump doesn't want them to spend a significant amount of time in the U. S.
22. According to an article by the Hindu, In 2017, The Trump administration"s National Security Strategy called China as "a revisionist power" seeking "to erode American security and prosperity" and "shape a world antithetical to U. S. Values and interests".
23. China"s Ministry of State Security sent an internal report to the country"s top leaders, Stating that hostility in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak could tip relations with the U. S. Into confrontation, According to a Reuters report.
24. According to the South China Morning Post, Congress is preparing legislation to that would implement sanctions on Chinese officials engaged in the persecution of the Uyghur minority in China. This would indicate that the U. S is more predisposed to call out China on the International Stage rather than become more friendly with them.
25. Beijing issued its most forceful defense against what it called "preposterous allegations" by the US " an 11, 000-word article denying everything from claims it under-reported case numbers to allegations the virus spread from eating bats.
26. According to a report by Marketwatch, Republican candidates have stated, " "My opponent is soft on China, Fails to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party, And can"t be trusted to take them on. "
27. Trump has also threatened to end the deal to end the trade war if China does not meet his demands which indicate that Trump is likely to maintain a hostile stance toward China unless they do everything he says.
28. Trump's punish of Huawei, A Chinese tech company indicates that the U. S does not trust China, Therefore it would use that as leverage against them and China has not taken well that.
29. According to the Zhu Feng, Professor of international relations at Nanjing University, " In Chinese eyes, The Trump administration is trying to delegitimize Communist Party rule and also stigmatize not just China but also China"s top leaders, " This indicates that there is expert consensus that because Trump is trying to make the Chinese government look bad, It is logical to assume that they are not on good terms right now because Trump is trying to lessen the power of the Chinese government.
30. Congress has passed legislation that condemns China for its handling of the Hong Kong protests which indicates that is less than goodwill because the U. S has taken material action to frame China as an authoritarian state.

You should prefer my arguments as to why China and U. S are not doing just fine because they are actions much larger in scope the effects of each policy and I cite multiple policies whereas my opponent just cites on FAA regulation. Even if they are correct that more planes from China can fly, Only I have reasons the GOVERNMENTS of the U. S and China are having less than cordial exchanges because those are the institutions in power of what happens between the United States and China. If my opponent doesn't disprove every point that I made, Then they should lose the debate because they clearly haven't upheld their burden of proving that the U. S-China relations are just fine if there are multiples chinks in the metaphorical armor of the U. S-China relationship.
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You just wrote an excellent post attacking China. I couldn't agree with you more. My debate title is facetious. I regard China a horrific country.
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