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The United States is the single reason why the Israel and Palestinian conflict hasn't ended,

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Started: 1/14/2020 Category: Politics
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In order to setup this debate, There must be framework. The debate may not leave the realm of US involvement, And the realm of Israel/Palestine. That way it can be fair and easy for others to vote on. Now for my first argument:

The US trying to "help" Israel is the single most reason that the conflict hasn't resolved. Put it this way: You give them more ammo then they will just keep fighting. It's the principal that if you give a dangerous man a bat then he'll swing until he is stopped. For some simple evidence here it is:

U. S. Israeli military affiliations are the primary barrier to Israeli-Palestinian peace - Madar 14

(Chase Madar, 2-10-2014, "Why Bankrolling Israel Prevents Peace in the Middle East, " Nation, Https://www. Thenation. Com/article/washingtons-military-aid-israel/)

"Today, Secretary of State John Kerry is leading a push for a renewed round of the interminable American-led peace process in the region that has been underway since the mid-1970s. It"s hardly a bold prediction to suggest that this round, Too, Will fail. The Israeli minister of defense, Moshe Ya"alon, Has already publicly mocked Kerry in his quest for peace as "obsessive and messianic" and added that the newly proposed framework for this round of negotiations is "not worth the paper it"s printed on. " Other Israeli high officials blasted Kerry for his mere mention of the potential negative consequences to Israel of a global boycott if peace is not achieved. But why shouldn"t Ya"alon and other Israeli officials tee off on the hapless Kerry? After all, The defense minister knows that Washington will wield no stick and that bushels of carrots are in the offing, Whether Israel rolls back or redoubles its land seizures and colonization efforts. President Obama has boasted that the US has never given so much military aid to Israel as under his presidency. On January 29, The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted unanimously to upgrade Israel"s status to "major strategic partner. " With Congress and the president guaranteeing that unprecedented levels of military aid will continue to flow, Israel has no real incentive to change its behavior. Usually such diplomatic impasses are blamed on the Palestinians, But given how little is left to squeeze out of them, Doing so this time will test the creativity of official Washington. Whatever happens, In the post-mortems to come there will be no discussion in Washington about the role its own policies played in undermining a just and lasting agreement. How much longer will this silence last? The arming and bankrolling of a wealthy nation committing ethnic cleansing has something to offend conservatives, Progressives and just about every other political grouping in America. After all, How often in foreign policy does strategic self-interest align so neatly with human rights and common decency? Intelligent people can and do disagree about a one-state versus a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. People of goodwill disagree about the global BDS campaign. But it is hard to imagine what kind of progress can ever be made toward a just and lasting settlement between Israel and Palestine until Washington quits arming one side to the teeth. "If it weren"t for US support for Israel, This conflict would have been resolved a long time ago, " says Josh Ruebner. Will we Americans ever acknowledge our government"s active role in destroying the chances for a just and lasting peace between Palestine and Israel? "

Second argument: The US sending simple things like aid packages make the American people complicit in Israel's wrongdoings.

Aids packages, Special favors, Circumvention and lack of US accountability all make Americans complicit in Israeli atrocities - Kane "18

(Alex, Freelance journalist, Specializing in US Mid-East foreign policy. Report compiled by the Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting. "Inside Sources Say the State Dept Refuses To Trace Whether Israel Is Using U. S. Military Aid Illegally, " http://inthesetimes. Com/features/israel-palestine-killings-us-aid-military-weapons. Html\)

