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The United States ought to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18.

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Started: 4/26/2018 Category: Society
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So in round 1, both sides will simply be stating their opening position no attacks brought upon by either sides to allow for even rebuttals/attack rounds.

So I will be Pro, I strictly believe that the United States should lower the drinking age from 21 to 18. This is partly due to the fact that 18 years of age is already considered to be an "adult" in the American society. This entails; right to vote, right to smoke, tried as an adult in court of law, jury duty, and much more. This being said, the right to consume alcohol should be granted as well as not only is it a right an "adult" has but legalizing it would also create safer conditions for those under the drinking age that already consume alcohol. This is due to the fact that allowing those 18-20 to consume alcohol this would occur most likely in regulated and supervised settings such as bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. rather than secretly amongst peers at some hotel party or outdoor get together. Normalizing this younger drinking age would also encourage these young people to drink more responsibly as there is no longer the "thrill of the steal" which is the sort of "high" that is achieved by defying the law.


We should not lower the drinking age. One reason is drunk driving. Drunk driving is a blight on our civilization. An average of 17,000 individuals die each year in drunk driving related deaths. While the numbers have come down slightly, say in 2010, for example 10,000 individuals died from drunk driving related fatalities. Drunk driving continues to be an enormously important public safety issue.
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
I would support it because the alcohol can be taxed, bringing in more money to the government and reducing taxes elsewhere. Also Con said that it could increase drunk driving. Drunk driving isn't the subject at hand. It's whether or not people 18+ should be allowed to drink.
Posted by snakeysnukey 3 years ago
I agree. First off, it would help younger people (18+) find and make relationships at clubs and bars. They'd be able to go out and be social like that.
Second, you're right, anyone 18 years of age is already allowed to vote and smoke.
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