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The United States is now a Socialist Society and our Freedoms are disappearing as a result.

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Started: 10/29/2007 Category: Politics
Updated: 14 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Socialism is evil. Our government has become Socialist. Social Security, welfare, medicare and medicade, prescription drug benefits, department of education and many other wasteful "programs" are killing our country. I'm against all of the above in their current form. Democrats get elected by pandering to the poorest and most downtrodden of our society and promising more and more programs. We need to end these programs as soon as possible.


Going down your points one by one.

First of all, Socialism is not evil. It's aim is equality and equal rights, and it has nothing if not the best intentions.

Second of all, our government is not Socialist. Our welfare, social security, etc. are no where on par with what they would be in a socialized country. The huge cost of prizitized health care alone should be enough to convince you of that. Until we have a national healthcare plan, a much better and more far reaching welfare system, and allow generic drugs we will not have reached what anyone could call a socialist state.

Third, a department of education is in no way socialist. Public schools are universally accepted as a normal institution in every country in the world, not just socialist one's. Public schools are definitely not a sympton of socialism. A socialist school system would be when we get rid of private schools in favor of public ones.

Fourthly, you nevr back up the statement that our freedoms are dissapearing as a result of socialism in any way. I am going to assume you forfeit this point as a result.

The democrats getting elected thing has nothing to do with the debate so I won't even include it, all though I would point out that they are getting elected by THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY. Your argument seems to be that we should ignore all the democratic principals on which our country was founded and become a dictatorship.

So in conclusion. My opponent claims that the US is totally socialist and that our freedoms are dissapearing as a result. The burden of proof is on him to conclusively prove this ENTIRE statement true. I have proven that we are not socialist, as we have very few truly socialist institutions. As to the second half of the resolution, my opponent never explains why our freedoms are being limited. As he never addresses this part of the resolution, he cannot fulfill the burden of proof and therefore cannot win this debate.

As a final note I would like to point out that my opponent is in favor of abolishing the public schoo system and making there be no institutionalized education. I am sure you can see why this would be bad. He is also in favor of destroying welfare and social securtiy, which would throw many poor and elderly into poverty. His plan seems to support a complete dictatorship, where the wealth goes to those who are born into it, and are rch enough to get necessities such as schooling, healthcare, and medicine. There is no way this can be good.
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Posted by alexthemoderate 14 years ago

First of all, socialism as an idea can't be evil. Evil involves intentions. Ideas can't have intentions. It's an ontological fallacy.

Second of all, a government can't be Socialist. An economy can be Socialized. But there isn't a government model of 'socialism'. You ACTUALLY want to say that our Economy is socialized, which is a point that I disagree with, seeing as how we trade and purchase goods that are/were privately owned. Private ownership really doesn't go along with a socialist economy in an absolute sense. The things in our economy that are state-owned are the Postal Service (but that seems almost necessary), a backing to our banking system (to find out why, look up "The Great Depression"), and infrastructure(highways and sidewalks and utilities and such), among a few other things. Industry, the service sector, and the majority of the rest of our economy are privately owned and traded.

Anyways, labor unions are socialist vehicles, and they've helped rid of child labor, unsafe work standards, the 40-hour work week, fair wages, the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), among many other laws that promote employer accountability. These things are bad? I thought that it was good to keep your employees safe and healthy? Oh wait, it is good business practice to do that stuff. Ok...

The point about the Democrats is kind of odd because studies have shown that the more education that one receives, the more likely one is to identify themselves as 'liberal' and while some liberals are in the Republican Party (Liberal in the Classical Sense--See Ron Paul, Libertarians, etc.), the majority of those who identify themselves as 'liberal' are in the Democratic Party (if they are registered with a party at all).

So I'd really like to see your reaction to the Con's arguments about the elements of socialism in our economy.
Posted by Harlan 14 years ago
It is a bit of an empty claim to say something is "evil" in a debate. This term is too broad and can be associated to anything negative. It is a little naieve to use this as your argument.
Posted by wryan 14 years ago
Seriously, are you joking? I honesstly would like to know. Your argument just seems too neoconservative to be possible.
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Vote Placed by Dave 13 years ago
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