"ISRAEL IS THE RECIPIENT OF THE LARGEST ANNUAL PACKAGE"of Foreign Military Financing, The grant program that allows foreign countries to purchase U. S. -made weapons. The current terms, Signed under the Obama administration and implemented by President Donald Trump, Give Israel $38 billion in U. S. Military aid in the next 10 years, An increase of $8 billion over the previous decade. This includes $5 billion for missile defense.
Israel is one of a handful of countries that can use Foreign Military Financing grants to buy directly from private U. S. Weapons corporations, A process with much less U. S. Oversight than Foreign Military Sales, Where the U. S. Government coordinates the purchase of weaponry. And in a unique arrangement, Israel can use about 25 percent of its U. S. Military aid to buy equipment made by Israeli companies. (This arrangement will end over the next decade. )
It"s a lucrative deal for U. S. Weapons manufacturers. According to a State Department report, The U. S. Authorized the shipment of almost $3 million in firearms last year"like the Ruger sniper rifle that killed Obeid. But it"s unclear how much a particular company like Ruger is profiting; the U. S. Government does not break down the purchases by manufacturer. The Israeli newspaper"Yedioth Ahronoth"reported"that in 2011, The Israeli military bought over $27 million worth of equipment in preparation for West Bank protests. The shipments included Ruger rifles and tear-gas canisters.
Foreign Military Financing money is not supposed to flow with no strings attached. In 1998, Congress passed what came to be known as the Leahy Law, Authored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt. ). The legislation bans U. S. Military aid and training from going to foreign security units that commit human rights abuses, Unless the secretary of state determines that the foreign country is holding members of the unit accountable. The law is rarely exercised. According to a 2017"RAND Corporation study, Of 180, 000 units and individuals vetted by the U. S. Government each year under the Leahy Law, Only 0. 3 percent are rejected for U. S. Assistance, In countries such as Colombia, Honduras and Nigeria.
Because the Leahy Law is narrow"it only bars assistance to particular military units that commit rights violations, Rather than the entire foreign army"Palestinian rights advocates working in Washington see enforcement against Israel as an achievable goal that could curb civilian deaths.
"The Leahy Law being implemented would not end violations, But I think it would seriously constrain [them], " says Brad Parker, International advocacy officer and staff attorney at"Defense for Children International-Palestine. "Israeli officials would have to scrutinize military decisions and the use of force in a way that would ultimately increase protection for Palestinian civilians. "
The State Department did not answer questions from"In These Times"about whether any Israeli army units have been barred from receiving U. S. Weapons under the Leahy Law or whether the State Department has acted on specific evidence of Israeli soldiers misusing U. S. Arms. A State Department official told"In These Times"in a statement that the department "continues to apply the Leahy Law across the board, Including in Israel, As it has for years. " We take seriously any credible information of a gross violation of human rights, And we review alleged violations utilizing standardized criteria worldwide. "
This statement is disputed by Bill Harper, Chief of staff to Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn. ), Who has emerged as the leading congressional critic of Israeli human rights abuses. "They cannot credibly make the claim that they enforce the law equally, " Harper says. "We enforce it where we want and ignore it where we don"t. "
In a February 2016 letter, Leahy"wrote"to Secretary of State John Kerry about his concerns that the State Department is not adequately monitoring the use of U. S. Military aid to Israel, And asked for an investigation into whether Israel committed extrajudicial executions with U. S. Weapons. "There have been a disturbing number of reports of possible gross violations of human rights by security forces in Israel or Egypt"incidents that may have involved recipients, Or potential recipients, Of U. S. Military assistance, " Leahy wrote. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu"responded"that Israeli soldiers "are not murderers" and act in a "moral manner. "
In meetings and conversations with the State Department from 2012 to 2015, Mike Coogan, Then the legislative coordinator for the U. S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Says he brought up a"2009 Human Rights Watch report"on U. S. -supplied white phosphorus that killed Palestinians in Gaza. He also communicated with officials about a"2014 Amnesty International report"documenting U. S. -made tear gas canisters killing Palestinian protesters.
"State said we"ll look into it and we"ll get back to you, " Coogan says. "But they never got back to us. "
Brad Parker told"In These Times"that, In meetings about the Leahy Law during the Obama administration"s second term, State Department officials said they do not track where weapons go once they are sent to Israeli units, Making it difficult to assess whether the weapons are being misused.
One former U. S. Official familiar with how the Leahy Law is implemented (who requested anonymity out of concern about losing their current job, Which involves working with State Department officials), Says that the State Department doesn"t "have much of a record of understanding where material assistance flows. "
The former official believes that an unwillingness to challenge Israel is one reason the broader lack of monitoring goes unaddressed. "

The rest of the evidence can't be pasted here but you get the point. I hope someone would love to challenge me as it would be loads of fun and good practice.


Alright, Let me sum up your arguments using common knowledge quickly. This has no sources, So you get that point, This is common knowledge.

First, They continue supplying ammunition and such to let them have victory. There will be no peace for many years if the war is lost.

Second, They supply aid so that they don't die or suffer. This is so they don't die of starvation, Dehydration, Or bleeding out. This is a big step in peace its self.

Sorry for this being short, I just wanted to post a conclusion, Which is what I will do.
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Posted by LittleBallofHATE 3 days ago
Israel once offered the Palestinians everything they were asking for if they would simply acknowledge Israel's right to exist. The stupid rag heads refused.
Posted by canis 1 week ago
It can not end. .
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